Friday, December 22, 2006

In construction...

Just a quick note..
I'm currently looking for a new skin... so don't be surprise if u sees my blogskin keep changing... coz i'm still figuring out how to tinker/edit those skins... n to see how it looks on my blog.... sorry for any inconvience...
New skin for the new year! Yea!
Oops! Gotta go! Bye!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sakura Kiss

i've rekindled an old flame... (a really expensive old flame, hahaha)
My latest love is Ouran High School Host Club!
Old love includes Fruit Basket, Sailormoon (really really old ;P), n more!
Hopefully can add Death Note in the list.. Haven't read the manga yet, just saw the movie.. Nice!
I can blab the whole page abt my new love, but i'll give it a miss this time ;P (i know how "obnoxiously" boring my blogs can be, hahahahaha...)

Aah, so the first semester of my new Uni life has already ended, the holidays are spent very lazily, and now the new semester begins!
Aah, the first week, probably the most relaxing week of every sem. Hahahaha... but the most expensive week too... reason? Lectures just begin to start, no tutorials and assignments yet, tests & exams 'seems' far away, heavy & expensive books to buy, free time to go gai gai a.k.a shopping, Uni fees! (gosh, bus fare increase > 100% !!).

This sem i'm taking English class. I got an 'ang moh' lecturer! Hohohohoho.. (a repeat of history? nah, i've grown up now!) Though, my other core subjects seems tougher than last sem... And sigh, i'm taking an account paper too... (total science geek ---> me) oh well, gambateh everyone! Oh yeah, Donald! U r my target this time! My goal is to beat your grades! (even though we are taking totally different courses =.=") Hehehehe...

Oh, how am i going to balance the time between work and play and love?? (ok, so it's really inappropriate to class it as love, but i've wanted to write that sentence so much, so i don't care. Blek ;P ) Hahaha... ok, so it's basically work and play.. So, would my new resolution be "work hard, play harder" or "work as hard as i play" or "play as hard as i work" or "play hard, work harder" or "work hard, play as hard as well"???? Votes anyone?


PS. These few days got some problems with my MSN messenger, now fixed already... Sorry to those who wanted to chat.. (but i guess nobody is missing me -_-"" by the count of sms i get)