Sunday, July 27, 2008

Picture time

Sorry * 1000
Hehehe.. I know, I know, my blog is in hiatus. But, don't worry. My training going to end soon. So back to Uni, I'll blog much much more. Because more stressed. HAHAHA.. Actually I couldn't believe I'll say this, but I'll say it anyway. I like my training. :) Seriously. No lies. I'm GLAD I decided to stay at Penang for my training in this company. I got the chance to know more people and got a very nice xifu. Hahaha... Well, yea, I get homesick sometimes, but it's a very good experience, staying outside campus. Hehe.. So, what happened last month that made me feel like this? Pictures tell a thousand words (plus I'm lazy to type so much XD) So, here it goes, though, I didn't take any pictures at my training place.

This is at Siew Yong's birthday dinner if not mistaken. Hahaha.. At Hidden Recipe. Quite nice and affordable. I like their grilled fish. ;P

Paintball! Yup, my first time playing paintball! Hahaha.. It was a lot of fun! Erm, who is that masked person??!!

All the coursemates who went to the paintball game. Many people right? Hehehe..

LOL.. Posing for the photos only lah, not serious. It's dangerous, pointing the gun at people, ok..

After the game, we went to KFC for dinner.

And surprise cake for the birthday boy! Doraemon! lol.. Yeah, that is our nickname for him. Hahaha XD

First time at Paddington House of Pancakes!! Oishi! Yummy YUM!! Though, my wallet hurts. XD This is called Treasure Box. There are MANY choices of pancakes! Sweet or savoury, different types of pancakes, *faint* you'll just simply couldn't decide, the menu is thick like a magazine. XD

This is the drink I ordered at Paddington House of Pancakes. Mango fizzy something. ;P It was nice and refreshing. But because we ordered too much sweet pancakes, plain water is more suitable for me. Hahaha...

Ahem, this is EARLY birthday celebration. Oh, it is a surprise celebration. Actually I was hoping this year I finally get to celebrate my birthday on the real day. (Hence the dinner at Pizza Hut on the REAL day ;P and organized by myself, so cham neh. hehe..)Mana tau.. But I'm grateful that at least they remember my birthday.. hehehe... thanks for the cake ya!

Yeah, it was at Starbucks. Hahaha... Hence, I didn't thought they would surprise me there. LOL.. It's the branch at Queensbaymall. Thanks for all who came!

This is the present that I received after the celebration, when Money dropped us off at U-height. LOL... I meant the bear, the doggy is my 18th birthday present. Haha..

My birthday dinner at Pizza Hut, I just got one photo only, sorry, I'll upload more when I get them from Soo Ling. Hehe.. So coincidence, same green color with Soo Ling. Seriously. XD

This is at Bon Odori 19th July 2008 at Esplanade. A lot people. Ate takoyaki. Caught gold fishes (hehehe), watch japanese performances, took pics.

Hmm... looks like a lot of "first time" happened to me.. Hehe.. First time play paintball, first time staying outside (not hostel), first time cook potato with sausages bits (happened just last Sunday, XD not salty enough, but at least edible ;P). Oops, didn't take pics of my masterpiece, oh well, lots of opportunity next time, if I can get my cooking xifu to teach. LOL. I got a lot of xifu lately, one at workplace, one for cooking. lololol.. First time ride motorbike (obviously as passenger lah, because yours truly don't have motorbike license, lol.. thanks, Song Yeow, for the ride to pasar). Again, didn't take any pics. Well, how to take? Hahaha... First time ride colleagues' cars for lunch. (Well, i worked before during school break, but I never have gotten to ride any colleague's car. lolol..) Ate lunch at a lot of different places that I have never been before (hence, first time ;P). First time ride cousin Raymond's colleague's car back to KL. First time go to Bon Odori festival. Ahahaha... so many first time.. Well, like my roomie said, everything has a first time. I guess she is right, without the first times, I wouldn't know what I actually can learn and experience right? Hehe.. I heard a quote before, "life is an experiment". And so, I vow to experience all that I can while I live.. (of course, I won't go and experience stuff that I know is bad for me, hehe.. )

PS. Wishes to July babies!! Happy birthday to Hiew Wei, Yik Yen, Sue Yee and me. LOL.. Oh, my favorite month is coming to an end.. Huhu.. ;P

PPS. Oh! Wishes to CKY also! Thank you so much for sharing the good news with me! *HUGS* Remember, if you are happy, I'll be happy too! Take care ya..