Wednesday, April 01, 2009

oh my, THREE YEARS already??

*Yawn* *stretch arms*

It's been ages since I last blog. Hehehe... It's been so hectic until siao. Final year project, other assignments and projects, tests, etc. And -whoosh- time flies by without me noticing. OK lah, I noticed. But only noticed that my deadlines looms nearer and nearer. Hahaha.. Finally all done. But when I have the time to sleep in late, breathe easier, no-more-huge-stress (I can't say stress-free, because it is not. Hahaha, there are other stuff going on also ma.. hehe), no more weird dreams (i suspect is caused by the stress and worries and going to bed every night with head heavy with codes... ish, won't even let me have a peaceful rest. Hahaha... though thank God I didn't dreamt that I got chased by codes, right? Hahaha..), when all that busyness stopped, I suddenly realized the semester has ended already!! Not JUST this semester, but my WHOLE 3-YEARS UNI life! Oh my God. Did THREE years just passed like that?? Although I couldn't recall clearly about my orientation week here, I remember vividly about how I dreaded about coming to Penang all by myself. And now looks I made it through! Hahaha.. I guess life is like that. When you are thrown out of your comfort zone, at first you panic. After awhile, you adapt. Then boom, you find yourself saying, whoa, life now is not bad, eh? Haha..

I guess you can say I'm like that. Living here, I never thought I can do it. I never even dreamt that I would do it. Haha.. Then surviving the three years, it seems like an impossible task. But guess what? I did it, but I regret now fully utilizing as much time as I would like. Though, I had a lot of fun... and experiences. Staying in hostel has its own fun, while staying outside is even more fun. Hahaha.. I really really will miss everyone! Those coursemates whom I have grown closer to, since we stayed in the same hostel for 2 years, coursemates whom I took longer time to befriended, coursemates whom I didn't know at first that we actually have common interests (I guess it's true that you cannot judge a book by its cover, but I still believe in my first instinct and impression, hahaha), other people who I barely know but been with together for some time (I'm so so sorry to say that I didn't know the names of my swimming classmates, but I do remember their faces!! I'm good with faces, hehe), the other people who befriended and helped me during my internship (owe a lot to them for making my internship a very enjoyable one!), coursemates whom I would have never get close with if I didn't meet them during internship, the times I had with other coursemates in fun activities (which are usually first-time for me, hehe) like paintball (expensive, but fun!), organizing someone birthday all by myself (of course, with help from many people ;P), cooking, bbq-ing and so much more. I wish I can return to those times and have more fun. Haha.. Though, sorry KS, hehe, I can imagine what you would be saying if you are reading this post. "Didn't invite me pun". Hehe.. Pai seh o, I didn't know you very well at that time mar, hehe..

Oh, and of course, really glad I decided to move out with my roommate, even though it's with other people whom I didn't really know. But to my relief, they are a bunch of nice and fun people to be staying with together! I'll miss the laughter that we shared and the things that you all taught me. I'll miss them a lot! They are practically my second family, the second home that I call home. Hehehe... (Lab is the third home)

Not forgetting, I also need to thank the other bunch of friends whom I refer to as, KL friends. Hahaha... Without the gatherings and msn chats, I won't be able to keep on going here. It's been more than 10 years already, I'm extremely glad to have known you guys. *BIG hug* And also friends whom I got to know in KL and keep in touch with, I just want to say: I'm glad I keep in touch with you! Even though we hardly have the chance to meet, msn, emails, facebook saves the day! Hahahaha... Oh, blogs too. Hehe..

Eh, how come this post starts with reminiscing about the past 3 years, changed course to thanking people and expressing my gratitude? Hahaha.. Since it's like this already, I better thank the most important people too. The people whom I grew more closer to and more appreciate them after I came here. My family. I think the biggest lesson I learnt when I came here is I took a lot of things for granted while I was in my comfort zone back in KL. I've experienced homesickness and independence here. And I found out that, my family, especially my beloved parents, care for me a lot. And also support me in my decisions. Three years here, really taught me about appreciating people around me everyday.

Though sometimes, the moody and grumpy me caused a lot of people unhappy moments. So, want to apologize to anyone who caught in the line of "my fire". Hehe.. I'm sorry. I'm trying my best to fix this weakness of mine. I'm sorry to learn about me being labeled as the cold, icy and fierce one. No wonder people don't dare to approach me. No wonder I still couldn't get a bf. HAHAHAHA...Seriously, I'm sad to learn about that. Sigh...

Oh yea, congrats to all couples! I'm happy for them, and yet, I feel lonely too. Hahaha.. Sometimes, I get the feeling that is like, even though I'm surrounded by people, I feel even more lonely. Guess it couldn't be helped. Til next time, man, this is such a long winding post. Hahaha..