Friday, November 14, 2008

Skip Beat!

I want to promote my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE manga which has been made into anime and airing currently in Japan! So, since some people are more inclined to watch anime instead of reading the manga, I better promote the anime (hoping after you get hooked on the anime, you'll read the manga ;P). Hahaha... But I love both!

Skip Beat! is about Kyoko, a girl who followed her childhood friend to Tokyo to realize his dream in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, the friend, Sho, just treat her like a convenient maid. He got famous as a singer while Kyoko is still slaving herself earning money to support him. Daytime, she works in a fast-food restaurant. Night, she works at a small Japanese restaurant. She thought he is her Prince Charming. One day, she overheard Sho talking to his manager (who is also his lover) about Kyoko being his servant. Cheng, cheng, cheng. Instead of crying like what usual heroine of a shoujo comic does, Kyoko laughed, her "Pandora Box" is opened and all her 'demons' came out... She vowed to beat Sho in the same industry.

Thus, begins the long road for Kyoko to get her revenge. On her way, she met with a lot of people and found that she actually does like acting (and have HUGE potential of being a great actress, said by many people) and just need to overcome some of her past and the revenge. Be sure to check it out! My description does not do it justice, you really got to see it to judge it yourself. Don't forget to look out for Ren Tsuruga! *swoon* Hahaha... I fell in love with the manga first, so I'll always think that the manga is better than the anime. But anime got movements and sounds! So, give either one a try if you are free!

Guys, skip this post!

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1. To lessen the pain/shame/embarrassment, I laugh at myself the loudest.
2. My mood fluctuates like crazy, but it also depends on the company.
3. I like to read, yes, READING. But, it doesn't mean I read every type of books.
4. I dislike "immature" jokes.
5. Among all fairytales, I like Beauty and the Beast most.
6. I wish there is someone who would understand me/know what I'm thinking of without me telling. Hahaha...
7. I want to be good in cooking like my Mom.

Who the heck invented these tags? Not only I have to get it, I have to pass it as well. =_= Like a flu or virus is it? Oh well, I don't have a lot of friends who blogs, so so TERRIBLY SORRY, s0hp0h, Wai Hong and Soo Ling. >_<

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I'm a hopeless romantic. Emma got to be my most favorite period movie of all times! I absolutely HEART Mr. Knightley! *swoon* Hahahaha... Not forgetting that I adore Jane Austen's books. Emma, Pride & Prejudice, Persuasion, etc. Yeah, I'm really a hopeless romantic, even if I give off a more cynical vibe in general. Who would have guessed the moody and grumpy me loves love stories like these. Hahaha.. I do, I like it more than modern romantic movies. Hahaha... I'm just a sucker for those dashing gentlemen in those clothes, they looked more charming and handsome. HAHAHAHA...

By the way, I really should not be blogging OR watching Emma for God-knows-how-many times. (Because I haven't practise for my presentation which will be on Thursday!) I keep re-watch the conversations between Emma and Mr. Knightley. And I love Emma's dresses, so simple yet elegant. I haven't watch the Pride and Prejudice movie though. Maybe I'll fall in love with it too. Hahahahaha... But I think, Mr. Knightley x Emma would be my favorite couple for movie. In books, Emma and Lizzy stand on equal ground. LOL.. This post is totally a 100% syok-sendiri raving. HAHAHAHA... Sorry if you find it boring you. ;P

Quiz ;P

You Scored as Elizabeth

I am Elizabeth. I am headstrong and intelligent. I love to be myself, and am very loyal to my family. I can sometimes be prideful and "prejudiced," but I try to remain open minded and I usually regret past mistakes.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Strange dream

I had a strange dream last night. NO, call it scary. It wasn't the scary type like the last dream I blogged about. But the scariness comes from the realness it felt. *shudder*

So, what was it about? Well, I don't remember how it started actually. Haha.. I remembered I was walking, on the way back home (which is kinda illogical lah, because I couldn't possibly WALK home, you know. Hahaha.. Unless it's not referring to my KL home. OMG, I think it is referring to here, in Penang. OMG. Just realized it.) OK, so I was walking home, then I saw this shop, sale I think. Haha. So I entered it. That is when I realized that someone had been following me all along. Don't ask me how I know. Sixth sense or instinct, I guess. So I pretend to browse and pretend I'm waiting for someone to pick me up or something. So that he will think that I won't be alone.

My mind was really blank, you know. I wonder why I didn't call someone with my phone. *shrug* Panic, I guess. So I kinda lepak at that shop for HOURS, but he is still there. Well, you might think that I got it wrong, that he wasn't stalking me. But who would lepak in a shop without buying anything? Mind still blank, I think I left and walked into another shop. Or it was the same shop, just that it has a cafe/bistro section? Well, I'm not sure. And it is not impossible, right? Nowadays, there are plenty of shops like that. You see what I mean by 'real'? So it was getting REAL late, and luckily my friends came! Well, I think I called them, because they kinda know what is wrong. Unfortunately, all of us were females. *slap forehead* Is this dream indicating that there is a lack of male friends in my life???? Uh... So end up getting scared together. LOL. Good thing is to be shared? HAHA.. Hmm, actually, I don't know WHY I felt I need to have a GUY to make me feel safer. I mean, that stalker is a MALE too what. Stereotype is a powerful thing, I guess.

Then I suddenly thought of calling a male buddy who lives nearby me. Tough luck. He won't come to save me. (Maybe because he isn't my Prince? Bwahahahaha... Dunno, he got girlfriend already anyway, and I treat him like a buddy. So much for a buddy, won't save me. Ha...) So, I'm getting scared by the minute. By the way, that stalker still not leaving. (Of course lah, if leave already, I won't need to be scared =_=)

*snap fingers* I'll just call XXX to bring me home! So, I called him. He picked up the phone, his voice like just woke up, and he DID just wake up. Lol. He asked me why I called him in the bloody middle of the night. I was like, it is THAT late already??!! How come this shop/cafe/bistro didn't close de??? Dreams, how logical can they be?

He didn't say whether he is coming or not, or maybe I didn't heard him. Because at that moment, the shop-cafe-bistro is closing and I am freaking out. Lol. And my girl friends are leaving, being unable to help me, only can give me moral support and share my suffering. I'm like, die lah, sure DIE lah. Then I THINK (this part is blur because I'm waking up from the dream already) he did come, at the nick of the time? I hope he did. Because the stalker looks mighty strong and tall. >_< (And you would think, if he is not a stalker/bad guy, I would 'kap' him a bit. LOL)

Then I saw him later today. In real life lah. Hahaha.. I don't mean the stalker. Choi, touch wood. I mean the 'Prince'. LOL. And I'm a damsel-in-distress? I think the root of this dream came from the game I played yesterday. HAHAHAHAHA... So, I saw him and then remember the dream. And I was like, hmm, why did I thought of calling him de? I guess old habit dies hard. I promised myself I will not think of love right now, but the heart won't listen, eh? Anyway, I guess it is a tiny crush gua. Nothing dangerous. Haha..

Which is true. Because when I met him, I found out he already got someone special. *Poof* --> the crush being crushed. HAHAHAHA... Nothing's broken, thank god. Just another twinge in my heart that says 'Am I such a failure? Sigh'. Oh well, that aside, it is still a creepy dream.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Bad habits

I told myself that I will take good care of my health after I get better during the last time that I was sick. I was really really earnest when making that promise. But here I am, stuffing junk food into my mouth, staying awake until late at night, etc.. I'm so angry at myself! Why can't I keep a healthy lifestyle?? I don't eat right. I don't sleep right. It's no wonder I get sick!!!

I'm FED UP with myself! So from now onwards, here I pledge that I will led a healthier lifestyle.

1. Eat right. Stop buying junk food. More fruits and vege intake please. Water, drink more. Don't skip meals just because lazy to cook, don't know how to cook, etc.

2. Sleep right. Be in bed before 12am! No midnight oil burning, please. Any jobs, tasks, DO IT in the daytime. No late night gaming, please. No late night chatting, please. Just stop staring at the monitor and shut down for the day!

3. Exercise more. Stop facing the PC so much. Go out, sweat it out.

4. No negative thinking. Oh boy, this will be hard...

5. Do all the above!

6. Will add when I come up with it.

There! Please, please, stick to it. It's really sucks to be sick right? Oh dear, I talk to myself in real life. And I talk to myself in my blog too. I must be really sick.....