Monday, January 21, 2008

Tired n weary

I don't know why I feel soooo tired and sleepy lately. Because I'm lazy? Well, I've been lazy all the while, so probably not the reason. Facing laptop too much, resulting in blurrier eyesight? Possible. Too many late nights and early morning? Possible too. Too much stress and worries? High probability. That's not all. I keep having weird dreams too. Too many TV? Nope, I don't watch TV at Uni. Sigh. But now my biggest problem is the humongous zit on my face. Specifically, just at the corner of my mouth. Talk about strategic location. If it's on my other parts of my face, I won't bother much. But this is unacceptable. Why? It hurts when I eat. When I talk. When I brush my teeth. And for God's sake, it hurts when I smile. Just one big zit to make my day so blue.... I'm lucky today is a holiday (Thaipusam), but what about tomorrow? Pray it will shrink before tomorrow, else I'll be so embarrassed...

PS. I'm not over-sensitive. It is noticeable.