Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy times.... tiring times.... fun times.... sad times....

Today went to watch movie with Xifu n Ximou. Must blog about it. Hahaha... To remember mar.. Later when I old liao, still can reminisce mar. Hahahaha... Very fun and happy~~
I get to "miss" my van ride and ride Xifu's car. Hehehe... Watched Rogue, ok wor, short but got Michael Vartan, I like. Hahaha... Then go here and there, trying to decide eat what for dinner. Hahaha... As always, I don't mind, eat what also can lor... (not too expensive lar... hehe..) So went to this food court erm, called Telok Bayan or something like that. Bwahahaha... Ate honey chicken rice. Not nice, the honey is like sugar water :( Xifu and Ximou ordered Loh Bak and taiwanese sausages, so get to eat also. Hehehehe... This student memang chee yam, chee sik... Hahaha... Then they fetch me back. Aahh.. A few hours of bliss. No worries.

What worries leh? Well, I'm organizing a surprise birthday celebration for a dear friend here at Penang. I didn't know it would be such a tough job. Not only I have to arrange for all people's transport, I also buy the presents and cake. =.=" I think I'm the only organizer who need to busybody about everything... Thank God I have a helper, to lessen a bit burden and give ideas.. Thanks, you know who you are! ;P Not only transportation problems, also party pooper who just won't understand me. Go and blab/ask about the celebration with the birthday girl for what leh??? Where does the surprise will be then?? zzzz... Make me feel so tired only.

Sad about having to move desk next month. Sigh, but I guess, I have sit at the current place for very long liao also geh, now just 2 weeks at new desk. Should be ok lar...

Hahaha... Oh yeah, last sunday I went to my senior's convocation. Felt a little jealous. Hahahaha... Gave him a pen with his name engraved on it. Hope he will like it. Then after that, I went to Tesco and then Bali Bali to watch the Olympic badminton final with housemates. Hahahaha... Never try that before. Quite fun also, you get to clap with the people who were watching over there. Gasp together, cheer together, sigh together, etc, hahaha...

Monday pula went to eat curry mee with Rachel after work. Really on-the-spur kind of thing. She just ajak me during worktime and say will fetch me home. Hahaha.. Ate my favorite taufu fah also.. Hehehe...

Now very sleepy... whole week also nice, full with great memories.. I hope this Saturday will be great too! I did put a lot of effort in it... nearly give up if not for helper.. hahaha... Maybe I'll post some pics of this Saturday up if I got time. Hehe..

Friday, August 08, 2008


Today is 8 August 2008 which can be shortened to 080808, lol... And today the Olympic begun at 8.08pm. So I thought I just drop a post with this date also. Hahahahaha.. Cheers!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Yup, yup, yup. As noticed by Wwh aka Charlie(lololol), SummerScent got a new look! Following s0hp0h's new blog, I decided to give mine a new skin, with the same colors. Hahahaha... Green is environment-friendly and better for the eyes. HAHAHA...

So, hope you all like it, and doesn't hurt your eyes as much as the bright RED skin that I used to have. Hehe..

This time what do I should I blog about leh? The other photos, I leave it to another post lah, because it's cheating since I use photos to cover the lack of my typing. Hahaha..

How about some food review? Just a simple one, I'm not a flogger after all, because I just don't have the financial capability to go a lot of different places to eat different kinds of food. I am, after all, a poor student, trying to get a degree and get my butt out there to earn some cold, hard money. Hahaha.. So, I eat what my wallet can allow me to, which means, cheap but stomach-filling food. HAHAHA.. what? It's true ma. Unless you are staying at home, you have to be thrifty a bit ge lor. Haha.. So when I get to go to some new places to eat some more expensive food, must be excited lah. Hahahaha..

Last Friday went to this Japanese restaurant nearby for lunch since a colleague is leaving already. It's called Ichyo, I think it is located near the BJ roundabout there? Erm, yours truly is not that good in memorizing road directions. Hahaha.. So, ride in Xifu's car again with Ximou and Rachel. We got lucky, there were THREE cars in a row leaving their parking spaces. LOL. The atmosphere of the place is quite nice, but because it's lunchtime on a working day, there were many people there, luckily we already booked a table. For 18 people. HAHAHA.. The photos are not clear, because I took it with my mobile phone and the lighting there is dim. So, sorry if the pictures look unappetizing. Hehe.. I ate Set D of Hanchan Set Meal (it sounded so Korean, lol). There are a bowl of ramen, (I ordered the one with spicy soup) a bowl of fried rice and gyoza. Oh, before that, there is appetizer in a small bowl, I think it's different everyday, and the one I ate is fish (I don't know what kind, maybe salmon, hehe) and daikon soaked in soy sauce. The ramen is OK, the soup isn't the hot and spicy kind, more like the sour and a bit spicy type. A bit like Cintan mee assam laksa flavor. HAHAHA.. The fried rice is very flavorful, BUT a little too oily for me.

As for the gyoza, well, this is the first time I ate gyoza (I seldom order side dishes in Jap restaurant because set meal seems more stomach-filling, you know?). HAHAHA.. But even if I haven't ate any before, I can tell that this one is not nice. Why? It looked way different from the menu picture. HAHAHAHA... No lah, it's because hor, first, it's not plump. I mean, like sui gao (erm, dumpling? or dim sum? Hahaha.. or yong tau fu? XD), should be plump a bit ma, this gyoza was like not enough fillings inside. Hahaha.. Second is the skin teared when I pick it up. And it was cold. Maybe because they anticipated crowds so they prepared it beforehand? Maybe only that day the gyoza is like that? Hehehe.. Anyway, I'm only telling what I experienced. After all, taste is a subjective matter. One man's meat might be poison to another. So, do give the food a try. Haha.. Plus, I only tried the set meal, there are also bento, sashimi and others. Anyway, I had fun eating there, oh, they have these tiny TVs showing Tom and Jerry cartoons for you to watch while waiting for the food. Hahaha.. but the serving time is quite fast.

The lunch ended with the complimentary ice cream (yum!) and photo-taking. Hahaha.. Erm, I didn't take picture of the ice cream, because I ate it as soon as I got mine. HAHAHA..

The chopstick XD

The fried rice and gyoza

The ramen