Friday, December 22, 2006

In construction...

Just a quick note..
I'm currently looking for a new skin... so don't be surprise if u sees my blogskin keep changing... coz i'm still figuring out how to tinker/edit those skins... n to see how it looks on my blog.... sorry for any inconvience...
New skin for the new year! Yea!
Oops! Gotta go! Bye!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sakura Kiss

i've rekindled an old flame... (a really expensive old flame, hahaha)
My latest love is Ouran High School Host Club!
Old love includes Fruit Basket, Sailormoon (really really old ;P), n more!
Hopefully can add Death Note in the list.. Haven't read the manga yet, just saw the movie.. Nice!
I can blab the whole page abt my new love, but i'll give it a miss this time ;P (i know how "obnoxiously" boring my blogs can be, hahahahaha...)

Aah, so the first semester of my new Uni life has already ended, the holidays are spent very lazily, and now the new semester begins!
Aah, the first week, probably the most relaxing week of every sem. Hahahaha... but the most expensive week too... reason? Lectures just begin to start, no tutorials and assignments yet, tests & exams 'seems' far away, heavy & expensive books to buy, free time to go gai gai a.k.a shopping, Uni fees! (gosh, bus fare increase > 100% !!).

This sem i'm taking English class. I got an 'ang moh' lecturer! Hohohohoho.. (a repeat of history? nah, i've grown up now!) Though, my other core subjects seems tougher than last sem... And sigh, i'm taking an account paper too... (total science geek ---> me) oh well, gambateh everyone! Oh yeah, Donald! U r my target this time! My goal is to beat your grades! (even though we are taking totally different courses =.=") Hehehehe...

Oh, how am i going to balance the time between work and play and love?? (ok, so it's really inappropriate to class it as love, but i've wanted to write that sentence so much, so i don't care. Blek ;P ) Hahaha... ok, so it's basically work and play.. So, would my new resolution be "work hard, play harder" or "work as hard as i play" or "play as hard as i work" or "play hard, work harder" or "work hard, play as hard as well"???? Votes anyone?


PS. These few days got some problems with my MSN messenger, now fixed already... Sorry to those who wanted to chat.. (but i guess nobody is missing me -_-"" by the count of sms i get)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Hmm..just a quick post now...

Do u believe in coincidences?? some does, and some doesn't.. oh well, yesterday i was checking my handphone credit balance n i still left with RM38.65... AND 365 free smses (i got those free sms from the point-redemption thingy) Nothing so special or weird, rite? Try to just say out loud the digits (digit by digit, and ignoring the decimal point) in the money part in cantonese, then say out loud the number of free sms in the usual way (not digit by digit)

For the sake of those who don't speak cantonese (or those who couldn't get it =.="), when u say 3 8 then 65, the intonation of '8' also sounds like 'hundred'(all in cantonese, of course), so it's like both is same!

You now probably are saying: "Ok, so i get ur point, -.-" What so big deal about it?"

Well, nothing i guess... lol! just some food for thoughts... imagine, many things that happenned are not just mere coincidences, but clues to a bigger thing (like your life, maybe, or your love life, etc... )

You : "Ha. Nuts. Are you taking drugs or something?? "

Nope, just babbling along to fill up this space... You can ignore me if you want... I ran out of 'good' stuff to write today... hahaha... or probably i'm too sleepy... 'bad' things got a lot lah... but not so nice to spread gossips... Want a better blog reading experience? just read my friend's blog (sohpoh)... Gee, i'm really weird today, i'm driving away my readers!! What is happening here??! Help!

Maybe sleep will cure it... g'nite

Monday, October 16, 2006

Growing up...

Hallo, strangers...
Hahaha... too long no update my blog, so i expect none will remember me again... or won't bother to check whether i've post a new blog or not...
A million apologies won't do... i know it's entirely my fault, i'm sorry... gee, how many times i've been apologizing for the same problem?? i'm hopeless...

Anyway, i've been reading back my old blog (sweet talk) and felt the urge to resume my blogging..haha... after reading, i felt tat i've gone a long way since then.. (gee, i'm not reali TAT old, ok?) i mean, my personal growth.. from a 'spoiled brat' to a uni student, living in a hostel, 4++ hours away from my beloved home, parents and friends... Maybe this is a lesson in life, if i didn't choose to come to penang and study, i would have never knew how fond i am toward my home and parents, how much i miss the unique bonds i share with my old friends (new friends here are just not the same... if u are lucky, u can find someone who's not only looking out for her/his own benefit... it's a dog-eat-dog world in here, i tell u...)

I grew much more closer to my bro since i had a laptop now (and wifi in hostel... i know u are jealous! hahahaha, but take it as a compensation for me la, since i'm so far from home) (technology n internet are a great thing) (he helped a lot, he's my listening ear, hahaha... since i didn't want to disturb my friends too much with my homesickness smses, well, they r bz with their uni life too, so i turned to my wonderful bro, i owe u a lot, man! thank you!!), and learnt programming (now i really appreciates and wonder in awe, how did people created so many useful programs and awesome games...) , i miss mom and dad a lot (i craved for home-cooked food now, i tell u...), i miss my friends too... how we used to chat on the phone, donald's comments in my previous blog never fail to cheer me up!, momo's chocolate cake (yum!), kitty's sushi (yum yum!), cky's sarcartic humour, 630's thoughtful conversations, sook ping's sui kow noodle stall plan, kar mun's love life (oops, hahaha, just joking la... jealous ma, u got so many admirers, i got none.. wuuhuu..), pc's keen eyes for leng cai (like a high-tech scanner, hahaha.. wish i had that) and many many more quirky but lovely traits of my friends (sorry, if i left anyone out... just too many to list down..haha.. me lazy bum, i know..)

Oh, my style of blogging changed a bit too... (agree?) I'm less crabby now, but more depressing... wahahaha!!! Oh ya, actually i have a co-blogger, though she haven't post any blog yet (i hope it'll be soon?), so i just wanna announce it.. (ok, now u got my permission to blog) wahahahahaha!!!

Anyway, looking back, many people entered my life, some touch my heart (not bf ler, duh, friends, ok??), some stayed, some left, wherever u are, i wanna say thanks, u made me what i am today, thank you for the help, guidance, and friendship, no matter how short the time we had together. Thanks to donald for, really, everything (from my entertainment-updater to your words of wisdom). And thank you to my parents too (even though they won't be reading this... ), thanks dad for your smses and mom for the feast everytime i come home... (donald says that's the reason i'm getting fat! hahaha...but i don't care..), thanks ah goh for your encouragement, help AND especially your gifts (but i still find your sense of humour sometimes somewhat lame, hahaha... especially the jaw-dropping thing, don't get mad oh.. i'm just being frank... and cheeky... hahahaha.. but i don't deny your knowlegde of many things), thanks sis for your emails (not the teasing part though, i'm not BIG FOOT), thanks charlie (haha, purposely want to make u mad, haha!) and billy for their tech tips and trips to lowyat, thanks yee leng for her cards (my niece, oh ya, now i got a nephew too! i'll try to be a cool, sophiscated, hip, young aunt... hahaha.. in my dreams), wait a min, what am i doing? thanking people on a random day and time... oh well, let's continue... (until the wee hours..coz the list will be soooo d*mn long) ok, ok, don't want to bored u down.. One more, thank you God, for the wonderful people i meet in life...

Ok, time for bed...

PS. i'm back, people!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Tambun biscuit

Everybody, I'm HOME!!! .....for a week... at least better than the normal 2days... hahahaha...
Aaah... just finish rushing my assignmentS, after the holiday got tests!! arg...
Oh well, at least can come back and rejuvenate... drink 'leong sui' n mom's soups....
So tired, really, i think 1day of walking in Uni compared to 1day of walking in kl is HUGE difference... (since i ride in cars in kl, hahaha! or either buses or lrt) But, in campus? don't waste time waiting for bus la... it's goin to be packed like a can of sardine anyway... But, my hostel is quite far from my school (tat's what we call faculty as) leh.. Oh well, can't grouse much, since i heard my friends in other Uni HAD to take bus, since their school ARE very far... guess i should be grateful... No wonder i didn't gain much weight even though i ate more than what i used to in kl... By the time i reach my school, i already burned up my breakfast or lunch... No wonder i get hungry so often... hehehe...

Wei, how come i'm back and already ANNOUNCED my homecoming, but no one is calling me to go lepak huh?? That day i thought want to hide in house and hv a R&R, every1 called n scolded me for not informing u guys of my return and didn't come out to lepak... I don't care ar, already bought tambun biscuit, if no one want them, i'll eat it all... wahahahaha.... don't worry, i can go back campus and burn off the extra calories... momo, i want my bday cake... kitty, i want my bday sushi... muahahaha.. ok la, i know u guys busy...

Hmm, long time no eat lots of stuff!!! everyday eat the same food... muak liao.. Last few days were even worse, bread for dinner... no time eat, rushing assignments...oh well, that fri(deadline) nite, went eat BIG! aahh.. delicious.. Wish to eat sum..yum yum...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Home sweet home

Just to drop a line (ok, maybe 2, hehehe), to tell everyone:
I'm still here! Alive and kicking! Yea! I survived a month! Do you miss me??? Or angry at my laziness of updating my blog??
Hehehehe... I know, i know... i deserve your scolding... I do have plenty 'contact' with computers... but for assignments... hahaha.. and lab tutorials.. so, please forgive me.. please??? You all are very nice ppl, rite? I know you'll forgive me.

Btw, some of you asked questions, but i didn't have time to reply all, so here are my answers:

- nope, no leng cai in my course and in my year. seniors, got, but, sorry, taken.
- plenty of leng lui... (me included? hahahaha!!)
- ok, i'll eat on time and not skip meals. (frankly, i'm eating more than i used to in kl... getting FAT, omg)
- ok, i'll TRY to be less homesick... (please, don't ask me why i 'suddenly' go home, donald. You make it sounds like a crime to go home. You do it almost every weekend what, why can't i? hehehe)
- AND, to those "souvenirs" requests, you may have to wait for sometime... pun siew je, 1, no money (eat too much, hahaha!! and no ptptn, and costly bus tickets to kl), 2, cannot go out shopping as often, 3, places i go, don't sell souvenirs.

That's all for now. I'LL TRY MY BEST TO BLOG AS OFTEN AS I CAN!!!

Btw, i'm learning back all those maths, which i thought would be the last thing i'll see again.. and boy, Uni life is full with lectures, tutorials, assignments and tests.
Those ppl who said Uni life will be better than STPM, are either liars, or they don't have that much freedom during STPM. I'll choose home over freedom any day...
And oh yea, those 'go to Uni then only find bf/gf' are also lies... plenty are taken/took someone already. But then, i'm not encouraging u to find ur someone special before Uni, i'm just stating the truth. Me, for example, would not regret i'm single before Uni... but, during Uni... that'll depend on my luck and destiny lor..
Ok, 88..
Back to penang tomorrow...

Saturday, July 08, 2006



ok, at least for a day...

Never in my life i was so homesick and lonely... ok, maybe lonely is wrong, i DID made a lot of new friends (almost all are penangites, kl-ites are endangered species in the penang Uni) But then i do feel lonely bcoz my roommate is not here. Anyway, i was really homesick, til i dun care how much the bus tix cost, i just wanna go home.

U would be wrong if u think i dislike my new environment (ok, maybe a bit la), but after a few days, i begun to adapt to it, speaking mandarin like it's my main language (with a slight tinge of penang slang), making frens like there's no tomorrow, shower thousands of times (it's so DAMN hot there), walk like i never walked before (got blisters right now, sob sob, painful), and a bit like cut off from the world (no tv, no newspapers).

And, the days went sooooo sloowlyyyy. Everyday got some ceramah or taklimat, forms to be filled and games to be played. Everynite fell asleep exhausted (though i heard from my frens (my kl frens), their orientation are more tougher). Soooo, i'm PROUD to say i SURVIVED the 1st week!!!
(though there are more weekS to come, but aiya, a step at a time la, worry too much not good)

Returnin on Sun, feel a bit worried, the seniors are comin back! Will they eat juniors?? or would freshman be more accurate? bah.

To my friends (wherever u are), here i wish u all good luck and all the best in ur Uni lives! i bet most would be facing the same stuff like me, so I'M WITH U! I'll be ur pitstop crew if u need fuel or new tyres, and i hope i can have u all as my pitstop crew for refuelling too, can? hahaha..

PS. confession: cried on the 3rd day. eyes bengkak the next mornin. ppl thought i din sleep enough. hahaha. Oh ya, thank you for all the early birthday presents!!! OMG, i'm goin to be older on mon!! Read: MONDAY. muahahahaha!!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Running Out of Time


Appetite dropping. Hair ripping. Sleep lacking. Mind flying. Head exploding.

Not good. All signs lead to... yup, high-level, serious worrying. Because, yup, i'm preparing all the stuff i need to move there, i'm thinking how i can survive there (may i add alone?), my head is bursting with my long to-do list, i'm trying to squeeze plans & appointments into a day, and oh yea, i just know that Dumbledore died. (i know i should have read it ages ago, but my bro didn't keep his promise and so i went n bought it myself (with 50% discount) *looking smug* sales. i love them.)

And so hor, you might like to know, i wouldn't be able to blog as much as i like for these few weeks (or months, i can predict it, haha) because, you know la, i need to um, settle down and adapt the new environment (alone).

Or it might just be that i couldn't find a computer. BUT, that would be impossible.

I'm taking comp sci, remember?? ah.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


U might wonder why i didn't post in immediately after i got my Uni application results... Because, i couldn't describe how i felt. Or what "shud" i feel.

Happy because i got in? Grateful because many people aren't so lucky? Sad because i had to leave my dear family and friends? Scared because i'll have to live independently? Angry because they didn't give me nearer to home? Worried because i don't know if i can survives?

I guess i couldn't really blame them... after all, it's 1 of my choices...

But, when i think of leaving, i couldn't bear that... Maybe i'm a spoilt princess, but, i'll miss my family and friends very much!!! And that, i'm afraid, might break my heart... (and u thought u will only feel that way with your lover. bah. how wrong is that.)

Plus, maybe this thought of mine is too stereotyped, but, this question pops up to my already-confused mind: will i be surrounded by... *gulp* (apology in advance if anyone felt insulted in any way)... geeks? nerds? Or maybe *snort* i'll become one too? (as if i'm not already geeky enough with my love of books, ishh) Shallow, i know. But hey, i'm just a girl, not superhuman.. Perfect match, huh?


Yea, i got the nerd course. Computer science. I don't exactly dislike it, (come on, i mean, if i dislike it, why would i accept the offer?? duh.) but i don't feel that enthusiastic... especially that i'll be away from kl... i guess you are asking where the h*ll i'm goin to... well, not a bad place. but the thought of being far somewhat dampened my spirit and mind to think logically. Not that i'm logical anyway... ah.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Comfort Food

After a big mug of Milo, (the best chocolate substitute that i can find) i've calmed down a bit...

Maybe i exaggerated too much... Maybe it's not that bad... Maybe... *reaching for more comfort food* Maybe i'm a bit too self-conscious guar..

Ok, ok, i admit. Maybe my self-consciousness made me think my hair looks terrible...
Maybe it's not that la-la.... Maybe donald succeed in convincing me that it's not too bad... even though donald haven't seen it actually.. (thank you, donald. *big hug* You are the best!)

I need more comfort food!! though comfort food = fattening food. which means... Bah.

Bad hair day


Scenario in a hair saloon:

Inside the mind of yours truly:

*snip snip* Don't worry, hair grows back quickly... Sigh, still couldn't manage to hoodwink myself, no matter how i persuade.

*snip snip* All i can say is thank god for the lack of my glasses. Without them, all i can see is someone chopping off the hair of someone else who looks kind of familiar... hey, that's me!

*snip snip* But my gut is telling me, she's hacking too much hair.... Even with my blurry vision, i can see it's true... Did she misheard or misunderstood me? I said shoulder length, not bald, ok??? and bits of hair are sticking onto my face... itchy...

*snip snip* AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Stop! Stop! My hair! It's... It's... short!!!

*snip snip* How much more do you want to chop off? I couldn't bear to watch it any longer...

A guy enter.

*snip snip* All i can say again is thank god for the lack of my glasses. Couldn't see other people's reaction to my very short hair... though, couldn't check him out. bah.

*snip snip* *ka-ching* Like a thunderbolt, i'm out of there!

Home, in my bathroom:

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! *temporary earthquake* Gawd, gawd, gawd..... *banging my head to the walls*

My hair looks like..... My hair looks like..... My hair looks like..... "la-la" style


It's worse than if i went and got an auntie perm.....

To the hair stylist: I may look a bit too mature for my age, but you don't need to balance that with a horrible la-la haircut.... My face is already not-good-looking, now with this, i look like a freak.... imagine: a grumpy, chubby (aka fat), serious-looking face with a kiddie's haircut... *shivers*

Now what? Get some la-la clothes and start behaving like them? Wonderful.... (no offence to la-la people, it's just that i'm totally not into the la-la style thing)

I'm so dead.... Or rather, i wish i'm dead....
I don't even dare to go near a mirror.... maybe i should live mirrorless for a few years until my crowning glory grows back.... Better still, i should hibernate... and cut myself off from public appearances....

Ah, my soap opera life.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Soap Opera

Aaaahhhh! (ok, so this has became my opening-line trademark. *shrug*, so sue me)

Is God playing with me or testing me? I was supposed to practise swimming on Wed, when the dark clouds filled the sky. So, we cancelled it. In the end, it DIDN'T rain. at all. Ok, never mind...
So, Thurs was the plan B. And... i got some event that would prevent swimming for sometime... (*shake head*)
Then, i heard from donald that my swimming partners are planning to quit the class...
(gosh, why am i getting this news from donald, instead of them? ah.) Which would mean, i have no one else accompany me to learn... (yea, i'm chicken-hearted, so?) And lately i was feeling a bit down about my swimming... since i'm not making ANY progress in my breast-stroke and water-kneading... felt like quitting too.

So, i'm wondering if The Guy Up There is turning my life into a soap opera for his entertainment, (though K-drama is not bad. at least i get a handsome-looking hero, har har) or is He only testing my determinance and willingness to go on when the going gets tough??

As if my life is not depressing enough, there's another what-do-u-call-it-oh-yea J-day (J for judgement, not Jusco sale day, har har) no, that's not the right word, aha, my life-turning-point day. (em, sounds a little too serious...) one of them anyway. My Uni application result day. *pushing the thoughts out* Hopefully everything sorts out well later, if not sooner... sigh. (*looking upward*) man, couldn't u make this soap opera less depressing? bah.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


It happened again. The pc hang in the middle of a half-composed post. -.-"

Ok, anyway, let me rewrite it again.... er, what did i wrote last nite? ah.

AAAHHH!! (since when did 'AAAHHH!!' became my opening line??)
In case u didn't know abt my soon-to-be-made life-or-death decision, then u shouldn't be reading tis post. Scroll down to previous posts. Now scroll back up.

Bcoz of the problem, my stress-o-meter and worry-o-meter shoot up sky-high. And so my face DECIDED to breakout in pimples!!! ah, how can i face the world with my pimply face???? damn hormones. damn stress. (oh yea, i'm goin to blame them 1 by 1) damn money. damn new handphones. damn peer pressure (i figured this is the major reason i felt compelled to buy a new hp. har har) bah, enuf damning.

Oh yea, bsides tat, i want to make a public apology to donald.

I'M VERY SORRY that i dropped ur baby* onto the floor... I'll find the most furry pouch for ur baby* to lessen my guilt....

*her new hp!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


My head wants to blow up. Brain jam. Which? Which? Which handphone shud i buy?
K750 or W700?

Bear in mind a few things:
1. my parents will freak out if they know how much either of them cost.

2. if i upgrade k750's memory, the price would more or less be around same like w700 (i think... hey, i don't do advert for any1 here, ok?), though the k750 will hv more memory. (for ur free time thinkin aka stupid question: how much memory does a human brain hv, in terms of bytes, anyway?)

3. to get the pennies to buy either of them, i need to work longer, n longer, n longer.

4. i had an idea, why don't i just buy a nice mp3, forget abt the hp, and go on a shopping spree? (tat could fulfill one of my wishes: books!)

What would u do in my shoes? help is needed...
*huff huff*

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hairy Thoughts

Oh, back from watching 16 Blocks.. quite nice actually, really got to give the credit to bruce willis. man, i like his other movies also; sixth sense, fifth element, 12 monkeys. shud give tis movie (16 Blocks) a try.. (the guys shud like it, plenty of actions)

Anyway, back to the MAIN topic, i'm thinkin what haircut i shud get? something i never had before? or the usual, boring cut? i've tried perming, though the result didn't last long. kinda bored with long hair suddenly. but i'm not ready for short hair also. shoulder length, perhaps? ah.

New, new, new!

*sniff sniff*
I've always like the smell of new stuff, especially cars. hahahaha.

*clearing my throat*

All are welcome!
SwEEt tAlk has officially moved to a new place (here lo, duh) with a new look, new feel & a new name! (sorry, no new blogger, it's still the same old me, like it or not, hihihi)

So, enjoy! (or suffer, *muahahahaha*)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Go, goin, gone

Moving in progress...

Coming soon...