Friday, May 15, 2009

Weird dream again

Had a weird dream this morning. The most weird part is I dreamed only for half an hour. I thought I was late for class when I jump awake this morning. Hahaha.. How I know it took half an hour? Because my alarm was at 7.30am. I woke, stopped the alarm and went back to sleep. HAHAHAHA... The thing is, it sure felt longer than 30 mins inside my dream. Well, I guess it is not that weird lah, dreams don't make sense anyway. At least most of the time. Haha.. So what was the dream about? I'm not too sure either, I can only describe it out, couldn't interpret it.

I was home (or so it felt, OK lah, it feels like a place I stay in, but doesn't look like my house right now. Hahaha). And don't know why, I just 'know' I'm in S'pore. Beats me. Then I prepared to go out, like I'm going on a date or something. I mean, I usually don't fuss with myself much when I need to go out. I don't put on makeups nor do I style my hair much. Well, the former is because I have no knowledge about using it and don't have the tools (lol, though I should be learning it, you know, since it's not like my face is naturally pretty or free of blemishes, but... oh well, now you know why I still feel like a little girl. Because I have zero knowledge of stuff like these. For the latter, my hair is a rebel. So I let it behave as it likes, I couldn't control it. Hahaha... So, it is a weird dream. Hahaha.. After I finish 'prettying' myself and choosing the right apparels for the gazilion times, I was late when I head out. Or at least my parents are telling me that I'm late. I mean, I don't even know why am I going out. Hahaha.. It is like I'm watching it from 3rd person perspective. Bingo! That's it. That is the weird thing. I usually dream in first-person perspective. OK, so I watch myself (like watching TV) walking to my destination. With some difficulties thrown in the path obviously. Hoho. Which made me even late than I already were. I suddenly know that I was supposed to meet with my brother so that he can bring me to that place (wherever it is) but since I was late, he already left. So I end up chasing after him or should I say, try to catch up to him even though I don't know where the heck is the place is. OK, maybe the 'me' in the dream knows, just the 'me' watching the dream didn't know. Hahaha.. I'm really confusing myself and I bet you are confused too. Anyway, I managed to spot my brother (or it is really my brother?? I thought I was going out on a date?? what the...) after some 'catching up' (--> finding my way in a crowded area, taking the train, etc.) And it ended there. Sorry to kill your interest. Hahaha.. I was interested to continue too, but my brain woke me up, actually just enough time for me to get ready for class. Phew.

Well, it is one of my bizarre dreams. Oh, I do have other weird dreams, just that this one is more imprinted on my mind, since I woke up in the middle of it. So there you go, another post on my dream. Maybe I should change this blog into a dream diary. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... just joking ;P

PS. There should be a post before this one, about the trip I went to, but since I haven't got my hands on the photos, I'll postpone that post first. That's for now, cheerio..