Thursday, December 18, 2008

Looking back 2008

As the end of 2008 gets nearer, I wonder what did I have achieved this year? I made it through my internship, I stayed in a house with seven other people who I barely know before this... As I rack my brain to find anything else worth mentioning about, I guess not everything is about me. My surrounding changes, my friends changes. Another new couple in the school, dearest friends who found their half, friends who had to let go.. Well, I guess there is not much hope for yours truly to ever find her half, what else can she focus on? Study? Well, it's going to be another junction for her soon. Graduation, something to be celebrated as well as being scared of. Hahaha.. Why? Because it means unemployment. Hahaha.. Oh well, I guess it can't be avoided, everyone will experience it sooner or later. What else can she look forward to next year? Last semester of Uni life, kinda scary when I say it that way. Seeing my nieces and nephew growing up, with the occasional spoiling. Hahaha.. Which is kinda scary too, because it means I'm getting older, yet not more mature. Sigh. Oh, and I really want to change my lifestyle starting next year (now actually ;P) because I've been sick for too many times this year. I guess you'll see my new year resolution post soon. Oh yea, I haven't check off this year's list. Hahaha..

Oh! and 2008 is the year of impulsive indulgence. I'm totally broke. :( Sad.. I wish Santa would give me a money tree (the same wish of s0hp0h, hehehe).