Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Closing of 2009

OK, I've been neglecting the blog again for the gazilion time. Lol. And I revert back to words instead of drawings in this post. Even though I find it interesting to draw, I'm just a procrastinator through and through. Haha.. The drawing takes a bit of time. And ideas, of what and how to draw. Haha.. Maybe I'll continue with it next year. Lol. So, right now, let me recap what I can about what I did in 2009.

It's the end of the year, time flew so quickly and yet so slowly (sometimes, especially in the office). Haha.. I've been back at KL for more than half a year, gained unwanted weight, watched a few movies, shopped a few times, yada yada yada, the usual stuff. So unproductive. Eat, sleep, play, shit. Haha. Let's see the first timer activities. Got a job! Permanent, I hope, at least for the next few months on the road. Hehe. And hope that I can make it through the confirmation. *finger crossed*

I got a new external hard disk! Bwahaha... time to back up and wash up my hubby. Um, what else. I went to a book warehouse sale!! whoohoo!! Though, I didn't find the books that I wanted. Nonetheless, I grabbed some. It's so cheap! No wonder the place was packed. Had to queue to enter also. -_-"

I went to Klang just for bak kut teh. Yea, it's kinda hardly worth mentioning. Lol. But is the first time I ventured so far just for food. Went cycling at Putrajaya (finally). Oh, I went to China for the first time. Haha. And also Kuching. Hopefully next year the list will include HK. Haha.. Oh yes, and I graduated. XD LOL. At last.

On an unrelated note, HW moved to a house near my area! Woohoo! Hehe.. Not only that I get to carpool, I can hang out with her more easily now. Kekekeke...

PS. Resolutions for next year? Er, same like this year? Hahahaha...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What the...

Before you read any further, you might be interested to read back on the nightmare I am referring to, here. As you might notice, it has been 2 years since that particular nightmare. And what happened on the other day was...

*snap back to reality*

Yes, my life = joke * joke. I guess some of you might be wondering why I decline the "offer". Well, sorry, I'm just not that type to do that stuff. I would probably die from the embarrassment before I can finish saying "Hello". Plus, I'm not a conversation-person. I am more of the monosyllabic-answer person. If he is the same, then we'll listen to flies flying around us. Hahaha... Though, this 'incident', triggered a bunch of discussions wit M&D about having another half. And some issues, I found it to be interesting, maybe I'll debate about it in future posts. Eg. Women past the three-0, hard to find partner. Because, look old already. See what I mean about debatable. Haha... Til then, I continue my not-so-funny-to-me life...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nightmare come true!!

I'm shocked until speechless. All I can say is nightmare coming true. Reveal more later. X_X

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Looks like I'm even more outdated than I thought I am about kitchen appliances. They have evolved like the computers. There is no need to push hard to get water out (the old method). Just press the button (the high-tech method). Hahahaha... Another embarrassing moment achieved. Lol. Luckily one of my colleague saw me, or I'll forever wonder why I am the only one who couldn't get hot water out from the boiler. Hahaha.. I have learned an easier way to make my tea now. Hahaha...

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Moon, Cakes & Tanglung

*finger swipes the blog*
Horrors! My blog is collecting dust here. =_=" Hahaha... once again, been lazy busy to post. Hehe.. Let's have a quick one then. Time flies, been working for 3 months already! Readjusted to KL life once again, missing friends from the far up north, resume gossip sessions with KL friends ;P, etc etc.

Last Saturday was the Mid Autumn Festival and it reminded me of the previous celebration last year. And that made me a little nostalgic. Haha.. I had my fill of the festival's goodies this year, haha, mooncakes!, pomelo (my fav is sweet & sour), chestnuts (yum yum). By the way, mooncakes is getting outrageously more and more expensive each year. =_=" A mooncake is usually cut into 8 portions right? Last time, each portion costs around 1 buck. Now, it's around RM1.50. That, is just those normal type of flavors. Couldn't imagine what the price would be after a few more years. :S

Having a bunch of kids sure will drain your energy and help burn your calories. Haha... My nieces and nephew is a bunch of active kids. One minute I was giving food to one of them, the other minute I was entertaining another one. Then the paper lanterns are on fire, who do you call? "Yee yee!". Haha.. "Yee yee" (me) is the word that kept me busy for the night. As naughty as they are, they do make you laugh with their cute antics. Haha... so I didn't mind much, since I did missed out a lot of celebrations for the years before and thus, lost some opportunities to 'bond' with them. Hahaha... Though, if they stay too long, my fuse might starts to burn. Haha.. I'm very impatient and cranky at times. Lol.

PS. Been thinking about the new style of blogging, comic blogging. But my drawing sucks. Hmm, how?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

My Myth Buster v1.0

As tagged by s0hp0h in her hilarious post about busting myths about herself, this is my myth-busting post.

Hahaha.. but what myths that I want to bust?? Let's take it step by step, one by one...

Myth 1: I'm fierce. So much until people do not dare to approach/befriend me. Ouch. That one sure hurts. I am not fierce lah. What makes people think like that wan? OK, maybe the cold face I show to people have something to do with it. But, it's a cold face. Not a fierce-looking face. Lol.. Okaay, maybe my cold face looks fierce. *shrug* What can I do about that? Plastic surgery? I don't normally plaster my face with a smile for everyone! I mean, you won't want to get close to a stranger/weirdo who keep smiling at you and everybody right? Unless he/she is a hottie, of course. Well, I'm not. Back to the myth, I am not fierce lah, I might shoot people with cold, deadly stares but that is just because of my mood swings. Or I find something that you did/said is preposterous. Or both. Hahaha... My principle is do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I won't shoot you if you did nothing wrong to me. You play nice, I play nice. You bully, I just bully back. So, FALSE. I am absolutely not fierce. I don't bite, I just shoot. Hahaha...

Myth 2: My mood swings like roller-coaster-bungee-jumping-crazy, whenever, wherever. No need to deny this. I am a Cancer, the mood swings are in the package. I can jump for joy in the morning, then sink deep into the sea in the afternoon, then float back up to shore in the night. It's tiring, yeah, I know. But that's me. I am terribly sorry for those who kena shot by me during my moodiness, I'm sorry >_< It's not I want it to stay, I just haven't found the cure. So,TRUE.

Myth 3: I eat a lot. WTF. Thanks to someone who spread this around. Thank you so much that I wish I can hug you to death. I mean, wth?? I eat a lot? Maybe your other female friends eats two spoons of rice and a sip of water per meal (in front of you maybe, but not behind you). And isn't it a bit unfair? A guy can stuff his face full with a plate of chicken rice (added extra rice) and then another plate of char kuey tiaw (big), nobody gives a damn. If change to a girl, jaws are dropping everywhere. Sexist stereotype! Furthermore, I eat the normal three meals per day. I don't even eat supper, ok? Eating buffets, yeah, I eat a lot, but the bulk of food is actually (usually) NOT taken by me! I help people who like to take and take and take but realized they couldn't finish it, to clear a bit the table. Plus, it's such a waste of food. If you still think I eat a lot, show me your proof before you go and announce it in public. Thus, FALSE.

Myth 4: I'm quiet. Well, you should have noticed how long and how much I ramble on and on about something in my blog, that you won't label me as quiet. Ok, I heard someone is saying, writing is different from speaking. True, true... but just like my writing, I talk a lot if it's something that I'm interested in and the person I'm talking to is a close friend. (I regard you as my close friends, hehehehe... ) I can be loud whenever I get excited about something. And you'll definitely hear my laughter from afar when I hear a good joke. However, I admit, there are times where I would keep silent, preferring to give no comment or opinion. Sometimes I love silence, space to rest and clear my mind. And you won't find me being an active talker in a conversation if I barely know you. It's not that I scared to talk or timid. If you ask me, I'll answer. If I want to ask you, I'll ask. So I guess it's semi-TRUE?

So far, that's all I can think of right now. But if you have more myths about me that you would like me to clarify, leave a message in the cbox, I'll list them and do another mythbuster post. lol..

Tips for singles

Saw it in an article online. Hahaha.. thought want to share it with those who is still single (and unattached), hahaha... It's more for the girls than guys, but I guess it can be applied to either gender. Lol...

1. Don’t take things bitter friends say to heart. They’re projecting—putting their insecurities on you.
2. Don’t chat with negative friends about your love life (or lack there of).
3. Don’t feel forced to date because your friends are.
4. Do go out with supportive friends of all relationship statuses.
5. Do enjoy you. That’s the only person you’ll definitely be with forever.

I definitely need to follow these tips.. LOL... Being single is not a crime lah... So to those who worry about my status (yea, stick it to my face, "why you didn't grab a guy before you graduate, like your friends??"), calm down, I'm not buying vegetables in the pasar, you don't just grab and pay. lol.. I'm just not ready for relationship, why force myself? ;P

Friday, July 10, 2009


This is a backpost. Wrote it down somewhere, forgot to publish it. Hahaha...

It's my BIRTHDAY! YAY! LOL! Hahahahaha... Why am I so happy to get a year older? Oh well, suan ba. I'm not Benjamin Button, I will aged year by year. What I didn't expect is why the heck am I still not mature or "adult-ish" enough. I'm not saying like I want to faster grow up and become an adult. I'm just saying that I thought with age, comes maturity. Which unfortunately is not true. I guess that is why you still see people behaving like a kid no matter what their ages are. Hahaha.. Ok lah, enough about my ranting about age and maturity.
Shi Ying treat my to lunch today!!! Wahahaha... So happy! Hehehe.. I'm so bad, ffk her so many times, yet let her treat me. Hahaha.. Will definitely treat her back when I get my paycheck. Yep, I finally found a job. It's my 8th day today. How is it? Ok I guess. The people there are nice. But of course, I miss the people in ASE too. I keep wonder what if I take Xifu's offer. I keep having this doubt. But I guess, it's useless to keep thing about the road not taken. Sigh. Oh well. I hope one day I will get to meet them again!
So in the meantime, do my best in this new job. Oh ya, thanks for all the birthday wishes! This year, I wish for health and happiness. :) Been sick too much already this year. Have to take care of health ar, everyone! Especially with the flu bugs going around.
My convo! Hehehe... The day that I waiting for, after seeing my senior's graduation day. Though, no junior for me. Huhuhu... Oh well... at least I finally reached this stage. Congrats to all who is graduating also!! Too bad I think I won't be able to go to others' convocation ceremony, because our date clashes. Sigh. Oh well.

PS. Happy birthday to all July babies!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Wake-up call

A lot happened lately. Volatile mixture of emotions. Bitterness mostly. I don't feel like talking about it here. Because then it will be even harder for me to deal with it. I'm still bitter. But much better already. Thanks to my friends' support. Especially wwh, thank you!

Maybe it's time for me to change the blogskin. After all, I'm entering another different phase of my life. God, how I miss Uni life. But then again, the ending left me devastated. OK, let me reword it. God, how I miss Uni life, excluding the last part of it. Being here at KL, it seems like I'm a recluse. Friends are busy working, in KL and also those in Penang. So how is my job-seeking progress? It seems like the sole, most popular topic among us lately. Congrats to all who got a job!! Good luck to those who is still looking, I'm with you!

Lately, I'm cynical about life, not just love. Hahaha... But is not the end of the world, I guess... Need to move on...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Weird dream again

Had a weird dream this morning. The most weird part is I dreamed only for half an hour. I thought I was late for class when I jump awake this morning. Hahaha.. How I know it took half an hour? Because my alarm was at 7.30am. I woke, stopped the alarm and went back to sleep. HAHAHAHA... The thing is, it sure felt longer than 30 mins inside my dream. Well, I guess it is not that weird lah, dreams don't make sense anyway. At least most of the time. Haha.. So what was the dream about? I'm not too sure either, I can only describe it out, couldn't interpret it.

I was home (or so it felt, OK lah, it feels like a place I stay in, but doesn't look like my house right now. Hahaha). And don't know why, I just 'know' I'm in S'pore. Beats me. Then I prepared to go out, like I'm going on a date or something. I mean, I usually don't fuss with myself much when I need to go out. I don't put on makeups nor do I style my hair much. Well, the former is because I have no knowledge about using it and don't have the tools (lol, though I should be learning it, you know, since it's not like my face is naturally pretty or free of blemishes, but... oh well, now you know why I still feel like a little girl. Because I have zero knowledge of stuff like these. For the latter, my hair is a rebel. So I let it behave as it likes, I couldn't control it. Hahaha... So, it is a weird dream. Hahaha.. After I finish 'prettying' myself and choosing the right apparels for the gazilion times, I was late when I head out. Or at least my parents are telling me that I'm late. I mean, I don't even know why am I going out. Hahaha.. It is like I'm watching it from 3rd person perspective. Bingo! That's it. That is the weird thing. I usually dream in first-person perspective. OK, so I watch myself (like watching TV) walking to my destination. With some difficulties thrown in the path obviously. Hoho. Which made me even late than I already were. I suddenly know that I was supposed to meet with my brother so that he can bring me to that place (wherever it is) but since I was late, he already left. So I end up chasing after him or should I say, try to catch up to him even though I don't know where the heck is the place is. OK, maybe the 'me' in the dream knows, just the 'me' watching the dream didn't know. Hahaha.. I'm really confusing myself and I bet you are confused too. Anyway, I managed to spot my brother (or it is really my brother?? I thought I was going out on a date?? what the...) after some 'catching up' (--> finding my way in a crowded area, taking the train, etc.) And it ended there. Sorry to kill your interest. Hahaha.. I was interested to continue too, but my brain woke me up, actually just enough time for me to get ready for class. Phew.

Well, it is one of my bizarre dreams. Oh, I do have other weird dreams, just that this one is more imprinted on my mind, since I woke up in the middle of it. So there you go, another post on my dream. Maybe I should change this blog into a dream diary. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... just joking ;P

PS. There should be a post before this one, about the trip I went to, but since I haven't got my hands on the photos, I'll postpone that post first. That's for now, cheerio..

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

oh my, THREE YEARS already??

*Yawn* *stretch arms*

It's been ages since I last blog. Hehehe... It's been so hectic until siao. Final year project, other assignments and projects, tests, etc. And -whoosh- time flies by without me noticing. OK lah, I noticed. But only noticed that my deadlines looms nearer and nearer. Hahaha.. Finally all done. But when I have the time to sleep in late, breathe easier, no-more-huge-stress (I can't say stress-free, because it is not. Hahaha, there are other stuff going on also ma.. hehe), no more weird dreams (i suspect is caused by the stress and worries and going to bed every night with head heavy with codes... ish, won't even let me have a peaceful rest. Hahaha... though thank God I didn't dreamt that I got chased by codes, right? Hahaha..), when all that busyness stopped, I suddenly realized the semester has ended already!! Not JUST this semester, but my WHOLE 3-YEARS UNI life! Oh my God. Did THREE years just passed like that?? Although I couldn't recall clearly about my orientation week here, I remember vividly about how I dreaded about coming to Penang all by myself. And now looks I made it through! Hahaha.. I guess life is like that. When you are thrown out of your comfort zone, at first you panic. After awhile, you adapt. Then boom, you find yourself saying, whoa, life now is not bad, eh? Haha..

I guess you can say I'm like that. Living here, I never thought I can do it. I never even dreamt that I would do it. Haha.. Then surviving the three years, it seems like an impossible task. But guess what? I did it, but I regret now fully utilizing as much time as I would like. Though, I had a lot of fun... and experiences. Staying in hostel has its own fun, while staying outside is even more fun. Hahaha.. I really really will miss everyone! Those coursemates whom I have grown closer to, since we stayed in the same hostel for 2 years, coursemates whom I took longer time to befriended, coursemates whom I didn't know at first that we actually have common interests (I guess it's true that you cannot judge a book by its cover, but I still believe in my first instinct and impression, hahaha), other people who I barely know but been with together for some time (I'm so so sorry to say that I didn't know the names of my swimming classmates, but I do remember their faces!! I'm good with faces, hehe), the other people who befriended and helped me during my internship (owe a lot to them for making my internship a very enjoyable one!), coursemates whom I would have never get close with if I didn't meet them during internship, the times I had with other coursemates in fun activities (which are usually first-time for me, hehe) like paintball (expensive, but fun!), organizing someone birthday all by myself (of course, with help from many people ;P), cooking, bbq-ing and so much more. I wish I can return to those times and have more fun. Haha.. Though, sorry KS, hehe, I can imagine what you would be saying if you are reading this post. "Didn't invite me pun". Hehe.. Pai seh o, I didn't know you very well at that time mar, hehe..

Oh, and of course, really glad I decided to move out with my roommate, even though it's with other people whom I didn't really know. But to my relief, they are a bunch of nice and fun people to be staying with together! I'll miss the laughter that we shared and the things that you all taught me. I'll miss them a lot! They are practically my second family, the second home that I call home. Hehehe... (Lab is the third home)

Not forgetting, I also need to thank the other bunch of friends whom I refer to as, KL friends. Hahaha... Without the gatherings and msn chats, I won't be able to keep on going here. It's been more than 10 years already, I'm extremely glad to have known you guys. *BIG hug* And also friends whom I got to know in KL and keep in touch with, I just want to say: I'm glad I keep in touch with you! Even though we hardly have the chance to meet, msn, emails, facebook saves the day! Hahahaha... Oh, blogs too. Hehe..

Eh, how come this post starts with reminiscing about the past 3 years, changed course to thanking people and expressing my gratitude? Hahaha.. Since it's like this already, I better thank the most important people too. The people whom I grew more closer to and more appreciate them after I came here. My family. I think the biggest lesson I learnt when I came here is I took a lot of things for granted while I was in my comfort zone back in KL. I've experienced homesickness and independence here. And I found out that, my family, especially my beloved parents, care for me a lot. And also support me in my decisions. Three years here, really taught me about appreciating people around me everyday.

Though sometimes, the moody and grumpy me caused a lot of people unhappy moments. So, want to apologize to anyone who caught in the line of "my fire". Hehe.. I'm sorry. I'm trying my best to fix this weakness of mine. I'm sorry to learn about me being labeled as the cold, icy and fierce one. No wonder people don't dare to approach me. No wonder I still couldn't get a bf. HAHAHAHA...Seriously, I'm sad to learn about that. Sigh...

Oh yea, congrats to all couples! I'm happy for them, and yet, I feel lonely too. Hahaha.. Sometimes, I get the feeling that is like, even though I'm surrounded by people, I feel even more lonely. Guess it couldn't be helped. Til next time, man, this is such a long winding post. Hahaha..

Monday, February 23, 2009

Swimming hazard


Another embarrassing moment in my life. Lol.. OK lah, maybe I am too sensitive about it, I guess other people might think it's no big deal. Haha.. OK, this is what happened this evening: My leg cramped while I was swimming today. Thank God, I didn't drown. Hehe.. Still managed to hop to the pool ladder and climb out from the pool. As quickly as possible, I went and sit at the corner, hoping nobody else noticed.. LOL.. The coach came (guess I failed in becoming invisible ;P) and helped me stretch my feet and leg for awhile. Then he went back to order other people to swim this style, that style, etc. I thought my leg recovered, so I quickly go back into the pool again. But just when my legs were halfway down into the water, the cramp comes again. More painful tim. >_<"

What to do but to sit at the floor there (where I was about to enter the pool) and stretch my leg? I didn't think I could hop back to the corner, it's too painful. Don't know where the coach is, I was too self-conscious to ask for help anyway. So embarrassing. Then, (don't get your hopes high for me, lol, no handsome lifeguard came to my rescue, hahaha...) a fellow swimmer asked if I was having cramps then climb out of the pool to help me. LOL. Although I was VERY glad for his help, I was also feeling VERY self-conscious. Thank God for the foggy goggles to blur my vision, so that I won't notice if there is anyone else (other than my fellow swimmers; I'm taking swimming as a course for this semester) at the pool is looking at me. But his technique is good (not to mention strong, HAHAHA, ;P), the cramped muscles soon relaxed.

I couldn't recognize who he is however, because all swimmers, especially guys, who wear swim cap and goggles, looks the same to me. Lol. For girls, at least you can agak agak recognize the swimsuits with their colors and patterns. But for guys, almost all also wear black Speedo and cap. LOL. Before my face reddens, I hastily say thank you and slip back into the pool. But then even if I recognize him also nothing ler. So many other girls with great body figures and nice skin in my swimming class. Who will pay any attention to fat, hairy and "airport" girl wor.. Hahaha... Now you see why I feel self-conscious?? Hahaha.. My self-confidence level is nil too. Anyway, really grateful for this kind-hearted guy who took pity on me. Hehe..

Even though no more cramp, I was very worried if the muscle cramps again. I was losing the mental battle. My mind keep thinking about cramps. >_<" So I didn't dare to kick my legs much, was swimming like a snail. Eh, can snails swim? Haha, anyway, today no jump-into-water session (thank God) so I just float around until the class ends. Hoho.. That's the report of another embarrassing moment in my life.

PS. Anybody knows how to avoid muscle cramps? I did do warm-up exercise before swimming de wor.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mind my own business

Yay! SummerScent got another fan! LOLOLOLOL... Gee, it's very easy to make me feel happy, isn't it? Haha.. Anyway, thanks for 'give me face' by visiting and reading my blog, little lamb. Hehe.. Plus, you can remember the small stuff in my posts that I myself need some time to dig around my memory. Hahaha.. Arigatou! Although I only post about stuff that are irrelevant or unimportant, I still hope you all enjoy reading it. Hehe..

Ah, last few days ago I realized that I actually feel cynical about love. Maybe because it is a subconscious thing, I didn't realize it earlier. But why? I still couldn't find the answer either. It's not that I think love is impossible, etc. Even though I'm still unattached currently, I still have some hope of me finding that someone special. (The love I'm talking about is the boy-girl-relationship love, not the other kinds of love) Being cynical about love, does it means I don't believe in love? Hmm, no, not true. I do believe in love. Then could it be that in the past, you didn't get love from parents, others, etc? No, I love my family very much, and I know they love me too.

OK, so I might need more time than others to put trust on someone. But it couldn't be counted as I don't trust people, right? I just need more time. Haha. I always thought that I can give rational advice to people about their love problems based on the times friends have come to find to talk about it. All the things I said, are usually from my rational mind perspective and add a bit of consideration of the feelings and tact. But I never thought that there will be a day that someone would feel that I'm discouraging them in pursuing their love. I'm not as evil as that lah. Although I haven't get my own happy ending, I won't purposely stop you from getting yours and I feel very glad if you've found it. I know my advices are more "mind" than "heart". But I'm not saying you should ignore what your heart is telling you. Oh well, I guess I'm not suitable to give love advices after all. Which is true lah, since I don't have experience in it also, but then it is not that I go out and simply give advices to people. If you ask me, then I'll tell you lor. If I DID give advice even though you didn't seek it, then I apologize. I just care about you.

But to say that under my words, I'm telling you give up or discouraging you, etc, it kinda hurt my feelings also leh. Because I never mean it that way. I guess I should be careful with my words next time eh? Or maybe I should just mind my own business. Or else there will be someone else who read between my lines and find even worse stuff.

If it's true that I subconsciously discourage people about love, then it is confirmed, that I am cynical about love. Which kinda make me feel depressed. It is like confirmed liao I won't find my special one. Sigh.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A blast from the past

Hehehe... I guess I'll never change. I'll still blog as often or as less often, more specifically, as I like. Hahaha..

I was searching for a post that I once wrote about a dream, I end up reading my old posts. It is kinda funny to see (figuratively) me "change" over the years through my blog. The stuff that I posted, the way that I write, my expressions. Hahaha.. I moved my blog to here (BlogSpot) just as I was going to Penang to study. Time sure flies. Now I'm in my final semester! I've been in Penang for around 2 and a half years already! Hahaha.. I think I changed quite a bit. As I frantically rushing my final year project, everyone is saying about enjoying the last semester at this Uni. Well, it made me think a lot. Sometimes you kinda slip into a comfort zone, and you don't want to try venture out. But is it bad to stay in comfort zone? Hmm.. I don't know. But if you don't try, I guess you won't know, right? So, I made up my mind, I'll try my best to try out new stuff for this year. I hope I got enough guts to do it. So far, I'm taking swimming class by myself. Still fear the water and couldn't get my head up to breath. :S But I really want to know how to swim. And I wish I could choose the coach. XD Sigh, free stuff comes with a price I guess. Uh, I better get back to my work, I kinda got distracted while searching for that post about my nightmare. Haha.. Til then, wish me LOADS of luck in learning to swim. I don't mind tips also. Hahaha...

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Greetings 2009!

Hello 2009! Byebye 2008! I'll just make a short n simple resolution this year ;P Hehehe...

You Should Make 4 Resolutions

Lose Weight

Get Fit

Eat Right

Reduce Stress Overall