Thursday, May 08, 2008

Been awhile

It has been awhile since I blog... As usual, when I'm free to blog, I don't have the Internet connection (at home). Or I have the line, but I'm busy/ didn't bring laptop (final exams). Now... well, been adapting to work life (training) and living outside of campus. It's not easy, I'm still not adapted. Hahaha... More of the work life, living outside campus is still OK, just that I couldn't go home as often as I did usually. Because I'm working as a trainee who apparently doesn't have annual leave, medical benefit and have to write down what I did everyday (for my report later). And the company doesn't recognize some public holidays as duh, holiday. So, lucky I went home during Labor Day break, but still feel homesick. Ah.

So... working now.. How should I say it? It's not bad. It's not good either. I'm repeating history. I'm going through the depressing and tension period that I went through during work in KL after F6. I was lucky that time to be able to make it through. How about this time? Will there be any guardian angel taking care of me? I think maybe not. That is why God want me to repeat this life lesson, no? Sigh. Feel so useless and stupid. People keep saying I'm clever. But how come I don't feel that way? Especially when working. Studying still OK. What is the use of getting good grades if I can't cope in the dog-eat-dog world out there? Sigh.

Til next time, I better go sleep now. Feeling feverish. Getting sick. EXACTLY what happened last time! God is playing with my life? Hah. Who knows.

PS. You are right, my dear. Being alone makes me think of nonsense. So what should I do? I AM alone.

PPS. Housemates are nice and good cookers. But I really shouldn't have eaten rice for dinner. Because I'm getting more feverish. :(