Friday, July 10, 2009


This is a backpost. Wrote it down somewhere, forgot to publish it. Hahaha...

It's my BIRTHDAY! YAY! LOL! Hahahahaha... Why am I so happy to get a year older? Oh well, suan ba. I'm not Benjamin Button, I will aged year by year. What I didn't expect is why the heck am I still not mature or "adult-ish" enough. I'm not saying like I want to faster grow up and become an adult. I'm just saying that I thought with age, comes maturity. Which unfortunately is not true. I guess that is why you still see people behaving like a kid no matter what their ages are. Hahaha.. Ok lah, enough about my ranting about age and maturity.
Shi Ying treat my to lunch today!!! Wahahaha... So happy! Hehehe.. I'm so bad, ffk her so many times, yet let her treat me. Hahaha.. Will definitely treat her back when I get my paycheck. Yep, I finally found a job. It's my 8th day today. How is it? Ok I guess. The people there are nice. But of course, I miss the people in ASE too. I keep wonder what if I take Xifu's offer. I keep having this doubt. But I guess, it's useless to keep thing about the road not taken. Sigh. Oh well. I hope one day I will get to meet them again!
So in the meantime, do my best in this new job. Oh ya, thanks for all the birthday wishes! This year, I wish for health and happiness. :) Been sick too much already this year. Have to take care of health ar, everyone! Especially with the flu bugs going around.
My convo! Hehehe... The day that I waiting for, after seeing my senior's graduation day. Though, no junior for me. Huhuhu... Oh well... at least I finally reached this stage. Congrats to all who is graduating also!! Too bad I think I won't be able to go to others' convocation ceremony, because our date clashes. Sigh. Oh well.

PS. Happy birthday to all July babies!