Saturday, October 17, 2009

What the...

Before you read any further, you might be interested to read back on the nightmare I am referring to, here. As you might notice, it has been 2 years since that particular nightmare. And what happened on the other day was...

*snap back to reality*

Yes, my life = joke * joke. I guess some of you might be wondering why I decline the "offer". Well, sorry, I'm just not that type to do that stuff. I would probably die from the embarrassment before I can finish saying "Hello". Plus, I'm not a conversation-person. I am more of the monosyllabic-answer person. If he is the same, then we'll listen to flies flying around us. Hahaha... Though, this 'incident', triggered a bunch of discussions wit M&D about having another half. And some issues, I found it to be interesting, maybe I'll debate about it in future posts. Eg. Women past the three-0, hard to find partner. Because, look old already. See what I mean about debatable. Haha... Til then, I continue my not-so-funny-to-me life...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nightmare come true!!

I'm shocked until speechless. All I can say is nightmare coming true. Reveal more later. X_X

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Looks like I'm even more outdated than I thought I am about kitchen appliances. They have evolved like the computers. There is no need to push hard to get water out (the old method). Just press the button (the high-tech method). Hahahaha... Another embarrassing moment achieved. Lol. Luckily one of my colleague saw me, or I'll forever wonder why I am the only one who couldn't get hot water out from the boiler. Hahaha.. I have learned an easier way to make my tea now. Hahaha...

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Moon, Cakes & Tanglung

*finger swipes the blog*
Horrors! My blog is collecting dust here. =_=" Hahaha... once again, been lazy busy to post. Hehe.. Let's have a quick one then. Time flies, been working for 3 months already! Readjusted to KL life once again, missing friends from the far up north, resume gossip sessions with KL friends ;P, etc etc.

Last Saturday was the Mid Autumn Festival and it reminded me of the previous celebration last year. And that made me a little nostalgic. Haha.. I had my fill of the festival's goodies this year, haha, mooncakes!, pomelo (my fav is sweet & sour), chestnuts (yum yum). By the way, mooncakes is getting outrageously more and more expensive each year. =_=" A mooncake is usually cut into 8 portions right? Last time, each portion costs around 1 buck. Now, it's around RM1.50. That, is just those normal type of flavors. Couldn't imagine what the price would be after a few more years. :S

Having a bunch of kids sure will drain your energy and help burn your calories. Haha... My nieces and nephew is a bunch of active kids. One minute I was giving food to one of them, the other minute I was entertaining another one. Then the paper lanterns are on fire, who do you call? "Yee yee!". Haha.. "Yee yee" (me) is the word that kept me busy for the night. As naughty as they are, they do make you laugh with their cute antics. Haha... so I didn't mind much, since I did missed out a lot of celebrations for the years before and thus, lost some opportunities to 'bond' with them. Hahaha... Though, if they stay too long, my fuse might starts to burn. Haha.. I'm very impatient and cranky at times. Lol.

PS. Been thinking about the new style of blogging, comic blogging. But my drawing sucks. Hmm, how?