Saturday, June 24, 2006

Running Out of Time


Appetite dropping. Hair ripping. Sleep lacking. Mind flying. Head exploding.

Not good. All signs lead to... yup, high-level, serious worrying. Because, yup, i'm preparing all the stuff i need to move there, i'm thinking how i can survive there (may i add alone?), my head is bursting with my long to-do list, i'm trying to squeeze plans & appointments into a day, and oh yea, i just know that Dumbledore died. (i know i should have read it ages ago, but my bro didn't keep his promise and so i went n bought it myself (with 50% discount) *looking smug* sales. i love them.)

And so hor, you might like to know, i wouldn't be able to blog as much as i like for these few weeks (or months, i can predict it, haha) because, you know la, i need to um, settle down and adapt the new environment (alone).

Or it might just be that i couldn't find a computer. BUT, that would be impossible.

I'm taking comp sci, remember?? ah.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


U might wonder why i didn't post in immediately after i got my Uni application results... Because, i couldn't describe how i felt. Or what "shud" i feel.

Happy because i got in? Grateful because many people aren't so lucky? Sad because i had to leave my dear family and friends? Scared because i'll have to live independently? Angry because they didn't give me nearer to home? Worried because i don't know if i can survives?

I guess i couldn't really blame them... after all, it's 1 of my choices...

But, when i think of leaving, i couldn't bear that... Maybe i'm a spoilt princess, but, i'll miss my family and friends very much!!! And that, i'm afraid, might break my heart... (and u thought u will only feel that way with your lover. bah. how wrong is that.)

Plus, maybe this thought of mine is too stereotyped, but, this question pops up to my already-confused mind: will i be surrounded by... *gulp* (apology in advance if anyone felt insulted in any way)... geeks? nerds? Or maybe *snort* i'll become one too? (as if i'm not already geeky enough with my love of books, ishh) Shallow, i know. But hey, i'm just a girl, not superhuman.. Perfect match, huh?


Yea, i got the nerd course. Computer science. I don't exactly dislike it, (come on, i mean, if i dislike it, why would i accept the offer?? duh.) but i don't feel that enthusiastic... especially that i'll be away from kl... i guess you are asking where the h*ll i'm goin to... well, not a bad place. but the thought of being far somewhat dampened my spirit and mind to think logically. Not that i'm logical anyway... ah.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Comfort Food

After a big mug of Milo, (the best chocolate substitute that i can find) i've calmed down a bit...

Maybe i exaggerated too much... Maybe it's not that bad... Maybe... *reaching for more comfort food* Maybe i'm a bit too self-conscious guar..

Ok, ok, i admit. Maybe my self-consciousness made me think my hair looks terrible...
Maybe it's not that la-la.... Maybe donald succeed in convincing me that it's not too bad... even though donald haven't seen it actually.. (thank you, donald. *big hug* You are the best!)

I need more comfort food!! though comfort food = fattening food. which means... Bah.

Bad hair day


Scenario in a hair saloon:

Inside the mind of yours truly:

*snip snip* Don't worry, hair grows back quickly... Sigh, still couldn't manage to hoodwink myself, no matter how i persuade.

*snip snip* All i can say is thank god for the lack of my glasses. Without them, all i can see is someone chopping off the hair of someone else who looks kind of familiar... hey, that's me!

*snip snip* But my gut is telling me, she's hacking too much hair.... Even with my blurry vision, i can see it's true... Did she misheard or misunderstood me? I said shoulder length, not bald, ok??? and bits of hair are sticking onto my face... itchy...

*snip snip* AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Stop! Stop! My hair! It's... It's... short!!!

*snip snip* How much more do you want to chop off? I couldn't bear to watch it any longer...

A guy enter.

*snip snip* All i can say again is thank god for the lack of my glasses. Couldn't see other people's reaction to my very short hair... though, couldn't check him out. bah.

*snip snip* *ka-ching* Like a thunderbolt, i'm out of there!

Home, in my bathroom:

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! *temporary earthquake* Gawd, gawd, gawd..... *banging my head to the walls*

My hair looks like..... My hair looks like..... My hair looks like..... "la-la" style


It's worse than if i went and got an auntie perm.....

To the hair stylist: I may look a bit too mature for my age, but you don't need to balance that with a horrible la-la haircut.... My face is already not-good-looking, now with this, i look like a freak.... imagine: a grumpy, chubby (aka fat), serious-looking face with a kiddie's haircut... *shivers*

Now what? Get some la-la clothes and start behaving like them? Wonderful.... (no offence to la-la people, it's just that i'm totally not into the la-la style thing)

I'm so dead.... Or rather, i wish i'm dead....
I don't even dare to go near a mirror.... maybe i should live mirrorless for a few years until my crowning glory grows back.... Better still, i should hibernate... and cut myself off from public appearances....

Ah, my soap opera life.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Soap Opera

Aaaahhhh! (ok, so this has became my opening-line trademark. *shrug*, so sue me)

Is God playing with me or testing me? I was supposed to practise swimming on Wed, when the dark clouds filled the sky. So, we cancelled it. In the end, it DIDN'T rain. at all. Ok, never mind...
So, Thurs was the plan B. And... i got some event that would prevent swimming for sometime... (*shake head*)
Then, i heard from donald that my swimming partners are planning to quit the class...
(gosh, why am i getting this news from donald, instead of them? ah.) Which would mean, i have no one else accompany me to learn... (yea, i'm chicken-hearted, so?) And lately i was feeling a bit down about my swimming... since i'm not making ANY progress in my breast-stroke and water-kneading... felt like quitting too.

So, i'm wondering if The Guy Up There is turning my life into a soap opera for his entertainment, (though K-drama is not bad. at least i get a handsome-looking hero, har har) or is He only testing my determinance and willingness to go on when the going gets tough??

As if my life is not depressing enough, there's another what-do-u-call-it-oh-yea J-day (J for judgement, not Jusco sale day, har har) no, that's not the right word, aha, my life-turning-point day. (em, sounds a little too serious...) one of them anyway. My Uni application result day. *pushing the thoughts out* Hopefully everything sorts out well later, if not sooner... sigh. (*looking upward*) man, couldn't u make this soap opera less depressing? bah.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


It happened again. The pc hang in the middle of a half-composed post. -.-"

Ok, anyway, let me rewrite it again.... er, what did i wrote last nite? ah.

AAAHHH!! (since when did 'AAAHHH!!' became my opening line??)
In case u didn't know abt my soon-to-be-made life-or-death decision, then u shouldn't be reading tis post. Scroll down to previous posts. Now scroll back up.

Bcoz of the problem, my stress-o-meter and worry-o-meter shoot up sky-high. And so my face DECIDED to breakout in pimples!!! ah, how can i face the world with my pimply face???? damn hormones. damn stress. (oh yea, i'm goin to blame them 1 by 1) damn money. damn new handphones. damn peer pressure (i figured this is the major reason i felt compelled to buy a new hp. har har) bah, enuf damning.

Oh yea, bsides tat, i want to make a public apology to donald.

I'M VERY SORRY that i dropped ur baby* onto the floor... I'll find the most furry pouch for ur baby* to lessen my guilt....

*her new hp!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


My head wants to blow up. Brain jam. Which? Which? Which handphone shud i buy?
K750 or W700?

Bear in mind a few things:
1. my parents will freak out if they know how much either of them cost.

2. if i upgrade k750's memory, the price would more or less be around same like w700 (i think... hey, i don't do advert for any1 here, ok?), though the k750 will hv more memory. (for ur free time thinkin aka stupid question: how much memory does a human brain hv, in terms of bytes, anyway?)

3. to get the pennies to buy either of them, i need to work longer, n longer, n longer.

4. i had an idea, why don't i just buy a nice mp3, forget abt the hp, and go on a shopping spree? (tat could fulfill one of my wishes: books!)

What would u do in my shoes? help is needed...
*huff huff*

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hairy Thoughts

Oh, back from watching 16 Blocks.. quite nice actually, really got to give the credit to bruce willis. man, i like his other movies also; sixth sense, fifth element, 12 monkeys. shud give tis movie (16 Blocks) a try.. (the guys shud like it, plenty of actions)

Anyway, back to the MAIN topic, i'm thinkin what haircut i shud get? something i never had before? or the usual, boring cut? i've tried perming, though the result didn't last long. kinda bored with long hair suddenly. but i'm not ready for short hair also. shoulder length, perhaps? ah.

New, new, new!

*sniff sniff*
I've always like the smell of new stuff, especially cars. hahahaha.

*clearing my throat*

All are welcome!
SwEEt tAlk has officially moved to a new place (here lo, duh) with a new look, new feel & a new name! (sorry, no new blogger, it's still the same old me, like it or not, hihihi)

So, enjoy! (or suffer, *muahahahaha*)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Go, goin, gone

Moving in progress...

Coming soon...