Friday, June 05, 2009

Wake-up call

A lot happened lately. Volatile mixture of emotions. Bitterness mostly. I don't feel like talking about it here. Because then it will be even harder for me to deal with it. I'm still bitter. But much better already. Thanks to my friends' support. Especially wwh, thank you!

Maybe it's time for me to change the blogskin. After all, I'm entering another different phase of my life. God, how I miss Uni life. But then again, the ending left me devastated. OK, let me reword it. God, how I miss Uni life, excluding the last part of it. Being here at KL, it seems like I'm a recluse. Friends are busy working, in KL and also those in Penang. So how is my job-seeking progress? It seems like the sole, most popular topic among us lately. Congrats to all who got a job!! Good luck to those who is still looking, I'm with you!

Lately, I'm cynical about life, not just love. Hahaha... But is not the end of the world, I guess... Need to move on...