Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Closing of 2009

OK, I've been neglecting the blog again for the gazilion time. Lol. And I revert back to words instead of drawings in this post. Even though I find it interesting to draw, I'm just a procrastinator through and through. Haha.. The drawing takes a bit of time. And ideas, of what and how to draw. Haha.. Maybe I'll continue with it next year. Lol. So, right now, let me recap what I can about what I did in 2009.

It's the end of the year, time flew so quickly and yet so slowly (sometimes, especially in the office). Haha.. I've been back at KL for more than half a year, gained unwanted weight, watched a few movies, shopped a few times, yada yada yada, the usual stuff. So unproductive. Eat, sleep, play, shit. Haha. Let's see the first timer activities. Got a job! Permanent, I hope, at least for the next few months on the road. Hehe. And hope that I can make it through the confirmation. *finger crossed*

I got a new external hard disk! Bwahaha... time to back up and wash up my hubby. Um, what else. I went to a book warehouse sale!! whoohoo!! Though, I didn't find the books that I wanted. Nonetheless, I grabbed some. It's so cheap! No wonder the place was packed. Had to queue to enter also. -_-"

I went to Klang just for bak kut teh. Yea, it's kinda hardly worth mentioning. Lol. But is the first time I ventured so far just for food. Went cycling at Putrajaya (finally). Oh, I went to China for the first time. Haha. And also Kuching. Hopefully next year the list will include HK. Haha.. Oh yes, and I graduated. XD LOL. At last.

On an unrelated note, HW moved to a house near my area! Woohoo! Hehe.. Not only that I get to carpool, I can hang out with her more easily now. Kekekeke...

PS. Resolutions for next year? Er, same like this year? Hahahaha...