Thursday, December 18, 2008

Looking back 2008

As the end of 2008 gets nearer, I wonder what did I have achieved this year? I made it through my internship, I stayed in a house with seven other people who I barely know before this... As I rack my brain to find anything else worth mentioning about, I guess not everything is about me. My surrounding changes, my friends changes. Another new couple in the school, dearest friends who found their half, friends who had to let go.. Well, I guess there is not much hope for yours truly to ever find her half, what else can she focus on? Study? Well, it's going to be another junction for her soon. Graduation, something to be celebrated as well as being scared of. Hahaha.. Why? Because it means unemployment. Hahaha.. Oh well, I guess it can't be avoided, everyone will experience it sooner or later. What else can she look forward to next year? Last semester of Uni life, kinda scary when I say it that way. Seeing my nieces and nephew growing up, with the occasional spoiling. Hahaha.. Which is kinda scary too, because it means I'm getting older, yet not more mature. Sigh. Oh, and I really want to change my lifestyle starting next year (now actually ;P) because I've been sick for too many times this year. I guess you'll see my new year resolution post soon. Oh yea, I haven't check off this year's list. Hahaha..

Oh! and 2008 is the year of impulsive indulgence. I'm totally broke. :( Sad.. I wish Santa would give me a money tree (the same wish of s0hp0h, hehehe).

Friday, November 14, 2008

Skip Beat!

I want to promote my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE manga which has been made into anime and airing currently in Japan! So, since some people are more inclined to watch anime instead of reading the manga, I better promote the anime (hoping after you get hooked on the anime, you'll read the manga ;P). Hahaha... But I love both!

Skip Beat! is about Kyoko, a girl who followed her childhood friend to Tokyo to realize his dream in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, the friend, Sho, just treat her like a convenient maid. He got famous as a singer while Kyoko is still slaving herself earning money to support him. Daytime, she works in a fast-food restaurant. Night, she works at a small Japanese restaurant. She thought he is her Prince Charming. One day, she overheard Sho talking to his manager (who is also his lover) about Kyoko being his servant. Cheng, cheng, cheng. Instead of crying like what usual heroine of a shoujo comic does, Kyoko laughed, her "Pandora Box" is opened and all her 'demons' came out... She vowed to beat Sho in the same industry.

Thus, begins the long road for Kyoko to get her revenge. On her way, she met with a lot of people and found that she actually does like acting (and have HUGE potential of being a great actress, said by many people) and just need to overcome some of her past and the revenge. Be sure to check it out! My description does not do it justice, you really got to see it to judge it yourself. Don't forget to look out for Ren Tsuruga! *swoon* Hahaha... I fell in love with the manga first, so I'll always think that the manga is better than the anime. But anime got movements and sounds! So, give either one a try if you are free!

Guys, skip this post!

1) link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2) share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

3) tag 7 people at the end of your post (link or not, up to you)

4) let them know they are tagged.

1. To lessen the pain/shame/embarrassment, I laugh at myself the loudest.
2. My mood fluctuates like crazy, but it also depends on the company.
3. I like to read, yes, READING. But, it doesn't mean I read every type of books.
4. I dislike "immature" jokes.
5. Among all fairytales, I like Beauty and the Beast most.
6. I wish there is someone who would understand me/know what I'm thinking of without me telling. Hahaha...
7. I want to be good in cooking like my Mom.

Who the heck invented these tags? Not only I have to get it, I have to pass it as well. =_= Like a flu or virus is it? Oh well, I don't have a lot of friends who blogs, so so TERRIBLY SORRY, s0hp0h, Wai Hong and Soo Ling. >_<

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I'm a hopeless romantic. Emma got to be my most favorite period movie of all times! I absolutely HEART Mr. Knightley! *swoon* Hahahaha... Not forgetting that I adore Jane Austen's books. Emma, Pride & Prejudice, Persuasion, etc. Yeah, I'm really a hopeless romantic, even if I give off a more cynical vibe in general. Who would have guessed the moody and grumpy me loves love stories like these. Hahaha.. I do, I like it more than modern romantic movies. Hahaha... I'm just a sucker for those dashing gentlemen in those clothes, they looked more charming and handsome. HAHAHAHA...

By the way, I really should not be blogging OR watching Emma for God-knows-how-many times. (Because I haven't practise for my presentation which will be on Thursday!) I keep re-watch the conversations between Emma and Mr. Knightley. And I love Emma's dresses, so simple yet elegant. I haven't watch the Pride and Prejudice movie though. Maybe I'll fall in love with it too. Hahahahaha... But I think, Mr. Knightley x Emma would be my favorite couple for movie. In books, Emma and Lizzy stand on equal ground. LOL.. This post is totally a 100% syok-sendiri raving. HAHAHAHA... Sorry if you find it boring you. ;P

Quiz ;P

You Scored as Elizabeth

I am Elizabeth. I am headstrong and intelligent. I love to be myself, and am very loyal to my family. I can sometimes be prideful and "prejudiced," but I try to remain open minded and I usually regret past mistakes.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Strange dream

I had a strange dream last night. NO, call it scary. It wasn't the scary type like the last dream I blogged about. But the scariness comes from the realness it felt. *shudder*

So, what was it about? Well, I don't remember how it started actually. Haha.. I remembered I was walking, on the way back home (which is kinda illogical lah, because I couldn't possibly WALK home, you know. Hahaha.. Unless it's not referring to my KL home. OMG, I think it is referring to here, in Penang. OMG. Just realized it.) OK, so I was walking home, then I saw this shop, sale I think. Haha. So I entered it. That is when I realized that someone had been following me all along. Don't ask me how I know. Sixth sense or instinct, I guess. So I pretend to browse and pretend I'm waiting for someone to pick me up or something. So that he will think that I won't be alone.

My mind was really blank, you know. I wonder why I didn't call someone with my phone. *shrug* Panic, I guess. So I kinda lepak at that shop for HOURS, but he is still there. Well, you might think that I got it wrong, that he wasn't stalking me. But who would lepak in a shop without buying anything? Mind still blank, I think I left and walked into another shop. Or it was the same shop, just that it has a cafe/bistro section? Well, I'm not sure. And it is not impossible, right? Nowadays, there are plenty of shops like that. You see what I mean by 'real'? So it was getting REAL late, and luckily my friends came! Well, I think I called them, because they kinda know what is wrong. Unfortunately, all of us were females. *slap forehead* Is this dream indicating that there is a lack of male friends in my life???? Uh... So end up getting scared together. LOL. Good thing is to be shared? HAHA.. Hmm, actually, I don't know WHY I felt I need to have a GUY to make me feel safer. I mean, that stalker is a MALE too what. Stereotype is a powerful thing, I guess.

Then I suddenly thought of calling a male buddy who lives nearby me. Tough luck. He won't come to save me. (Maybe because he isn't my Prince? Bwahahahaha... Dunno, he got girlfriend already anyway, and I treat him like a buddy. So much for a buddy, won't save me. Ha...) So, I'm getting scared by the minute. By the way, that stalker still not leaving. (Of course lah, if leave already, I won't need to be scared =_=)

*snap fingers* I'll just call XXX to bring me home! So, I called him. He picked up the phone, his voice like just woke up, and he DID just wake up. Lol. He asked me why I called him in the bloody middle of the night. I was like, it is THAT late already??!! How come this shop/cafe/bistro didn't close de??? Dreams, how logical can they be?

He didn't say whether he is coming or not, or maybe I didn't heard him. Because at that moment, the shop-cafe-bistro is closing and I am freaking out. Lol. And my girl friends are leaving, being unable to help me, only can give me moral support and share my suffering. I'm like, die lah, sure DIE lah. Then I THINK (this part is blur because I'm waking up from the dream already) he did come, at the nick of the time? I hope he did. Because the stalker looks mighty strong and tall. >_< (And you would think, if he is not a stalker/bad guy, I would 'kap' him a bit. LOL)

Then I saw him later today. In real life lah. Hahaha.. I don't mean the stalker. Choi, touch wood. I mean the 'Prince'. LOL. And I'm a damsel-in-distress? I think the root of this dream came from the game I played yesterday. HAHAHAHAHA... So, I saw him and then remember the dream. And I was like, hmm, why did I thought of calling him de? I guess old habit dies hard. I promised myself I will not think of love right now, but the heart won't listen, eh? Anyway, I guess it is a tiny crush gua. Nothing dangerous. Haha..

Which is true. Because when I met him, I found out he already got someone special. *Poof* --> the crush being crushed. HAHAHAHA... Nothing's broken, thank god. Just another twinge in my heart that says 'Am I such a failure? Sigh'. Oh well, that aside, it is still a creepy dream.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Bad habits

I told myself that I will take good care of my health after I get better during the last time that I was sick. I was really really earnest when making that promise. But here I am, stuffing junk food into my mouth, staying awake until late at night, etc.. I'm so angry at myself! Why can't I keep a healthy lifestyle?? I don't eat right. I don't sleep right. It's no wonder I get sick!!!

I'm FED UP with myself! So from now onwards, here I pledge that I will led a healthier lifestyle.

1. Eat right. Stop buying junk food. More fruits and vege intake please. Water, drink more. Don't skip meals just because lazy to cook, don't know how to cook, etc.

2. Sleep right. Be in bed before 12am! No midnight oil burning, please. Any jobs, tasks, DO IT in the daytime. No late night gaming, please. No late night chatting, please. Just stop staring at the monitor and shut down for the day!

3. Exercise more. Stop facing the PC so much. Go out, sweat it out.

4. No negative thinking. Oh boy, this will be hard...

5. Do all the above!

6. Will add when I come up with it.

There! Please, please, stick to it. It's really sucks to be sick right? Oh dear, I talk to myself in real life. And I talk to myself in my blog too. I must be really sick.....

Friday, October 31, 2008


Dear God, are you playing with me? When at long last I gathered up all my courage to face it, you put an obstacle in front of me. Timing problem is it? Well, sorry about my timing, I don't have much courage (despite people think that I do, maybe my acting is good for Oscar, haha..) and to finally persuade myself to do it, I need HUGE courage and determination, so I took quite some time, I know. But if you keep make me delay, I can't hold my courage any longer. I know I have been the one who have been delaying it for so damn long, so now you are punishing me is it? I want to cry, but cannot, because once I start crying, I know I would have lost it. Like a tap being turned. And the courage would leave me.

I'm tired. Gathering courage is not easy for me, mentally I am exhausted. Physically will be affected by the mental, so I guess it won't be long the physical gets tired. Why? WHY? Why when I finally able to bring myself to do it, something will stop me. I don't know what I should do anymore. Give up? No, I MUST NOT even think about giving up, or else the courage will leave me again. I've been chicken-hearted for so long, I WAS glad that I finally decided to face it. But oh no, you just HAD to pour water on me.

Try again? Would you stop me again this time?

My life = A game = A drama = A joke = A toy

PS. Sorry, please don't ask me what is the thing I'm talking about. Nobody but only me will know. Nobody.

Weakened but better...

I better post something or else you would think I'm still sick. Hahahaha... I'm much better, thanks to sinseh and chinese herbal medicines. Luckily I went home last weekend despite having to rush my assignments. With Mom and Dad's nursing, I'm back to healthy me again, albeit still weak and prone to headaches. And I'm rushing my assignments. Hahaha... Did nothing last weekend, lie on sofa, watch Astro. Feel so guilty to my groupmates. Pai seh, and thanks a lot for taking over my part of task! Thank you for being understanding. Fever is no play play, plus vomit is painful. So now actually is curi-ing tulang from my work to blog. Hahaha...

Actually I have loads to blog about sometimes. It's just that some content is for some eyes only. Hahahaha.. Yea, I want to bitch about people. Hahahahaha... So, today is just to drop by to say hi, thanks for still checking my blog! Especially s0hp0h and wwh. Talking about update, woi, wwh, you also no update long time ar. Hahaha...

Sometimes I wonder how true a friend can be? How sincere? How can one be called a true friend? Hmm.. next post maybe I'll continue this.. back to work now..

PS. I miss home...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ill & paranoid

Again I've not blog for awhile. Haha... What's happening in my life that make me so lazy busy to blog? Well, same old same old stuff. Just that this semester I don't have final exams. *unenthusiastically* Yay. What's so great about no exams? Projects and thesis sucks. Because I'm a lazy, unmotivated, lost-without-directions/orders person. Haha. And oh, I have to stay here for the project during semester break. >_< Give me a break, I had no long hols since last year. :(

And oh, I've been having this sore throat for so damn long that I'm starting to become paranoid and think that I might caught something that is incurable. @_@ That makes me even more scared and anxious. Which makes me hard to get a good sleep at night. Because my mind would start thinking about how impossible can become possible and the more I worry, the more frustrated I become and I don't feel like doing my project and paper. I'm pathetic. Blogging about this makes me look more pathetic. Health is wealth, if I can have a next life, I hope I'll remember to take care of my health WAAAY younger.

Is it the pills or my sickness comes with sleepiness, lethargy? Or is it just the lazy me? Hahaha... I don't know what to think anymore. If I can, I don't want to think anymore. But I couldn't. Why I can't be like others who are happy-go-lucky??? Because I think that ignorance is just temporary bliss...

PS. I wish Blogger have password-protected feature. Then I can complain about some people being so lovey-dovey that I have to avoid watching them so that I won't get goosebumps... ;P Or maybe this illness is making me sensitive to it. Hahaha...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My 20 weeks Journey

My last day of training. I could probably tell you all about it until the cows come home. But then you'll probably bored to death before you finish reading. Hahaha... Someone told me that I talk too "detailed-ly". I mean, when I talk about something, it's full with details. No offence taken, because I think so too. Hahahaha... I think I really would bored someone to sleep or until they get too annoyed and reprimand me or avoid me next time I see them (or punch me in the face to shut me up, lol). Hahaha...

This someone said is not that I cannot tell people about all my stuff, or lie to people, just tell what is sufficient and decline to talk more about it if I think I have said enough. The thing is, sometimes I just can't shut my mouth. Hahahaha... Nonono, I must not be in denial. So from now on, my posts will have lesser details. Hahaha... I'll just add more of my laughs in it to make it longer. Hahahaha...

No lah, sometimes there are stuff that is personal to you, and blogging doesn't mean tell it to everyone. Blogging to me is about sharing a little about myself and also to record down the moments in my life, so that I can read back what that I've done or accomplish and tell it to my grandchildrens. Bwahahahaha... Thanks for that someone to remind me that it is not necessary for me to tell ALL or lie, just say NO if I don't want to talk about it. Hahaha...

So my last day, it was a great, marvelous, happy day for me. Oh by the way, the last day is yesterday, in case you are wondering. Oh no, no details, no details. Hahahahaha... On that day itself, I was feeling all the warmth from the colleagues (whom I'm close with lah, not the whole dept, lol) and too busy to feel sad. It finally hit me this morning, that I no longer will wake up so early, ride van to office, nap on my desk (I arrive very very early, hahaha), kepo around, chat with colleagues when I'm free, get bullied by some (lol), joke and laugh with them, eat with them, hang out with Xifu and Ximou (as the name implies, my mentor, hahaha), oh my, I missed them already! So yeah, it only dawned on me that I won't get to do all that liao. Huhuhuhu....

Ah, but I had a lot of fun, so I should not be sad, hehehe... Thinking back, maybe God really had planned it that way. I really didn't plan to intern at Penang (being a frequent "homesick-er", KL should be my choice :P). But then I didn't expect to have very few offer from companies too. I had doubts too, during the first month of the internship. Did I make the right choice? Am I strange to stay here instead of going home? Many (MANY) people asked my why I choose to stay here. I guess that shaken my confidence of my decision. Even though Dad was more eager to have me home, but Mom said I can stay if I want to. That was all the support I need. Hehehe...

Initially I had to keep assuring myself that I can do it, I can stay here and work, I can learn to be more independent because I was doubting my decision so much. Luckily for me, worklife started to be not so bad, I do enjoy it. And I begun to adapt to living outside of campus. I guess, with a positive outlook, all is good and will be good. Sure, once in a while there will be a bump, but with a bit effort, you can pass through it and be proud that you succeed. Hehehe... It really has been a great experience. If I had to choose again, I would choose the same thing. Hahaha... As time goes by, I learn to enjoy more and more of all the things that happened. Be it a lunch or a chat or a small but kind gesture from a colleague, I felt happy and content with life. I used to wish for a lot of things because I was not content with my life, I wished that things are different or better. Now I realized that life is how you think it is. Wishing for something better or resent or keep complaining about your life will just hide the silver linings. By appreciate everything and think of the good side of the situations, my life can be much happier and satisfying.

Oh my, now I'm being an annoying philosopher. HAHAHA.... No mah, want to share what is the most important thing I learned mah. Hahaha... And it is not just for work, it can be applied generally. Like since I didn't get to see my family as often as I want, I appreciate every trip back to hometown more. Getting calls from home is great too! It's sad to miss important events, but it can't be helped, getting depressed about it won't make it better. Hahahaha..

So, enough of life lesson talk. Let's talk about my last day. Went to a restuarant opposite Queensbay there for lunch (Friday 2 hours lunch, hehehehe). Since is my farewell lunch, I didn't need to pay. Hahaha.. But they say I ordered too cheap liao wor. But I'm not the type of person who would order the most expensive thing in the menu just because they are paying mah. Hahhahaha, see, I'm such a good person. Hahahaha... Even though it's "cheap", I don't mind. Having them eat with me is very give face to me liao. Hahaha... I got a feeling this post will get mushy at the later part. Hahaha... Then back to office. Since is last day already, no work lah. Bwahahahahaha... I start to clean up my place as you probably know, I'm a messy person. Hahahaha...

Oh yeah, the night before my last day, I cooked all night long. Hahaha... I made caramel custard to give all the colleagues as a token of thanks. Hahahaha... silly, I know. But well, I just want to give something as a leaving "gift". Other colleagues who left also gave something on their last day. Most gave ice cream (from the canteen downstairs, haha, so I thought something homemade would be nicer and more special. Hahahaha... I'm just a sucker for wanting to be unique and stand-out sometimes. Before this, I already tried cooking it for my housemates, and I get thumbs-up from them. Hehehe, so my caramel custard won't memalukan me. Hahaha... So I spent the afternoon giving out the pudding while thanking them.

Photo-taking already done on Thursday (haha) because one of the other trainees have to leave 1 day earlier. Mostly took groupshots because not only me is trainee mah. Hahaha... There are 5 of us (including me). And not my camera mah. Hehe. I wished I took more "pair" photos though. Oh well, better than none.

Actually in the morning, there was this prank that made me a bit boh mood. Hahaha.. This is the "bully" that I get loh. Hahaha... But my anger sort of lessen in the afternoon. I begun to laugh at it also. Hahaha... Is sort of, I "mengaku kalah" and "enjoy" the bullying while I am still here. Hahaha... Then they surprised me with a gift. Lol. It's a piggy head, the kind that you can squeeze here and there. Haha... And a "card" from them. Hehehe... I was really surprised and touched. (Ok, I'm getting mushy now, haha) It is really nice to receive a gift, even if something small. It's the thought that counts, eh? Hahaha.. I didn't get to thank them properly though, maybe is because I worried I might really tear up if I hug them or something. Hehehe.. Just hope my thanks expressed what I felt. Instead of tearing up, I smiled all day long. Because I was really happy. And still are! Haha..

Well, that's all. Boy, it's an extremely loooong post, and you still want more details??? Hahaha... From now on, I'll let "private" be private, "personal" be personal. No offence, but I'm entitled to some privacy, right? Hehehe... Plus, I don't see YOU telling me so much about your life. Bwahahaha... And I respect that. :P

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy times.... tiring times.... fun times.... sad times....

Today went to watch movie with Xifu n Ximou. Must blog about it. Hahaha... To remember mar.. Later when I old liao, still can reminisce mar. Hahahaha... Very fun and happy~~
I get to "miss" my van ride and ride Xifu's car. Hehehe... Watched Rogue, ok wor, short but got Michael Vartan, I like. Hahaha... Then go here and there, trying to decide eat what for dinner. Hahaha... As always, I don't mind, eat what also can lor... (not too expensive lar... hehe..) So went to this food court erm, called Telok Bayan or something like that. Bwahahaha... Ate honey chicken rice. Not nice, the honey is like sugar water :( Xifu and Ximou ordered Loh Bak and taiwanese sausages, so get to eat also. Hehehehe... This student memang chee yam, chee sik... Hahaha... Then they fetch me back. Aahh.. A few hours of bliss. No worries.

What worries leh? Well, I'm organizing a surprise birthday celebration for a dear friend here at Penang. I didn't know it would be such a tough job. Not only I have to arrange for all people's transport, I also buy the presents and cake. =.=" I think I'm the only organizer who need to busybody about everything... Thank God I have a helper, to lessen a bit burden and give ideas.. Thanks, you know who you are! ;P Not only transportation problems, also party pooper who just won't understand me. Go and blab/ask about the celebration with the birthday girl for what leh??? Where does the surprise will be then?? zzzz... Make me feel so tired only.

Sad about having to move desk next month. Sigh, but I guess, I have sit at the current place for very long liao also geh, now just 2 weeks at new desk. Should be ok lar...

Hahaha... Oh yeah, last sunday I went to my senior's convocation. Felt a little jealous. Hahahaha... Gave him a pen with his name engraved on it. Hope he will like it. Then after that, I went to Tesco and then Bali Bali to watch the Olympic badminton final with housemates. Hahahaha... Never try that before. Quite fun also, you get to clap with the people who were watching over there. Gasp together, cheer together, sigh together, etc, hahaha...

Monday pula went to eat curry mee with Rachel after work. Really on-the-spur kind of thing. She just ajak me during worktime and say will fetch me home. Hahaha.. Ate my favorite taufu fah also.. Hehehe...

Now very sleepy... whole week also nice, full with great memories.. I hope this Saturday will be great too! I did put a lot of effort in it... nearly give up if not for helper.. hahaha... Maybe I'll post some pics of this Saturday up if I got time. Hehe..

Friday, August 08, 2008


Today is 8 August 2008 which can be shortened to 080808, lol... And today the Olympic begun at 8.08pm. So I thought I just drop a post with this date also. Hahahahaha.. Cheers!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Yup, yup, yup. As noticed by Wwh aka Charlie(lololol), SummerScent got a new look! Following s0hp0h's new blog, I decided to give mine a new skin, with the same colors. Hahahaha... Green is environment-friendly and better for the eyes. HAHAHA...

So, hope you all like it, and doesn't hurt your eyes as much as the bright RED skin that I used to have. Hehe..

This time what do I should I blog about leh? The other photos, I leave it to another post lah, because it's cheating since I use photos to cover the lack of my typing. Hahaha..

How about some food review? Just a simple one, I'm not a flogger after all, because I just don't have the financial capability to go a lot of different places to eat different kinds of food. I am, after all, a poor student, trying to get a degree and get my butt out there to earn some cold, hard money. Hahaha.. So, I eat what my wallet can allow me to, which means, cheap but stomach-filling food. HAHAHA.. what? It's true ma. Unless you are staying at home, you have to be thrifty a bit ge lor. Haha.. So when I get to go to some new places to eat some more expensive food, must be excited lah. Hahahaha..

Last Friday went to this Japanese restaurant nearby for lunch since a colleague is leaving already. It's called Ichyo, I think it is located near the BJ roundabout there? Erm, yours truly is not that good in memorizing road directions. Hahaha.. So, ride in Xifu's car again with Ximou and Rachel. We got lucky, there were THREE cars in a row leaving their parking spaces. LOL. The atmosphere of the place is quite nice, but because it's lunchtime on a working day, there were many people there, luckily we already booked a table. For 18 people. HAHAHA.. The photos are not clear, because I took it with my mobile phone and the lighting there is dim. So, sorry if the pictures look unappetizing. Hehe.. I ate Set D of Hanchan Set Meal (it sounded so Korean, lol). There are a bowl of ramen, (I ordered the one with spicy soup) a bowl of fried rice and gyoza. Oh, before that, there is appetizer in a small bowl, I think it's different everyday, and the one I ate is fish (I don't know what kind, maybe salmon, hehe) and daikon soaked in soy sauce. The ramen is OK, the soup isn't the hot and spicy kind, more like the sour and a bit spicy type. A bit like Cintan mee assam laksa flavor. HAHAHA.. The fried rice is very flavorful, BUT a little too oily for me.

As for the gyoza, well, this is the first time I ate gyoza (I seldom order side dishes in Jap restaurant because set meal seems more stomach-filling, you know?). HAHAHA.. But even if I haven't ate any before, I can tell that this one is not nice. Why? It looked way different from the menu picture. HAHAHAHA... No lah, it's because hor, first, it's not plump. I mean, like sui gao (erm, dumpling? or dim sum? Hahaha.. or yong tau fu? XD), should be plump a bit ma, this gyoza was like not enough fillings inside. Hahaha.. Second is the skin teared when I pick it up. And it was cold. Maybe because they anticipated crowds so they prepared it beforehand? Maybe only that day the gyoza is like that? Hehehe.. Anyway, I'm only telling what I experienced. After all, taste is a subjective matter. One man's meat might be poison to another. So, do give the food a try. Haha.. Plus, I only tried the set meal, there are also bento, sashimi and others. Anyway, I had fun eating there, oh, they have these tiny TVs showing Tom and Jerry cartoons for you to watch while waiting for the food. Hahaha.. but the serving time is quite fast.

The lunch ended with the complimentary ice cream (yum!) and photo-taking. Hahaha.. Erm, I didn't take picture of the ice cream, because I ate it as soon as I got mine. HAHAHA..

The chopstick XD

The fried rice and gyoza

The ramen

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Picture time

Sorry * 1000
Hehehe.. I know, I know, my blog is in hiatus. But, don't worry. My training going to end soon. So back to Uni, I'll blog much much more. Because more stressed. HAHAHA.. Actually I couldn't believe I'll say this, but I'll say it anyway. I like my training. :) Seriously. No lies. I'm GLAD I decided to stay at Penang for my training in this company. I got the chance to know more people and got a very nice xifu. Hahaha... Well, yea, I get homesick sometimes, but it's a very good experience, staying outside campus. Hehe.. So, what happened last month that made me feel like this? Pictures tell a thousand words (plus I'm lazy to type so much XD) So, here it goes, though, I didn't take any pictures at my training place.

This is at Siew Yong's birthday dinner if not mistaken. Hahaha.. At Hidden Recipe. Quite nice and affordable. I like their grilled fish. ;P

Paintball! Yup, my first time playing paintball! Hahaha.. It was a lot of fun! Erm, who is that masked person??!!

All the coursemates who went to the paintball game. Many people right? Hehehe..

LOL.. Posing for the photos only lah, not serious. It's dangerous, pointing the gun at people, ok..

After the game, we went to KFC for dinner.

And surprise cake for the birthday boy! Doraemon! lol.. Yeah, that is our nickname for him. Hahaha XD

First time at Paddington House of Pancakes!! Oishi! Yummy YUM!! Though, my wallet hurts. XD This is called Treasure Box. There are MANY choices of pancakes! Sweet or savoury, different types of pancakes, *faint* you'll just simply couldn't decide, the menu is thick like a magazine. XD

This is the drink I ordered at Paddington House of Pancakes. Mango fizzy something. ;P It was nice and refreshing. But because we ordered too much sweet pancakes, plain water is more suitable for me. Hahaha...

Ahem, this is EARLY birthday celebration. Oh, it is a surprise celebration. Actually I was hoping this year I finally get to celebrate my birthday on the real day. (Hence the dinner at Pizza Hut on the REAL day ;P and organized by myself, so cham neh. hehe..)Mana tau.. But I'm grateful that at least they remember my birthday.. hehehe... thanks for the cake ya!

Yeah, it was at Starbucks. Hahaha... Hence, I didn't thought they would surprise me there. LOL.. It's the branch at Queensbaymall. Thanks for all who came!

This is the present that I received after the celebration, when Money dropped us off at U-height. LOL... I meant the bear, the doggy is my 18th birthday present. Haha..

My birthday dinner at Pizza Hut, I just got one photo only, sorry, I'll upload more when I get them from Soo Ling. Hehe.. So coincidence, same green color with Soo Ling. Seriously. XD

This is at Bon Odori 19th July 2008 at Esplanade. A lot people. Ate takoyaki. Caught gold fishes (hehehe), watch japanese performances, took pics.

Hmm... looks like a lot of "first time" happened to me.. Hehe.. First time play paintball, first time staying outside (not hostel), first time cook potato with sausages bits (happened just last Sunday, XD not salty enough, but at least edible ;P). Oops, didn't take pics of my masterpiece, oh well, lots of opportunity next time, if I can get my cooking xifu to teach. LOL. I got a lot of xifu lately, one at workplace, one for cooking. lololol.. First time ride motorbike (obviously as passenger lah, because yours truly don't have motorbike license, lol.. thanks, Song Yeow, for the ride to pasar). Again, didn't take any pics. Well, how to take? Hahaha... First time ride colleagues' cars for lunch. (Well, i worked before during school break, but I never have gotten to ride any colleague's car. lolol..) Ate lunch at a lot of different places that I have never been before (hence, first time ;P). First time ride cousin Raymond's colleague's car back to KL. First time go to Bon Odori festival. Ahahaha... so many first time.. Well, like my roomie said, everything has a first time. I guess she is right, without the first times, I wouldn't know what I actually can learn and experience right? Hehe.. I heard a quote before, "life is an experiment". And so, I vow to experience all that I can while I live.. (of course, I won't go and experience stuff that I know is bad for me, hehe.. )

PS. Wishes to July babies!! Happy birthday to Hiew Wei, Yik Yen, Sue Yee and me. LOL.. Oh, my favorite month is coming to an end.. Huhu.. ;P

PPS. Oh! Wishes to CKY also! Thank you so much for sharing the good news with me! *HUGS* Remember, if you are happy, I'll be happy too! Take care ya..

Friday, June 13, 2008


It's Friday. 2 hours lunch break. Was feeling down in the beginning of the day. Heard about colleagues talking about Friday lunch yesterday. Was blur. Asked a colleague more about it. He told me about the colleagues were planning Fri lunch, he didn't know nobody ask me. But he is 98% not going. LOL. Most of the seniors I am close with are not going. Wondered why. Probe for more info. It's to celebrate 2 of the colleagues birthday. Sigh. Thought about what to do for my lunch break if not follow seniors, which I've been doing after stopped following the other trainees. (Can't blame me lah, mamak food is not my kind of food, especially if the maggi goreng is so not tasty at all). During today's breakfast, the colleague (whom I asked about the lunch) said I can join also lah. But I feel that if I follow just like that, later I would feel like an uninvited guest lor. Furthermore, those I'm close with are not going. Colleague scold me. Said I should mix with other people also, not just them. And it's not they purposely didn't ask me want to join or not, it's because I don't have (company) email account.

After breakfast, go back to desk. The colleague sitting next to me ask me want to join them lunch or not. ^_^ Make me quite happy. LOL. But still worried. Those who go, most I don't know one. (Because I never had a formal introduction to everyone, that's why sometimes I feel that my existence here is unknown, invisible) But decided to join, after all, the (previous) colleague is right, I should grab this chance to know more people. But with this 'only-talk-when-I-am-talked-to' attitude of mine, I hardly can hope much. Then they add me into their (MSN lah) group chat. I had a hard time restraining from laughing out loud. They are very funny.

So, on the way to lunch, got to know the driver of the car that I tumpang. Also USM CS grad. Somehow, I don't know why, if I found out that someone is also from USM CS, I feel more comfortable talking to her/him. Maybe because CS seniors is seniors, lol.. I have this silly presumption, seniors are different from adults. LOL. Then I feel I can talk to them without feeling like I am a kiddo. Actually I am an adult also. But I don't feel I'm any different than last year. Still an immature, chicken-hearted, childish, blur kid. Hahaha.. Anyway, I'm glad I join the lunch. Even if I was a bit uncomfortable before the food comes. Because I'm sitting opposite the supervisor (not mine, but still a supervisor pangkat lah).
I kept silent, only listen to what all of them say. But couldn't fully blame me also lor. All speak in Hokkien. I just can understand a bit. Felt like an outcast. But still, I feel that now more people realize my existence. Hahaha.. So no regrets.

My, my... I am really a very insecure person who like to over-think about something so trivial like this. What to do? I'm just not good in socializing. I know, it's a terrible excuse. Hopefully I'm progressing? Hehehe...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

L0v3 resolution part2

Love: Realized something important after a long, hard thinking and reflection. OK lah, something happened before that. Maybe I misunderstood a certain someone's signals and hints, but that is not important anymore. I have finally realized that I am at a stage where I couldn't stay in love with a person for long. I felt so wrong, using the excuse that that someone is not my cup of tea, it's like saying that person is at fault. But now I know, it's me. It's me who have problem. I don't think I'm mature enough to be in a relationship. The period between falling in love and falling out of love for me currently super damn short. Hahaha... I develop crushes as easy as snapping a finger. Hahaha... OK lah, that is exaggerated. LOL. So instead of risking hurting other people's feelings (and mine also, of course. Hehe..), I think it's better for me to stay single and available.

That's all for tonight.. Again, I didn't achieve my goal of sleeping early... Hahaha... Oh well... sometimes socializing is not that bad lah, plus got food to eat also.. lol.. (Went to eat green bean soup cooked by Song Yeow ^^) Good night...

Monday, June 09, 2008

L0v3 Resolution

*hugs X 100*
Long time no write! Until FINALLY a fan of my blog miss me so MUCH that he start to complain. LOL... Didn't you know? I was waiting for someone to admit that he/she miss reading my posts. HAHAAHA...

OK lah, it's my laziness again. Just like what s0hp0h commented, after work, feel tired, go to sleep, wake up, go to work, after work, feel tired, go to sleep, w.. You get the point. But it's a pathetic excuse. So, let's get down to business. Let's talk about me, me and ME. LOL..

Work: Pretty good. The graph have gradually rise up from the pit bottom(if you read my previous post, you'll understand). I think I've begun to adapt to the environment. I don't mind having tasks actually (because it is so damn boring if I just sit there with nothing to do but have to pretend I have something to do XD) and I feel that every task is an opportunity for me to learn something. Might not be relevant to my studies, but still useful. Anyway, so far so good lah. I'm grateful for that. I'm grateful to my seniors as well. Somehow I prefer to refer my colleagues as seniors, not sure why, maybe is because most of them are CS seniors (CS students from USM who have already graduated). So they don't seem old to me. Hahahaha...

Social: Pretty good also. Weekends go out for dinner, movies, etc. Saturday go eat home-cooked lunch at upstairs neighbor's place. Haha.. Last weekend went to Poh Ying's brother's wedding dinner. It was fun! I haven't been to a friend's wedding (albeit is actually her brother's) so it was really nice. Went with Soo Ling, Chia Shin they all.

Love: To be continued. I need to sleep or else I'll be drowsy all day long at work tomorrow. Actually, I am always feeling drowsy regardless I sleep early or late. Hahahaha....

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Been awhile

It has been awhile since I blog... As usual, when I'm free to blog, I don't have the Internet connection (at home). Or I have the line, but I'm busy/ didn't bring laptop (final exams). Now... well, been adapting to work life (training) and living outside of campus. It's not easy, I'm still not adapted. Hahaha... More of the work life, living outside campus is still OK, just that I couldn't go home as often as I did usually. Because I'm working as a trainee who apparently doesn't have annual leave, medical benefit and have to write down what I did everyday (for my report later). And the company doesn't recognize some public holidays as duh, holiday. So, lucky I went home during Labor Day break, but still feel homesick. Ah.

So... working now.. How should I say it? It's not bad. It's not good either. I'm repeating history. I'm going through the depressing and tension period that I went through during work in KL after F6. I was lucky that time to be able to make it through. How about this time? Will there be any guardian angel taking care of me? I think maybe not. That is why God want me to repeat this life lesson, no? Sigh. Feel so useless and stupid. People keep saying I'm clever. But how come I don't feel that way? Especially when working. Studying still OK. What is the use of getting good grades if I can't cope in the dog-eat-dog world out there? Sigh.

Til next time, I better go sleep now. Feeling feverish. Getting sick. EXACTLY what happened last time! God is playing with my life? Hah. Who knows.

PS. You are right, my dear. Being alone makes me think of nonsense. So what should I do? I AM alone.

PPS. Housemates are nice and good cookers. But I really shouldn't have eaten rice for dinner. Because I'm getting more feverish. :(

Saturday, March 29, 2008

End of Second Year

Current time: 3.10am
Current place: hostel room

What the heck am I doing so late in my room, still blogging? XD
Nope, not rushing assignments... Assignments are FINISHED, at least until next semester. Hahaha...
Nope, not studying for final exam...
Nope, not insomnia...

Hahaha... I went out to let loose all the stresses, tensions, and all the negative feelings I've been having lately. Had great fun! Eating until so full, laughing at the jokes and teasing. Hahaha... But unfortunately I still haven't replace all the sleep that I lost this week. Broke record, slept for only 1 hour for a day. Hahaha... So, I look sleepy and 'chan' right now. Oh well, at least now I have ONE WHOLE WEEK at home to rest. And play! Hahaha... Since my industrial training will start immediately after my final exams.

Industrial training. The thing that has been my constant main stress. Hahaha.. Is finally settled. Guess what? I'm doing it here at Penang. Hahaha.. Don't know if it's the right choice, oh well, I have to go through it then only know right? Think of it as a challenge gua, to be more independent. Anyhow, after I made my decision, all things seems better.. Hahaha...

Aahh... Another semester. And next semester, I'll be third-year student. Then graduation. Time flies. I'll be moving out from hostel. Going to miss it though. Because had a lot of memories with it. Especially this semester too. No more going kepo with coursemates living near my room. No more late night oil burning together. Hahaha.. I'm definitely going to miss it.

PS. Not going to be online at home. So, go read other blogs for this whole week. HAHAHA...

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Today's horoscope for Fire Tiger:

You'll have enough courage and perspicacity to solve your delicate professional problems. If you've to travel far, be prepared for annoyances of all kinds. The friendship sphere will be very much favored: you'll make new friends, and your old friends will be of great help to you. You must show more patience toward your children. Toothaches for certain natives; strengthen the enamel of your teeth by activating the production of saliva with the chewing of sugarless gums; go without soft drinks, and drink your coffee or tea without sugar.

*Fingers crossed*

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Live, love and laugh

Live, love and laugh. Catchy? Hahaha...

Actually I am ashamed to admit that I think I haven't live my life to the fullest. Ya, I have fun once in a while, but it's not the "full" life that I dreamed of. I may look tough and grumpy but I am actually really very chicken-hearted. LOL! That's why people say "Don't judge a book by its cover". And because of my cowardly personality, I don't like taking risk. I would avoid it rather than face it. And that is why I don't live my life to the fullest. XD

But what is the life that is lived to the fullest? How do you live it to the fullest? Nobody has a manual/guidebook to teach them how to live. Well, then, how do one know if he/she has live to the fullest? lol...

Love. Everyone knows it. Everyone wants it. Everyone needs it. There are many kinds of love; family love, siblings love (duh, not incest lah), friends love, animal love, etc. The greatest love of all: true love. Is it really? But how do people know that they have found it? XD Yea, yea, you got those movies that "show" you about it. But how is it in REALITY? Don't tell me there is another manual to teach people to recognize true love. XD

Laugh. Yea, I like to laugh. Had experienced those laugh-until-stomach-really-hurts a lot. And I laugh like nobody's business. I mean, you probably can hear my laughter from some distance. Well, if you need to control your laugh, then won't it be not natural? I mean, laughter is something like a reflex right? Well, kind of. Of course over the time since we were still *ahem* innocent babies, we have learned about fake laugh, polite laugh, outrageous laugh, evil laugh (hehehe...), etc. But if you think about it, babies don't think twice when they laugh, do they? And they don't have polite laugh and all those variety. They just laugh. That is probably why we love babies so much. They don't control, they don't pretend, they don't fake it. They laugh when they like it and cry when they don't like it. Haha.. Is laughter really the best medicine? I don't know, but I think it helps. At least it helps me. Hahaha... And it doesn't take much to set my laughter off. I just can't help it! Hahaha...

PS. to the one who likes to hear my laugh, hahahahahahahahahahahaha.... thanks! never knew there would be someone who like my laughter. I personally think my laugh are weird and loud. Hahahahaha....

Friday, March 14, 2008


I make a vow to myself, right here, right now. That I promise myself I will not intentionally or unintentionally, show off my good fortune so that I won't hurt people's feeling. Like what I am feeling right now. So that I can criticize those people who likes showing off without worrying people saying me, pot calling the kettle black. Or was it the other way round? *inset: evil laughter*

No, seriously. I vow to keep this promise as long as I live. Because I now know how it feels like to be on the other end. A little of tact a day is like an apple a day. It keeps offensive feelings away. XD

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fast food, fast comfort

Another sad day. Hahaha.. Another gloomy day. Hahaha.. I should stop with the gloomy and depressed mood, because I don't need another new nickname. Gloomy Summer. Hahahaha...

OK lah, it's not that bad lah. Just wasn't in the mood to do anything. No wait, specifically, I was in the mood of doing anything but my assignments and reports. Yes, it's about my applications again. No wait, it's not exactly that. It's just that seeing someone else advertising telling to the whole world saying how companIES phoned her after she accepted the first one. Jealousy? Probably. But more of eye-rolling, please-be-more-tactful-lah. Ah, I'm getting sick of it already, so let's talk about something more cheerful.

Thanks to the dinner invitation from the very Cool friend (arranged my transportation too! So touched!), eating fast food with gusto, joking and chatting with great friends, I'm recharged! Mentally and er, physically no lah, because ate fast food ma, high calories and fattening, bad for body, haha, I guess just mentally. Which is very important too! So I am very grateful to all of them. Arigatou gozaimasu! I now know that I am not really alone actually. I have great friends in KL as well as in Penang!

PS. Cool, if you are reading this (I guess you probably won't XD), just want to say, if you are a guy, I sure fell in love with you a long time already. LOL. I mean, are you psychic? You know all my thoughts and feelings. Hahaha... Maybe you are my Momo-chan. (reference to Kimi Wa Pet).

PPS. Took my first picture with a cosplayer! Chi from Chobits!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Still here

Another period of busyness is expected for these few weeks... Sigh...

Nope, FYI, I'm still not OK. I mean, yea, I'm fine here, breathing, alive, talking, still a normal me. But I still haven't overcome my mountain. Yea, God answered my prayer for my assignment, but now there is something more. And I really sincerely hope I can make it through.

Sigh, my applications for industry training to the companies have been unsuccessful (an understatement).

Sorry to sound so gloomy and depressed lately. Although I got my batteries charged by going home last week, I'm not sure if it's enough. Talking about going home, maybe it's been awhile since I went home (another new record *applause*), on the journey, I wasn't feeling very enthusiastic. Why? I should be shouting with joy right? Hmm.. maybe I'm too burnt out? Or there is something weighing my mind so heavily that I couldn't feel happy. Or to be accurate, I won't let myself to feel happy. Me very weird hor, torturing myself. Haha... Yup, it's the industry training thing. Who won't feel depressed when everybody around you is having a dilemma of choosing which offers while yours truly is having a dilemma of not even one tiny little offer. And that leads to destructive thinking: is there something wrong with me??

Sigh. Feel like running home for refuge. Shut away the problems. Distance myself from the world. Haha... I'm such a coward..

Oh yea. Who would have guess that election provided me a chance to bond with Dad? Hahaha... Both of us were glued to the TV for the result until 2am. Compared to the 'younger' me, I won't even care know who's who in the election. Haha.. About the election result, well, no comment except that I think there is good and bad effects. Only time will tell...

PS. Thanks for the love, my darling. (You know who you are XD)

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I cried yesterday night. It is the second time that I cried here. Same like last time, I was alone. Same like last time, I was exhausted, body, mind and soul. But last time, crying helped lessen the tiredness. But this time, crying won't get me to anywhere. Maybe because last time was more of homesickness and being alone here. This time is more of having a very terrible day. I even snapped at my friend, I'm very sorry... Despairs is eating me up inside. Who can help me? When will the tough gets going? I've been by everyone's side when they need me, but where are they when I need them? Am I really alone? Why do I feel so lonely although I'm surrounded with people? Do I need to climb pass this huge mountain by myself? Can I make it? Oh God, please lend me your strength. I don't think I'm strong enough. Please lead the way, I think I'm lost. Lost in this huge turmoil in my life. Please stay with me. I feel lonely, very lonely. Please lend me your courage, I'm not brave enough to go through this alone. Please answer my prayer, I need your help..

Monday, February 25, 2008


Guess what woke me up today? A phone call! I jumped up from bed thinking "Shit! I'm late!" because the coursemates who stay at my hostel and I will wait and walk to school together and if anyone is late, we'll call them.

But, a surprise was waiting me, plus making me super wide awake. The caller was my niece. Sobbing on the phone, I couldn't hear properly what is wrong with her. After some soothing words (got to have some skills lah, I'm an aunt for TWO cute nieces and ONE handsome nephew what^^), I managed to get the gist of what is wrong. She didn't finish her homework, so, scared about going to school. The reason why she didn't finish them during the weekend can wait. Right at the moment, finding the solution fast would be the highest priority. Since I'm in Penang (obviously I couldn't go to her right away, plus she study in a Chinese school and I'm a banana XD), I called Dad and ask him and Mom to go there ASAP. Then called back my niece to tell her Grandpa and Grandma is coming so don't cry anymore.

Don't know why this small incident compelled me to blog it down. Or why I feel happy. No, I don't take pleasure in other people's misery. Maybe her call reminds me that I am needed. And my call to my parents reminds me I still have people who loves me. It makes me feel ALIVE. And suddenly my world don't seem so blue anymore. I guess I've been feeling blue for the wrong dilemma. My "personal adviser" is right, the more I want to distance myself away, the more deeper my feelings grow (which is the opposite of what I wanted!!). So I should just carry on as usual than avoid the problem.

And this little morning incident reminds me that I should be grateful because I AM loved and I love them! Maybe it's just not the right time for me to have the "other" kind of love at this moment probably. I might not be able to handle it now anyway. So, I'll just let destiny and fate to do their works. In the meantime, I'll be there to wipe the tears of anyone who needs me and also as the listening shoulder.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


What I wanted to hear is "What's wrong?". Not "Cheer up!". Not any other words...

I'm feeling the blues today. The only logical reason I can provide is that since one of my big projects has executed successfully yesterday (Thank you for all those who came! Your presence is most appreciated!), so the blues is filling up the void left after the project's worries is gone. I couldn't think of other reason. *shrug*

So, the musics today is all blues... Which make me feel more blue. It's a vicious cycle. But I'm just not in the mood for any uplifting music.

Grey or sunny, I still got other reports to hand in. Let's hope someone will come and blow away my blues ASAP. Who am I kidding? Myself.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A little soul-baring

Being a listener is not easy. I'm not boasting (why would I boast about it?), just that I have been a listener for a few friends and although I give calm and objective advice, I frequently find that I couldn't give advice for my own situations. Ha, ironic right? I think so too. I'm not looking for any pity or sympathy from you, I really just feel why I can listen to people but I don't have much listeners. I don't mean I don't have friends that I can trust but I just don't feel like burdening them with my problems (since I know how burdensome it can be being a listener, not that I'm complaining).

Today I'm inspired by the very funny but honest conversations with a very cool friend to have a little soul-baring. She might not know it, but she made me realize a very important lesson; sharing both your joy and sorrow with others is much better than bottling them inside you. But, let's take baby steps and uncork my bottle a tiny little bit? Haha...

Hmm... I really couldn't help but wonder why. Why do I keep falling for guys that are not available (single, but unavailable). I don't mean the 'fall deep deep, head-over-heels' kind of thing, just some mild feelings. Hmm, why mild? Because I will held back myself. Because I know it's impossible. Because I will build a wall in my heart. I don't mean I'll avoid them or anything. Just that there will always be a limit. A boundary. A distance. No matter how much I enjoy conversing with them or having their company, I'll always stop myself from doing or saying anything or showing any emotions that will hint any of my hidden feelings. Instead of being infatuated, I become a buddy. Am I a bad person? Hiding my feelings, kind of feel like two-facedness. But what else can I do? I don't "steal" from other's belonging. I believe that if you steal something today, you will lost something else tomorrow. I'll stick to my principle, so thanks but no thanks. Having another buddy is better than being in a triangle situation. Or maybe I'll get rejected anyway. So, I guess it's true, Cancerian have hard shells on the outside, but is actually soft and weak inside. I guess the shell HAS to be hard in order to be able protect the inside. I may look strong, but I may be weak inside. (I was a crybaby when I was small, no wait, I think I am still a crybaby. XD)

But even though I said (and I do) put a distance in between us, it doesn't mean I don't feel hurt. Not that serious-one-sided-love kind of hurt. Just that when every time I remind myself to step back, I get a small stab in my heart and pride also. Why pride? Because I'll start to think, is there something wrong with me? Am I always the kind of girl that can only be a buddy? (As close as the word 'buddy' sounds, in actual it is not that close. Why? Because I just said, there will always be a wall(built by yours truly). And you don't want to be the character of Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding, do you?)

Sigh. I guess it'll always be a mystery to me. No other solution but to held onto my beliefs.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Time Out

It's been a while. A really long while. Well, a lot of stuff happened... And it'll probably takes a while for me to tell the long story. I better cut it short. Hehehe... For your own good also what. No need read my boring stories so long... Lol.. XD

Here I go...

Around end of Jan:

I found out firsthand that rumor is a powerful thing. If used wrongly, I think world domination is possible. (inset: evil laugh) How did I find out? You see, at that time, there were rumors (I didn't witness it *touch wood* and I didn't hear it from someone who witness it personally, so that is considered rumors, right?) about sightings of orang minyak in one of my Uni's hostel. As the days goes by, the sightings became "incidents" and the locations increases too. My hostel was rumored to be one of the locations as well. Well, what do you think happened? Panic lah. Of course it's a bit absurd to be panic so fast since it's still all rumors. Then, a friend of mine said the committee people confirmed about it wor, panic level hit the roof. Not specifically mine, but generally lah. But since I did not hear the confirmation firsthand, I still feel a bit skeptical. But what is skeptical when all the people around you panicked and all finding ways to get out of hostel for awhile?
Can't beat them? Join them. So I spent a night sharing a bed with course mate, Cool (Thanks a lot for allowing me to stay! Was scared but chatting and gossiping with you was really fun! Hehehe...) and a week at my Penangite course mate, Arale's house (Thank you for sheltering me and PY! I like the ice cream from near your place! Hahaha). Hmmm, now that I think of it, it's not my style to act so rashly. Hahaha... But what would you do? Your logical brain is telling you it is absurd, but your superstitious side is getting some goosebumps... Then, it was time to go home! Yea!

3rd Feb:

Loads of stories to tell my KL friends. XD It was Cheryl's birthday, celebrated at Kim Gary. Too bad Donald was not around that day. Then, CNY shopping!

4th Feb:

More CNY shopping! XD Oh yea, I moved. So take note, my dear friends (OK, not many people phone me, but should inform lah..) my old house phone is not available anymore. Hahaha... Kitty sms me and asked why my phone is disconnected. Sorry, I didn't tell you earlier, my shopping buddy! XD Oh, this is also the reason I didn't blog... haven't apply new phone line at my new house... No Internet for a whole week... I survived! *applause*

7th, 8th, 9th Feb:

It's Chinese New Year!!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!! With thoughts of tests and project deadlines at the back of my mind, I celebrate this year's CNY with gusto. Lol... Since I have to be back to Penang on Sunday, of course I have to enjoy my CNY to the fullest. Hehehe... Didn't get to eat my favorite biscuit (kuih kapit) until I'm satisfied though. Mom tell me to bring a tin back, but I don't think this delicate biscuit can survive the journey. Oh well, eat lesser means lesser weight gain... Hahaha... Had another great day visiting houses of friends. Hahaha, mine included. Since it's new house wor, give me face and visit. Sorry about the wrong direction though. I just stayed there less than a week, plus I'm not really good with directions, hehehe... But it's really hilarious, me keep phoning Kitty and Donald asking if this is the right way to my house (I was in the most front car to lead the way) XD Lol...

10th - now:

Busy, busy, busy. Assignments! Tests! Reports! Projects! I want my CNY hols to be longer...

PS. Happy Belated Valentine's Day!! Guess what? Got a forwarded mail from Momo, Chinese Horoscope prediction: Tigers - It will be a quiet year for singles. XD I bet it will be true for me... ;P

PPS. Phew, what a 'short' long story... Lol...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Tired n weary

I don't know why I feel soooo tired and sleepy lately. Because I'm lazy? Well, I've been lazy all the while, so probably not the reason. Facing laptop too much, resulting in blurrier eyesight? Possible. Too many late nights and early morning? Possible too. Too much stress and worries? High probability. That's not all. I keep having weird dreams too. Too many TV? Nope, I don't watch TV at Uni. Sigh. But now my biggest problem is the humongous zit on my face. Specifically, just at the corner of my mouth. Talk about strategic location. If it's on my other parts of my face, I won't bother much. But this is unacceptable. Why? It hurts when I eat. When I talk. When I brush my teeth. And for God's sake, it hurts when I smile. Just one big zit to make my day so blue.... I'm lucky today is a holiday (Thaipusam), but what about tomorrow? Pray it will shrink before tomorrow, else I'll be so embarrassed...

PS. I'm not over-sensitive. It is noticeable.