Thursday, August 06, 2009

My Myth Buster v1.0

As tagged by s0hp0h in her hilarious post about busting myths about herself, this is my myth-busting post.

Hahaha.. but what myths that I want to bust?? Let's take it step by step, one by one...

Myth 1: I'm fierce. So much until people do not dare to approach/befriend me. Ouch. That one sure hurts. I am not fierce lah. What makes people think like that wan? OK, maybe the cold face I show to people have something to do with it. But, it's a cold face. Not a fierce-looking face. Lol.. Okaay, maybe my cold face looks fierce. *shrug* What can I do about that? Plastic surgery? I don't normally plaster my face with a smile for everyone! I mean, you won't want to get close to a stranger/weirdo who keep smiling at you and everybody right? Unless he/she is a hottie, of course. Well, I'm not. Back to the myth, I am not fierce lah, I might shoot people with cold, deadly stares but that is just because of my mood swings. Or I find something that you did/said is preposterous. Or both. Hahaha... My principle is do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I won't shoot you if you did nothing wrong to me. You play nice, I play nice. You bully, I just bully back. So, FALSE. I am absolutely not fierce. I don't bite, I just shoot. Hahaha...

Myth 2: My mood swings like roller-coaster-bungee-jumping-crazy, whenever, wherever. No need to deny this. I am a Cancer, the mood swings are in the package. I can jump for joy in the morning, then sink deep into the sea in the afternoon, then float back up to shore in the night. It's tiring, yeah, I know. But that's me. I am terribly sorry for those who kena shot by me during my moodiness, I'm sorry >_< It's not I want it to stay, I just haven't found the cure. So,TRUE.

Myth 3: I eat a lot. WTF. Thanks to someone who spread this around. Thank you so much that I wish I can hug you to death. I mean, wth?? I eat a lot? Maybe your other female friends eats two spoons of rice and a sip of water per meal (in front of you maybe, but not behind you). And isn't it a bit unfair? A guy can stuff his face full with a plate of chicken rice (added extra rice) and then another plate of char kuey tiaw (big), nobody gives a damn. If change to a girl, jaws are dropping everywhere. Sexist stereotype! Furthermore, I eat the normal three meals per day. I don't even eat supper, ok? Eating buffets, yeah, I eat a lot, but the bulk of food is actually (usually) NOT taken by me! I help people who like to take and take and take but realized they couldn't finish it, to clear a bit the table. Plus, it's such a waste of food. If you still think I eat a lot, show me your proof before you go and announce it in public. Thus, FALSE.

Myth 4: I'm quiet. Well, you should have noticed how long and how much I ramble on and on about something in my blog, that you won't label me as quiet. Ok, I heard someone is saying, writing is different from speaking. True, true... but just like my writing, I talk a lot if it's something that I'm interested in and the person I'm talking to is a close friend. (I regard you as my close friends, hehehehe... ) I can be loud whenever I get excited about something. And you'll definitely hear my laughter from afar when I hear a good joke. However, I admit, there are times where I would keep silent, preferring to give no comment or opinion. Sometimes I love silence, space to rest and clear my mind. And you won't find me being an active talker in a conversation if I barely know you. It's not that I scared to talk or timid. If you ask me, I'll answer. If I want to ask you, I'll ask. So I guess it's semi-TRUE?

So far, that's all I can think of right now. But if you have more myths about me that you would like me to clarify, leave a message in the cbox, I'll list them and do another mythbuster post. lol..

Tips for singles

Saw it in an article online. Hahaha.. thought want to share it with those who is still single (and unattached), hahaha... It's more for the girls than guys, but I guess it can be applied to either gender. Lol...

1. Don’t take things bitter friends say to heart. They’re projecting—putting their insecurities on you.
2. Don’t chat with negative friends about your love life (or lack there of).
3. Don’t feel forced to date because your friends are.
4. Do go out with supportive friends of all relationship statuses.
5. Do enjoy you. That’s the only person you’ll definitely be with forever.

I definitely need to follow these tips.. LOL... Being single is not a crime lah... So to those who worry about my status (yea, stick it to my face, "why you didn't grab a guy before you graduate, like your friends??"), calm down, I'm not buying vegetables in the pasar, you don't just grab and pay. lol.. I'm just not ready for relationship, why force myself? ;P