Saturday, July 08, 2006



ok, at least for a day...

Never in my life i was so homesick and lonely... ok, maybe lonely is wrong, i DID made a lot of new friends (almost all are penangites, kl-ites are endangered species in the penang Uni) But then i do feel lonely bcoz my roommate is not here. Anyway, i was really homesick, til i dun care how much the bus tix cost, i just wanna go home.

U would be wrong if u think i dislike my new environment (ok, maybe a bit la), but after a few days, i begun to adapt to it, speaking mandarin like it's my main language (with a slight tinge of penang slang), making frens like there's no tomorrow, shower thousands of times (it's so DAMN hot there), walk like i never walked before (got blisters right now, sob sob, painful), and a bit like cut off from the world (no tv, no newspapers).

And, the days went sooooo sloowlyyyy. Everyday got some ceramah or taklimat, forms to be filled and games to be played. Everynite fell asleep exhausted (though i heard from my frens (my kl frens), their orientation are more tougher). Soooo, i'm PROUD to say i SURVIVED the 1st week!!!
(though there are more weekS to come, but aiya, a step at a time la, worry too much not good)

Returnin on Sun, feel a bit worried, the seniors are comin back! Will they eat juniors?? or would freshman be more accurate? bah.

To my friends (wherever u are), here i wish u all good luck and all the best in ur Uni lives! i bet most would be facing the same stuff like me, so I'M WITH U! I'll be ur pitstop crew if u need fuel or new tyres, and i hope i can have u all as my pitstop crew for refuelling too, can? hahaha..

PS. confession: cried on the 3rd day. eyes bengkak the next mornin. ppl thought i din sleep enough. hahaha. Oh ya, thank you for all the early birthday presents!!! OMG, i'm goin to be older on mon!! Read: MONDAY. muahahahaha!!!