Monday, December 31, 2007


Hehehehe... The lazy gene in me has delayed my new year resolutions making. But it's not too late. I still have 4 hours before the fireworks begin. Hmm... what was my 2007 resolutions?


Er, eh, ah, um ... I forgot. Let's make a new one. Hehehe...

Summer's 2008 New Year resolutions

1. Lose weight.

No, wait. It's too general. You could hardly blame me not fulfilling my resolutions if it's that ambiguous.

1. Stay away from fast food. OK, maybe just once per month. No, make that TWO months.

2. Study at least TWO hours per day. Get rid of my games addiction. And my manga addiction.

3. Eat less chocolate. And doughnut. And fattening stuff.

4. Empty the trash can more often. (Sorry roomie!)

5. Don't spend recklessly. Buy what I need, not what I want!

6. Be more sociable. Don't frown when with strangers. Or looks as if will bite them if they come near.

7. Be more confident. Speak up. (Oh, this is an old one. It's forever on the list.. SIGH..)

8. Stop worrying about not having a boyfriend. Enjoy single life! Like spending all your money on yourself only. Muahahaha...

That's what I can think of right now.. Resolutions don't necessarily done only before or during New Year, right? I can always add more when it's needed... OK lah, I'm just lazy to think more. Hahaha... I want to watch my K-drama. Oh, must add that in the addiction list.

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope 2008 will bring more happiness and joy to your life! And mine too! XD

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Have a break!

A little of sun, sea, sand and a pretty boy in tow will sure revitalize anyone! (except candle princesses I guess XD) Haha.. Had a great time de-stressing (not that my current stress level is at any dangerous level XD), frolicking with ahem, my latest boyfriend, and pigging out (where I now suffer the consequences: the deadly SORE THROAT & FLU & COUGH). Hope I didn't spread it to my boy boy... Hehehehe...

He's cute right? ^.^ I'm in love... XD

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


After a month of lounging at home and hardly breaking a sweat, coming back to school proves to be a muscle-challenging task. My legs are screaming "No more walking please!!", my arms are shouting "Anymore heavy boxes or water pail and we'll go on strike!!", my joints are aching. Oh no... I'm sounding like a fifty-year-old woman! *groan*

Ah, who cares. It's there and real. I wish Santa would give me a massage chair. XD Lucky got a few days to rest. Yep, Christmas is near. Ha... How I wish I was small again. writing letters to Santa, leaving biscuits for him, even though I know he might not come to my house because it doesn't have a chimney. And how my letters wouldn't even reach him. Hahaha... the good old days.. I still remember the Christmas Eve where I realized the Santa is my sister. Lol.. Those were the happy days. And now? Well, I don't get presents from Santa anymore. Gift-exchanging yeah, but that is different. How will I spend my Christmas Eve this year? No idea. Probably watching some old Christmas movies on the telly, I guess. It doesn't sound so bad as it is. Spending some rest time on the couch is heaven to my exhausted muscles. Hahahaha...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Funny & Random

Totally random. And funny. XD

Your New Year's Resolutions

1) Get a pet rat

2) Eat less onions

3) Travel to Japan

4) Study witchcraft

5) Get in shape with belly dancing

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Back to School

Yay! It's time to go back to school! Whoopee. So my holiday is coming to an end. So is the year 2007. How did I spend it?

The holiday? Pretty quiet, I guess. It's not bad lah, if I say it is boring, it will just make me take for granted the comforts of my home. So, I'm glad I can have tasty home-cooked meals, air-con bedroom, TV (yay!), hot-water bath, etc, etc, even if it's only for a short period.

The year? Er, I guess it's OK too. Ah, I'm in no mood of recounting what worth-telling stuff that I did in 2007. Can I take a rain check on this? Haha... So I guess this is just a short post to say I'm still breathing here, don't worry. XD

PS. Time for the New Year resolutions.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Am I too greedy?

Am I too greedy? 'Why I could be content?' is something I badly want to scold myself for. I just want things to be like usual, you know. Yea, I know changes is inevitable but I am trying to adapt, just need more time than other normal people. Life cannot be static, yea, I've long realized that... but it seems I still can't fully accept it.. More importantly is why I still being upset over petty, trivial stuff.. Could it be PMS that distorts the small issues??? No, no, I'm giving excuses again.. to deny how selfish I am. How I always think about me, me, ME. How I get upset over things that only concern my own happiness.

But is it so wrong to wish for a holiday where I can do what I want, eat what I want, sleep as long as I want? I know it's not like I won't get another holiday, but it's only the one that I'll get for this semester because after next semester, for my long holiday, I'll be WORKING. That's right. Well, it's not that I haven't worked before. But this is my industrial training. And I'm really really not sure what I've been studying at school will be sufficient for me in the dog-eat-dog world. Trust me, it's really a "big box of chocolate" out there. You'll never know what you'll get.

Alright, so I admit, I'm worried about the training. Plus the part where I have to choose which company and the nerve-wracking, nail-biting, sweat-pouring interviews. So I thought that this holiday will be spent ahem, recklessly. Hahaha.. My ass. is the only thing that is getting recklessly bigger.

Niece is staying over. Not that unusual. But this time, she'll be here until my WHOLE holiday is over. so much for some peaceful timeout. There goes the hours that I planned to play the laptop too. Plus, she's joining my return to Penang. Mum and Dad drive me back every new semester. Right now I'm having urges to tell them that I'll ride the bus back this time. Too bad the hotel room has been confirmed. And even though I'm thinking of going back by bus, I really want them to drive me back. Because it's hard to go back after a holiday at home. Yea, I still haven't got over my homesickness, so sue me. Though, the long bus trip kinda bored me a bit.

The fact that I'm having the shortest holiday AGAIN (among my friends) pissed me off too. So much for a holiday.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Bad week

Yep, I'm back from my hibernation. Finished exams. Had a short trip to my coursemates' houses at S. Perai, Ipoh and played host at my house too. Gained a few kilos from the Ipoh food tour.

I'm glad to be home. But lately, life is so f*cked up that it's not even funny. I guess primarily it is due to my inability to adapt to changes. Oh yea, I haven't blog anything about the wedding. Oh, the whole thing went quite well despite the fact that I'm not really suited for the "host" role. I'm better as a "guest" usually. Haha.. Less work. I'll post some photos up, but don't get your hope high. It could be awhile before I get my hands on them. Because I forgot to charge the battery beforehand, so I left all the photo-taking to the pro. XD

Let's not get side-tracked. A new member of the family in my house. Whoopee. Last time wasn't so bad. After all, Sister and Bro in-law moved to their new house, so I get to keep her room. Hahaha.. Well, this time.. Exchanging my big wardrobe (OK, it's not that big, but the biggest in the house anyway) with Bro's wardrobe sucks. Hearing Mum says I'm going to get it back when we move really really sucks. I mean, you take it away from me and use it, THEN you throw it back to me??? I know the wardrobe belonged to Sis and was handed down to me, so I wasn't the first owner, but this is different. I didn't return it back to Sis after I used it, did I??

OK, OK, I still can tolerate it without saying a word. So, they get the master bedroom WITH the toilet (my favorite toilet, by the way). (At first) I didn't realize that means I couldn't use that toilet anymore.. Bugger. Fine, fine. Take it, TAKE IT. Go ahead, take all that you want, why don't you? Better do it in one go, slowly killing me is boiling my blood.

Even my line got taken. Oh no. This crossed the line. I can't take it any longer. If I don't find a way to release the anger, I'll burst out anytime. *punching the wall*

Enough about that. There are something else too. My application for swimming as my co-curricular activity for next semester failed. I know it's a very very tiny stuff to get disappointed about. But getting this news when I'm already dealing with the issues above, it felt like a big blow.

Plus, having bugged by someone who couldn't decide whether her ex cheated on her or not, irritates me more. I mean, I spent so much effort trying to answer your questions thoughtfully and as wisely as I can (after all, I have no experience whatsoever) and yet your reply is something that a person, who is very determined to stay "in love" regardless what he did wrong, would say. This is an example of letting emotions controlling you mind. Scary. I wonder why she is so afraid of becoming single again. Kinda feel like an insult to single people out there (like me). Ah, why do I care anyway. Had enough of being tactful this time. Go ahead, criticize me. I'm an evil, cold-hearted old maid. Yea yea, I haven't been dumped in love before, so I don't understand. Not my fault, you know. No, wait, it maybe my fault. I'm a fat, couch potato slob who talk and laugh loudly everywhere, a "four-eyed" computer nerd (sort of, for my studies anyway XD) who likes manga and anime and a hopeless sucker for K-dramas and J-dramas (oh, and chocolates too XD), not exactly an attractive partner for love, eh?

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Huhuhu... So, I've decided to leave my number one distraction at home. Without it and the number two distraction (the idiot box XD), I hope to be able to study my fat, lazy ass off this semester. And so, I won't be able to blog for awhile. (Hehehe... good excuse! Muahahaha..) Don't miss me too much, ok? Ahahahaha...

Since I'm not going to blog for a few weeks, what should I write about today? Well, if you really want to know, my study isn't progressing as planned.. Barely touched the book. Hehehe.. And my dreams lately are becoming weirder and incomprehensible. Wait, they are supposed to be weird and incomprehensible right?? Just that it's weirder lately, and that makes me want to sleep longer. To see how it continues. Hahaha.. So my brilliant plan of waking up early (at least once) to study is dashed. Aww..

Oh! I watched a Jdrama that's um.. intriguing and thrilling.. Though, towards the end, you can somewhat predict how the storyline goes. But it's a nice drama for a change (You know the usual, sweet (or sad) romantic dramas (I love those too!!), this is definitely not the sweet or sad type). Give it a try! It's called Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi or A Million Stars Falling From The Sky, starring Takuya Kimura. XD Don't be fooled. He's NOT the good guy in this drama.

Friday, October 26, 2007

My lucky colour XD

Look what I found today! My lucky underwear colour! LOL!

Your Lucky Underwear is Blue

You are caring and extroverted. You've made relationships your number one focus, and your lucky blue underwear can bring some balance to them.
You thrive in one-on-one situations. You are a good listener and a natural born therapist.

Sometimes you let the concerns of others become too important in your life, leading to stress and worry.
If you want more balance, put on your blue underpants. They'll help you take care of yourself first.

OK, I better buy new ones in blue colour. Hahaha.. Or maybe dye the old ones blue would be cheaper. Brilliant idea, eh?

PS. Wondering if I should change my blog skin. It's near the end of Year 2007 after all, a new blog skin would freshen up the page! Hahaha.. But, I still like the current skin. Hmm, maybe I search around if there is any skin that catches my eyes and then we'll see how. Maybe I should start now, seeing how fickle-minded I can get and how LONG I take to decide.. Hahaha...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Late Morning

Yeah! I finally went to The Gardens on last Monday! -.-" Don't know why I'm rejoicing just because of that. Just to sound cool, I guess. Hahahaha... Aiya, it's not really that cool, unless you got big bucks to buy stuff from there. Really BIG bucks, mind you. So was just window shopping as usual, though not before accompanying Mum to buy new shoes for my Bro's wedding. Oh! I forgot! Hehe.. I get to attend the wedding after all. The paper I was scheduled to take on the day after the wedding was postponed to a day later. Lucky! Oh well, maybe some of them complained about only having ONE day of holiday for Deepavali. It's kinda sad too, I mean, it's their New Year (I mean in their religion calendar) and how can they manage to get back home to celebrate if only one day of holiday is given?

So, was finally getting my lazy ass off the couch (and bed, XD) to post something in this neglected blog (Poor blog...), when I saw that s0hp0h was fighting with me in Facebook and the reason given is... because I didn't update my blog. -.-" OK lah, it's my fault, but my street credit keep dropping because I keep losing to you ar.. And it's no use if I pick fight with you since you got SO many supporters. That would be like digging my own grave lah. Hahaha.. Oh well, I DID say you can beat me if I neglect this blog, I guess virtual beating is also acceptable. Lol..

Ah, what was it that I wanted to write about? Oh yeah, so holiday study week is almost over T.T and I haven't made much progress in my revisions. Huhuhu.. And I'm having a hard time deciding whether to bring the number one distraction machine back to Uni for the finals. You see, for the last two semester, I leave it at home during the finals, since I KNOW I couldn't concentrate in the exams with this wonderful machine around. But that was also because the exams only took two weeks. This time it's THREE weeks. Look, I'm addicted to it. I doubt if I can manage to stay away from it for 3 weeks without any *ahem* permanent effect on me. But then, I'll be coming home for a few days (for the wedding lah) after a week. So I can get a dose of it before finishing my exams. But will I get the time to do it? After all, I got to help out for the wedding, PLUS studying for the Stat paper I'm having (since the plan to study it during the study week is umm, abandoned). Ah, I'll decide about it later, it's getting on my nerves.

*slap* This isn't the real topic I wanted to write about! I wanted to write about the mystery of coming out with various stupid, lazy excuses (inside my head) just to sleep a little while longer every morning before Mum comes in and wakes me up. There, I've wrote it. XD OK, I got to go cook my lunch now, til then, au revoir

Friday, October 19, 2007


Went to the new Pavilion today after a disastrous lunch with Donald, Dolphin, Kitty and Sook Ping. Sworn I'll never go back there. No, not Pavilion, I meant the place we had lunch. My lungs just got blacker after an hour there.

Guess what we found at Pavilion? J.Co Donuts & Coffee! Ok, I confess, I didn't know it is a famous doughnut shop before Donald told me about it today. I only heard about Krispy Kreme from s0hp0h. Would really like to try tat one day. If it ever open in Malaysia. So, there was a long queue when we got there, and you can totally see its kitchen with the bakers busy baking new batches of doughnut non-stop. Apparently the queue will be longer after the office hours end. Or so Donald said. XD

They are selling one doughnut for RM2, and it gets cheaper if you buy half a dozen, or a dozen, and so on... So, we bought two dozen and split it accordingly to how much we wanted. I think there are more varieties but I guess they couldn't bake fast enough. So I picked four, a Tira Miss U (not bad, it's soft and fluffy), a Jack Black (whole thing covered with chocolate, surprisingly the chocolate is not too sweet, has a bit of bitterness too), a .. forgot its name ... but it smell like mango (haven't eat it yet, leaving it for breakfast tomorrow) and a Snow White (covered with powder icing sugar with vanilla cream inside (Dad ate it, forgot to ask whether he like it or not). I haven't tried any other brand before except Dunkin's Donut, so I can only compare J.Co with Dunkin's I guess. Hahaha.. Since you can practically see they take the doughnuts out from the oven, hence it's fluffier and fresh. So for the moment, J.Co gets my vote. That said, my goal is to taste Krispy Kreme and see how it fares. But I guess I'll have to wait for a long time to get that chance...

My only regret is I didn't pick the original flavor (glazed). Hmph, maybe next time..

PS. In case you think I didn't bought enough for Dad and Mum, or I ate theirs XD, Mum doesn't like sweet food, so an extra for me. Hehehe...

PPS. It's an Indonesia company XD

Monday, October 15, 2007


Yay! I'm back at home! Actually already passed a few days since my return. Due to my usual procrastinating nature, I postpone posting any new, juicy gossips. Ooh, I can see you paying more attention to my words. XD

Gossips my foot. More like a stubborn stain that won't go off even after repeated washing. You tell me what to do with someone who ask for your advice but only yearn to hear what she wanted to hear, not the real, sincere, honest advice that you would give. Who want to waste their time, energy and money(the phone bills) just to get frustrated because that person didn't really pay attention to what you said for the damn last hour.

Love. I have yet experience that girl-boy love (Oh, brother-sister count or not? XD), you know what I mean *eyes rolling*. So I don't have the power to criticize or gloat, but I know that you have to love yourself before you love somebody else. Just like, "you have to be a friend before you befriend someone", if you do not love and take care of yourself, how do you want to love another? And love should not be forced. Never. That's my principle. (Maybe that is also the reason why I only keep having crushes on people XD)

But this also make me ponder about something. Does love really make you blind? Blinded by the heart, until your mind couldn't think properly? This really worries me a little. So, right here, in this blog, I would like to ask you a favor. If one day, I got blinded by love and you know about it, please help open my eyes. I don't mind slapping or splashed with ice cold water, just wake me up. Thank you.

Friday, October 05, 2007

I'll live today!

I'll live today and die another day! That's what my Brother told me that's what James Bond said when I ask to borrow his intelligence and courage for my scary presentation in front of, not only the lecturer but also the seniors and "super seniors". Not just some seniors, but those top seniors who won this and that competition.

Luckily it went OK, nothing bad or sad happened. our presentation was only so-so, well, what do you expect? It's a last minute job. After all, I had many other projects to rush, can't solely focus on one.

We stayed back to watch other groups to present, until it's already midnight. -.-" Well, the starting time was delayed half an hour, plus each group used more than 20 minutes, so it dragged until so late. Since I didn't eat much dinner (too nervous), my stomach was grumbling. Luckily it's puasa month, the canteen opens until morning (I think). My group mates and I shared a plate of nasi lemak that I heard from my roommate that it's delicious, but I never had the chance to try before. (Supper is fattening for me, haha.. ^^)

It's nothing super about it, only that the rice is nicer (santan is the reason, of course) and the ikan bilis and kacang is freshly fried, so it's crispy, unlike the usual ones during dinner. They cooked the food for dinner very early, obviously some is leftover from lunch, so the food tends to be cold and not crispy anymore. Then quickly went to sleep. Had to wake early, got a class at 9am. Overall it was a nice night.

Back to the lame saying. Yeah, it's kind cliche and lame but it did give me a bit lot emotion support. You know how people say, when you say it to yourself many time, you'll believe it. Or pretend to believe it. Hmm, I might adopt it to become my "slogan"...

PS. Gambate to everyone who are having their finals now or soon.

PPS. I miss home a LOT! Counting the days... 6 more days..

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Short Fuse

Currently Summer lacks of sleep. Actually she herself don't know how many hours she needs to sleep to feel satisfied. Probably impossible to satisfy this lazy pig.

Currently Summer is rushing god-knows-how-many reports and projects. There are reports due on each day, so she lost count besides losing sleep. Besides sleep, she also loses her temper very frequently especially when she's sleepy, cranky and crabby. Her patience is growing thinner. She always accidentally biting her group mate's heads off when they disturb her. She didn't mean it. So she want to say sorry. But Summer is also tired of ordering them around. They don't want to take charge, so what should she do? She hates dividing tasks, gathering and combining the parts and checking all the spellings because this "leader job" makes her looks inhumanly fierce and evil. Why? Because she is not the type who can gently and patiently cajole or persuade people to work. She is more like barking out instructions, explaining stuff acidly if you ask questions that she thinks you supposed to know or should at least find the answer yourself, and her face looks glum and fierce, sometimes can kill at one glance.

Currently Summer is blogging because her cool future dentist is accusing her of being lazy. Which is so true. But, Summer has a report to hand in tomorrow and a test too. So, this is the end of today's news on the life of the crabby Summer.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Rollercoaster day

Whoopee! It's the roller coaster week! My emotions take a deep dive into the dark underground below, then soar up the beautiful sky above and then down again, the cycle goes on. It's the week where I crave for hot drinks and chocolates, want to curl up in bed and sleep instead of waking early for classes, get all moody and felt as if I'm surrounded by Dementors and might snap or bite at anyone who rubbed me the wrong way. Oh, and sometimes I get cramps too.

It's such a coincidence (The detective in me said there is no coincidence. Too much crime novel reading. Haha.. ) that I was reading a dear blog buddy (s0hp0h ^-^) and she wrote about her auntie visit and the extra package that she brings, I got visited by my auntie too. Hahaha.. it's as if the visits are contagious. Sigh.

And I just got some bad news too. Sigh. Looks like this semester I'm having final exams that lasts THREE f*&!@ weeks! SIX papers in THREE weeks. Each paper separated by three to four days. Bloody hell. I usually leave the laptop at home during finals (cause I know my addiction to it, hehe..) to focus on my exams. That was last year, and that finals lasted for TWO weeks. I can still manage for two weeks without laptop, but I'm REALLY worried what will happen if I'm laptop/Internet-deprived for 3 weeks.

That is not the only bad news. The second one involves the family. And I haven't break it to them yet. Ooh, it's related to my finals too. I got a paper on the day after my beloved brother's wedding. So how can I attend the wedding and also be on time for my exam paper?????? And how do I tell my brother that I couldn't attend his wedding???? And my own disappointment of not being able to be there. Ah, just typing out my bad news already pissed me off. Oh, maybe it's just the PMS.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Really, I should be doing my reports and projects instead of blogging. Hehehe.. However got to satisfy this sudden urge of writing. Just finished writing a quite big part of a fiction I'm doing. But the ideas were not coming out in a chronological order though. So, I have to finish the early part and links the fragment parts before I can post it. XD

Anyway, this is not the thing that triggered my desire to write. I was surfing around, checking my Friendster account (but actually I think there is nothing much to do in Friendster except it let me keep in touch with my friends, some who I have VERY VERY long time no meet and probably will never meet again) and so basically I was just doing something else instead of my reports and projects. Then I saw my old blog and couldn't resist reading it again. (I'm a sucker for the past) I realize there are a lot of things different back then. My style of writing has changed, more cautious on spelling and grammar. Well, it's not like I'm showing off what level of English that I have, I already get told that several times a day especially during group projects, where I'm ALWAYS the translator-cum-spelling checker, just because I get Band 5 for my MUET.

Sometimes I just want to lash out at them: Just because you got a band lower than me doesn't mean your English is bad and you can't write the reports. Use the report writing as a chance to improve la.. I didn't get good in English by telling other people to write for me. I just like reading books since I was small, and this helped me improve my English. Writing-wise la. Talking is still so-so. But that I guess is due to nerves, rather than limited vocabulary. Damn. Aren't I showing off by writing a whole paragraph of this??? But then, I admit, I'm still not satisfied with my English. It can be improved WAY much more. Like they say, if you don't use it, you lose it. I use mandarin more at Penang, not much opportunities for me to talk in English, except presentations. Which is not a good way for me to practice since I get SO nervous and all. And with all the studies and projects, I don't have the privilege to read fiction books at a leisure pace. Or money to buy them. Haha.. I read my Harry Potter in the bus, on my way home. It's a good distraction, for the journey lasts around 5 hours. So, using correct spelling in my blog is my way to practice. And because last time I got so used to typing shorten words like u, nid, dun, etc in my blog and smses, that I wrote them in my exam essays. Of course I notice the mistakes and corrected them, but imagine the minutes that I can save from crossing out the word I just wrote wrongly and my essays will be more neater with all the criss and cuts everywhere. Oh, no. Let's not get sidetracked for too long. Telling grandmother stories, like what my coursemate like to say about herself.

What was I saying? Oh, my old blog. Yea, another thing is, there used to be more people reading my blog than now. :( Does that means my new style is not good? Not appealing? A post from s0hp0h's blog reminds me of the quiz I took. Remember the addiction I had for quizzes? s0hp0h wrote about the reason she write her blog is not because she want other people to read it. SHE wants to read it herself. Remember my quiz result was I'm a "look-at-me" blogger? Previously I said I don't think I am. Now, on a second thought, I think, honestly, it's true, I AM a look-at-me blogger. See how I complain about no one (except s0hp0h) reading my blog? Even though I "advertised" it in my msn messenger. And how long I choose the perfect blogskin? And how I post pictures so that people won't get bored and sleepy just by reading my words? Haha...

Thirdly, my old blog seems to have more "me" in it. I poured more emotions into it. I'm not saying I don't love this current blog. What I mean is the posts are more personal, "more me". Maybe this is why nobody notice my current blog. *sniff sniff* Hahaha... This caused me to decide that from now on, I will write for myself, not for other people. And I will not hold all my emotions into my heart. I'll loosen up and I'll smile, laugh, cry, sob, beat, bash, kick in my blog. I will (and should) not care about what people think of what I wrote. Will I be able to do it? I sincerely hope so. So, that's all for today. Ish, the line has disconnected already. I'll save this in notepad and post it tomorrow morning. Good night, sweet dreams!

Saturday, September 01, 2007


I've been neglecting the blog again.. Soorryy... It's been quite VERY busy lately. Let see, this Wednesday hor, I have a presentation at 8.30am (if I so 'lucky' to get chosen *touch wood*), then a test at 10am, after that, got to rush to another test at 11am. At 3pm, there's another test. Like Chinese people like to say, "Do 'big business' also got no time". I'm THAT busy. Sigh. Plus, my mid semester break is cancelled postponed to my study week. So tiring.. It's like my work never stops. After I hand in this report, that report is due. After this project, there are those projects. Oh well, I'm just grousing around to vent my frustration. I guess, everyone is as busy as I am, if not more. If that is the case, let's take a break and come to read my blog! Hahahaha... Let's give you some eye candies, hehehe... Some pictures from the dramas I'm watching or I WANT to watch. Hahaha...

PS. Sorry about the layout, I know my layout skill sux, and I don't have time to combine all the pictures into one big picture. But still, the pictures don't do them justice! They are hot! Wahahaha...

Friday, August 17, 2007

Help needed

I need somebody! To keep me focused in finishing my projects, assignments, tutorials and studying! I'm getting addicted to the Net and its weird, distracting, beautiful, attention-grabbing, interesting, colourful, useless contents. For example, the blogthings website where it has plentyful of quizzes to let you find out something funny or quirky about yourself! Like, what donut are you? (a Powdered Devil's Food Donut, huh? Weird name, but it looks tasty anyway..) Or what flavor of ice cream are you? (Rocky road chocolate, yum!) What kind of soda are you? (I'm Coke, hahaha) Are you a cheapskate? (Nah..) What Christmas ornament are you? (the angel at the top of the tree, cool..) What kind of cookie are you? (chocolate chip cookie, oh yum!!) What dessert are you most like? (Double yum! Brownies! I'm getting very hungry now...) What sports car should you drive? (I don't even own a car, let alone a SPORTS one. Hahaha) What kind of cake are you? (Chocolate cake!!) Notice how many of them are chocolate flavored? I'm such a sucker for chocolates... Hahaha... What kind of blogger are you?

You Are a Look At Me Blogger!

Cute pics, blog drama, whatever it takes to get traffic.
You're notorious ... either loved or hated by all!

Am I really? Nah, don't think so...

OMG... Someone help... Give me a HARSH scolding! Threaten me! Kick me! I got tons of serious stuff to do and the deadlines are very near!!! And tests all around the corner.. Oh I know! Ban me from my laptop! Oh wait, cannot... If like that, how to do my assignments and projects? *slap forehead*

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP)

Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men
You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

PS. Hahahaha... I'm rare.... Lol..

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Just a quick post today. Damn busy and TIRED!!!! The everyday walking are killing me.. Or should it be my legs? And I thought 3 weeks is enough to adapt back to Uni life. More like getting harder and harder as the time goes by. Assignments! Project proposals! Quizzes! Tests! (I got a management test tomorrow, and I'm here blogging.. tsk..tsk..) Oh no, I really got to sleep now. Tomorrow's class is at 8.15am! Test tomorrow! AH!!! I HAVE to sleep.

PS. Why don't they have a Harry Potter test? I'm sure I can score that easily. Hahaha... I've finished reading the book. Don't ask me for spoilers, you can find them on the Net anyway.

PPS. Oh, the book is actually my surprise birthday gift from my Dad. He bought it at Popular. After the boycott fiasco. He said Carrefour and Tesco sold out. Hahaha... Should have told him to buy at Borders. Cheaper ma. But why am I complaining? It's a present after all. Heehehehe... Thanks, Dad! Good night, people!

PPPS. Above is the second surprise cake. Thanks, s0hp0h for the birthday post!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Me look like a celebrity? LOL...

Battle of the price

What do you do when competitors cut down their price? Boycott them by not selling the product? Yup, I'm talking about the price war between the four main bookstores with the two hypermarkets. Since it concerned my beloved Harry Potter books, I think a post about this is a must. If you are still blur, check it out here

Well, in my opinion, I think they shouldn't make the protest. I mean, look at Borders bookstores. They didn't join the protest but they still ran out of stock. Yeah, so most people would probably buy from Tesco or Carrefour because of the lower price, but it seems that some consumers still choose to buy from bookstores. Plus, the demand is higher than the production, so, most likely there will still be people looking for the book after the hypermarkets sold out their stock. And I guess they won't mind paying more since the cheaper ones have already been snapped up by others. Hmm... Is this the real plan behind the protest? Hahaha... Could be...

People are encouraged to read more, but I don't see how that will happen if books continue to be pricey. Even after discounts. Famous books like the Harry Potter series may attract more people to read but what about the lesser known books? If the price tag of a book title that captured my interest is beyond my budget, I would take more time to consider about buying it. I'm not accusing anyone, just wondering out loud if there is any solution for this dilemma..

PS. I haven't ask my parents where they bought the book. My guess is probably the hypermarkets. Hahaha.. But since it's a gift, I can be dismissed from deciding to support either the bookstores or hypermarkets, right?

PSS. If I had to buy it myself, I probably will buy it from Borders. When they cut the price after awhile. Hehehe...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Up and down

How unpredictable life can be? One moment I was crying of joy, and the next I'm also crying. But of frustration instead. Yesterday I received an sms from my beloved family that goes like this (I highlighted the magic sentences!):

Hv dinner with friend? Very tired from walking a lot, because u are still not used to it. Never mind, take more rest. Or u can stay back at library. We buy Harry Potter book 4 u. Like it or not!!

And my reply is:

U mean the last harry potter book???? Yahoo!!! Went to pasar malam with roommate. Haha, sure can become thin if everyday walk so much. Everyday also got morning class, cannot sleep late. Haha. Thanks dad n mom!! Yay! Yahoo!

Their reply:

Yes. The last book.

My reply:

Oh!!!! I LOVE U ALL!! THANK YOU!! Thank you!!I can't wait to read it! Wow! Thanks! My wish came true! I'm so happy!

I AM genuinely surprised and happy! Unlike Donald who accused me of otherwise. I was just chatting with Donald through MSN Messenger about how I want to get my hands on the last book. And about the price war and boycott by a few main bookstores. Before the message arrived. Well, they are the last person I thought who would buy me that book. Wait, let me explain. Because the earlier books are either I persuade my Bro to buy them for me or I save my allowance and wait for its price to drop. After being seen reading the books, I usually get a comment or two about how pricey the books are, etc. So, this event made me feel even more grateful of them, more homesick and I love them to bits! Because it means a lot to me, knowing that they bought something, that they feel is expensive, for me. AND I didn't even breathe a word to them about wanting to have that book. (You see, the scenario would be different if I did any persuasion or *cough cough, threw tantrums (Yes, I'm the spoiled, youngest brat in the family, but I don't do it that often now) because then, I would only feel that they did it reluctantly.)

So that was the good news. Now, get your pails and bug spray out.

Rainwater are leaking into my room through the windows!!! *#&!@$&#&! Grr, I hate shoddy workmanship. And after the rain, bugs fly into my room!!! I wonder how they do it. I already closed all windows and door. Except the most upper part of the window, where they put those type of windows that are supposedly to let the hot air out. Hot air, my ass. They doesn't make any different on a hot day. And now on a rainy day, they let the bugs in! Arg!!! There is only ONE bug that I like, that is Bugs Bunny. Imagine six-legged creatures crawling, flying and jumping on your bed, laundry, desk, and laptop monitor. How annoying and gross. Plus, your pails, small and big, are all arranged nicely below the windows to collect the rainwater.

It rained yesterday. It rained today too.

Sigh. The ups and downs of life.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Do you like your name? How important is your name to you? I know everyone don't have a choice when coming to deciding our own name (excluding those who changes it later in life), so some might "have problems" in their name. Among the problems are too common, widely used, absolutely not suitable for one's real personality, difficult to pronounce, weirdly spelled, too unique (See, people just couldn't make up their mind. Too common is a no-no, too unique is also a no-no), etc.

I've just searched for my name in Friendster and it triggers those questions. Why? Because I've just find out there are more than 20 person bearing the same name as me in Frienster (not the surname, of course). And I can bet there are more than that in reality (After all, not everybody is in Friendster, or maybe some didn't put their real name). Am I happy that I actually share my name with so many people? Not really. Call me selfish, but I'm one of those who like their name a little unique. Haha..

PS. I got some problem with the wireless connection, so couldn't blog as often as I want. But still, no excuse. I don't want to become lazy and leave my blog in hiatus again... I will blog!! Pinky promise!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Didn't know my life scores only 60+. Hahaha..

"You have yet to accomplish a lot in life. What are you waiting for? Get going, you're already 21 years old."

"You've been walking the path of the righteous so far. Stay on the path!"

"Good score. You seem to have your shitstuff together. Keep it up!" -.-"

    65.4/100Rate My - Find out if you suck at life

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Arrg! Three days couldn't connect to the Net. Felt so disconnected. Haha.. And I was planning to blog on my birthday! Oh well..

There wasn't any party but my course mates cum hostel mates came knocking at my door at 12 am! Boy, was I surprised! Why? Besides the fact that I thought none remembers, I was already asleep!! Rofl.. I was tired and there was anything nothing to do, so I slept at 11pm. Was in the beginning of a dream, when my roommate and I got awaken by the knocking. She went open the door and talked to them, so I thought maybe it's her friends. Well, a few of my course mates knew her since she is a Maths student. (Computer Science faculty is just next to Mathematics faculty) Then, they came in and it's my course mates! Haha..

I got a cute teddy bear key chain and a photo frame from them. But it's the thought that counts I think. I was really happy until I couldn't sleep after that. So I ended up reading the smses I got from other friends who also remembered. Arigatou! Thank you for all your wishes! It's really a special 21st birthday! Well, better than I expected, being far away and all. Hahaha...

So, now I'm officially an adult. Haha.. But what does it really means by being adult? When I was small, I always wish I can grow up faster. Because the adults seems invincible. My big sister is pretty, clever while my big brother knows EVERYTHING (er, I don't know if he counts as handsome, but he looks boyish, so OK la, not bad-looking). As most people do, I look up to my siblings. They are the person I want to be. Sis is confident, Bro entered University. It seems like adults can and able to do all sorts of stuff. They are not scared of dentist visits or injections from doctors. Plus, they can solve problems quickly.

So, since now I'm an adult, I should be all that, right?

PS. But I'm still scared of dentist visits! Haha..

PPS. Unless if SohPoh becomes my dentist ;)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Summer Returns!

I'm soooo tired. Yesterday went up and down looking for my PA. Today up and down carrying my luggages. Heavy luggages. And my new room is on the third floor. >.< Luckily Mom and Dad helped. Thanks Mom! Thanks Dad! Miss you both lots! Then, spent the whole afternoon unpacking.

So, I got a new roommate. My previous one rent a room outside the campus. I chose to stay in. Well, there are a lot reasons why I stay, so I better skip it. Besides, there are pros and cons in both options too. My new roommate is a Johorean, so I have to ahem, speak Mandarin to her. No, actually I have to speak Mandarin to all when I'm here in Penang. Haha.. Not that my Mandarin is any good. More like half pail of water. *Cantonese translation*

Enough of today. I didn't get to watch Transformer before I came back to Penang!! Huhu... And I also want to watch Harry Potter!! There are so many movies I missed. Sigh, what to do... Best hope after a year or two, the local TV stations will air it for Christmas or any celebration. I don't have Astro. Heh..

However, thanks to my ever-lovely friends, I get to have an early birthday celebration! Kitty, Sam, Momo and Cheryl, arigatou! Thanks for the present and cake AND the handmade card!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I had a dream this morning. I don't know if it can be counted as a nightmare, but it sure shook me... And it's er, a bit embarrassing too..

I remember dreaming about something else and then it suddenly changes. Here it comes, brace yourself! I found myself in a matchmaking session. Or should I say being DRAGGED to by my family. OMG!! I was like, 'What the?! Mom, I'm just 21! No, actually not yet. Anyway, I don't need such stuff! Is this some kind of a joke? Very funny, now let me go! I'm not THAT desperate! Oh, floor, can you open up a big hole and swallow me up?'.

* No offence to anybody who goes to matchmaking sessions or is a matchmaker. I know there are cases where true love are found, but it's just not for me. I probably would die from the embarrassment before I found anything. Besides, I er, still have time! Right?*

So, I got dragged into it. The guy wasn't bad-looking, but not good-looking either. I mean just OK. (Yeah, I'm shallow, I know ;P) However, I could feel that he was also feeling squeamish like me. But I'm not going to pity BOTH of us.

After that, the scene changes. And I'm at school. And to my horror, he's sitting next to my desk. Can I wake up already??? I'm already getting goosebumps typing it out. So, I used the ignore technique. I just pretend he's invisible. I know, it's SO evil of me. That's why a few minutes later, I felt so guilty. I mean, both of us probably are forced to do this. It is unfair to unleash my anger on him. I think I was about to apologize and ask him to forget about what happened earlier and start over. Then, I woke up. Sheesh.

Man, it is a nightmare, right? It's JUST a dream, right?? I mean, I dreamt a lot of ridiculous stuff before, I guess it's because I watch too much TV and read too many books and manga, so this is also some kind of a figment of my imagination, right? I hope so. Shudder*

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Early Gift

Gosh... I received an early birthday gift. Er, from my soon-to-be sister-in-law. I'll be leaving this Friday. She only come on weekends. Well, because my brother comes back on weekends. So, she's giving it earlier.

So, I'm still debating whether I should open it. My mind is fighting. Open it! No, wait until next Tuesday! Open it! No, wait! You get the idea. It's like mulling over opening Christmas present before it's Christmas. Your hands are itchy. Your curiosity is overwhelming. But, your reasoning is contradicting. 1. Opening it sooner or later doesn't make any difference. 2. It's more satisfying to open it on the day itself. More meaningful. And at least there is one gift to open. Haha..

Arg... Now you know why Santa only comes when you are already asleep. Because you won't be able to sleep if a situation like mine arises.

Friday, June 29, 2007


It's amazing how fast my mind and mood changes sometimes. Perhaps I'm really that fickle-minded. In less than a week's time, I'll be returning to Penang. Sigh. I don't like being homesick. And I don't like being away for my birthday. My 21st birthday. Yep, I'm getting old. And more grumpy. Haha...

So, what would I like for my birthday? Loads of stuff actually. Haha... Most of them are just stuff to fulfill one's own foolish, material desires. Well, wishing for world peace is noble and all, but I got to be more realistic. Anyway, nowadays saving the environment, Mother Earth is more important...

Back to my birthday, which I predict will be a lonely day (don't mind my mood, they often get more and more negative as my birthday gets nearer), I couldn't make up my mind. I've been rereading Harry Potter in the anticipation of the last book and fifth movie, and would be thrilled to get the last book. But then, that would means a late present. On the other hand, I've been thinking of getting a laptop cooler (but lack of the budget to do so) or a new pair of headphones (those that are more comfortable for long hours). I wanted a new bag too, for the new semester but this is not what I really NEED, just something that I WANT. So, I got to be more sensible, and not wasting money.

Previously, I wanted to get a new watch. But after a costly change of new strap and battery, I changed my mind. And sometimes I feel that I'm not worthy of any present. It really makes me wonder how my mind works. And sometimes I feel that I should be grateful and content for whatever I receive. It's the thought that counts. It REALLY makes me wonder how my conscience works.

PS. I wanted to get my hair highlighted too, but Mom objects to it. Though, if I put in some harder persuasion, I think I got a high chance of succeeding. However, I think that having the natural hair colour is not that bad. See how contradicting I can be?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Aww... I got hooked on the manga first, then its anime version. And now I found out that there is a handsome guy in the live action drama! I want to watch the drama! I want! I want! Gawd... could you not agree with me? Just check out the picture.

Oops. You are probably feeling like 'huh?'. No problem, I'll fill you in. Currently I'm hooked on Nodame Cantabile. The manga revolves around Noda Megumi (hence, Nodame), an untidy(is an understatement) girl who is exceptional in piano. Even though she couldn't read the piano score, she can play a difficult piece after hearing it once. However she plays the piano haphazardly. Shinichi Chiaki is her sempai (senior) who coincidently lives next door (much to his chagrin). He is also a brilliant pianist (and violinist) but he actually want to be a conductor. Nodame fell in love with Shinichi at first sight. He's the opposite of Nodame, clean, neat, good cook(wow!), perfectionist, confident. So you can imagine how hilarious it can get. But unknowingly, they complements each other well... That's all I'm going to tell you. Haha.. Oh, it made me want to listen to classical too... And now I know more names than just Mozart and Beethoven.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Kijal trip

Since I have forgotten what I want to blog about today, I'll write something about the trip that my friends and I went not so long ago.. Kijal, Terengganu..

Not a bad place, though, if you are planning to have a more adrenaline-filled trip, you better go somewhere else. We stayed at Awana Kijal, and that place has a long stretch of private beach and a big golfcourse. It's very soothing, lying on the beach chair, listening to the waves. The waves are quite strong, so be careful if you want to swim in the sea. We didn't golf (hahaha...), but we did cycled around the place. We also took a local bus to town, well, mainly because all of us want to eat seafood -.-"... Man, the ride was almost an hour... The resort is really THAT far from town. Oh, I forgot to mention, we went to Awana by bus from Puduraya. We didn't stop at the station, instead we asked the driver to drop us off near Awana Kijal. Hehehe.. The seafood we ate was nothing exceptional, plus not that cheap too..

Oh, by the way, there is a spa treatment too, but our budget couldn't afford it.. Haha... so, I would say this place is suited for honeymoon.. Sea, sand, sun, spa and golf..Er, or is it sun, sea, sand? Spa and golf are extra >.< Hahaha...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Once again, I spend my holiday rotting in the house, basically doing sweet nothing except breathing and taking up some space. No income, no expenditure... Swell. Literally. I got my wisdom teeth extracted last week and now I have a swollen face. Oh, and new semester is starting very soon. Talk about perfect timing..

Last semester results are out. Can't say I'm not satisfied (actually very thankful that I didn't fail my Accounts paper), but once again Donald surpassed me. How DO you do it, dude? Oh well, congrats!! This new semester I vow to work my big, fat ass off...

If you are reading this, you probably already know that I'm resuming my blogging after such a LOOOONNNNGG absence. Gomen dasai to Cindy who keep checking my blog and arigatou for keeping my taggie alive. I promise to keep blogging now. If I stop without a good reason, you are allowed to beat me next time we meet.. (Hehehe.. thank goodness, you are so far away..)

Hope you like the new blogskin...