Sunday, January 18, 2009

A blast from the past

Hehehe... I guess I'll never change. I'll still blog as often or as less often, more specifically, as I like. Hahaha..

I was searching for a post that I once wrote about a dream, I end up reading my old posts. It is kinda funny to see (figuratively) me "change" over the years through my blog. The stuff that I posted, the way that I write, my expressions. Hahaha.. I moved my blog to here (BlogSpot) just as I was going to Penang to study. Time sure flies. Now I'm in my final semester! I've been in Penang for around 2 and a half years already! Hahaha.. I think I changed quite a bit. As I frantically rushing my final year project, everyone is saying about enjoying the last semester at this Uni. Well, it made me think a lot. Sometimes you kinda slip into a comfort zone, and you don't want to try venture out. But is it bad to stay in comfort zone? Hmm.. I don't know. But if you don't try, I guess you won't know, right? So, I made up my mind, I'll try my best to try out new stuff for this year. I hope I got enough guts to do it. So far, I'm taking swimming class by myself. Still fear the water and couldn't get my head up to breath. :S But I really want to know how to swim. And I wish I could choose the coach. XD Sigh, free stuff comes with a price I guess. Uh, I better get back to my work, I kinda got distracted while searching for that post about my nightmare. Haha.. Til then, wish me LOADS of luck in learning to swim. I don't mind tips also. Hahaha...

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Greetings 2009!

Hello 2009! Byebye 2008! I'll just make a short n simple resolution this year ;P Hehehe...

You Should Make 4 Resolutions

Lose Weight

Get Fit

Eat Right

Reduce Stress Overall