Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Just a quick post today. Damn busy and TIRED!!!! The everyday walking are killing me.. Or should it be my legs? And I thought 3 weeks is enough to adapt back to Uni life. More like getting harder and harder as the time goes by. Assignments! Project proposals! Quizzes! Tests! (I got a management test tomorrow, and I'm here blogging.. tsk..tsk..) Oh no, I really got to sleep now. Tomorrow's class is at 8.15am! Test tomorrow! AH!!! I HAVE to sleep.

PS. Why don't they have a Harry Potter test? I'm sure I can score that easily. Hahaha... I've finished reading the book. Don't ask me for spoilers, you can find them on the Net anyway.

PPS. Oh, the book is actually my surprise birthday gift from my Dad. He bought it at Popular. After the boycott fiasco. He said Carrefour and Tesco sold out. Hahaha... Should have told him to buy at Borders. Cheaper ma. But why am I complaining? It's a present after all. Heehehehe... Thanks, Dad! Good night, people!

PPPS. Above is the second surprise cake. Thanks, s0hp0h for the birthday post!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Me look like a celebrity? LOL...


Battle of the price

What do you do when competitors cut down their price? Boycott them by not selling the product? Yup, I'm talking about the price war between the four main bookstores with the two hypermarkets. Since it concerned my beloved Harry Potter books, I think a post about this is a must. If you are still blur, check it out here

Well, in my opinion, I think they shouldn't make the protest. I mean, look at Borders bookstores. They didn't join the protest but they still ran out of stock. Yeah, so most people would probably buy from Tesco or Carrefour because of the lower price, but it seems that some consumers still choose to buy from bookstores. Plus, the demand is higher than the production, so, most likely there will still be people looking for the book after the hypermarkets sold out their stock. And I guess they won't mind paying more since the cheaper ones have already been snapped up by others. Hmm... Is this the real plan behind the protest? Hahaha... Could be...

People are encouraged to read more, but I don't see how that will happen if books continue to be pricey. Even after discounts. Famous books like the Harry Potter series may attract more people to read but what about the lesser known books? If the price tag of a book title that captured my interest is beyond my budget, I would take more time to consider about buying it. I'm not accusing anyone, just wondering out loud if there is any solution for this dilemma..

PS. I haven't ask my parents where they bought the book. My guess is probably the hypermarkets. Hahaha.. But since it's a gift, I can be dismissed from deciding to support either the bookstores or hypermarkets, right?

PSS. If I had to buy it myself, I probably will buy it from Borders. When they cut the price after awhile. Hehehe...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Up and down

How unpredictable life can be? One moment I was crying of joy, and the next I'm also crying. But of frustration instead. Yesterday I received an sms from my beloved family that goes like this (I highlighted the magic sentences!):

Hv dinner with friend? Very tired from walking a lot, because u are still not used to it. Never mind, take more rest. Or u can stay back at library. We buy Harry Potter book 4 u. Like it or not!!

And my reply is:

U mean the last harry potter book???? Yahoo!!! Went to pasar malam with roommate. Haha, sure can become thin if everyday walk so much. Everyday also got morning class, cannot sleep late. Haha. Thanks dad n mom!! Yay! Yahoo!

Their reply:

Yes. The last book.

My reply:

Oh!!!! I LOVE U ALL!! THANK YOU!! Thank you!!I can't wait to read it! Wow! Thanks! My wish came true! I'm so happy!

I AM genuinely surprised and happy! Unlike Donald who accused me of otherwise. I was just chatting with Donald through MSN Messenger about how I want to get my hands on the last book. And about the price war and boycott by a few main bookstores. Before the message arrived. Well, they are the last person I thought who would buy me that book. Wait, let me explain. Because the earlier books are either I persuade my Bro to buy them for me or I save my allowance and wait for its price to drop. After being seen reading the books, I usually get a comment or two about how pricey the books are, etc. So, this event made me feel even more grateful of them, more homesick and I love them to bits! Because it means a lot to me, knowing that they bought something, that they feel is expensive, for me. AND I didn't even breathe a word to them about wanting to have that book. (You see, the scenario would be different if I did any persuasion or *cough cough, threw tantrums (Yes, I'm the spoiled, youngest brat in the family, but I don't do it that often now) because then, I would only feel that they did it reluctantly.)

So that was the good news. Now, get your pails and bug spray out.

Rainwater are leaking into my room through the windows!!! *#&!@$&#&! Grr, I hate shoddy workmanship. And after the rain, bugs fly into my room!!! I wonder how they do it. I already closed all windows and door. Except the most upper part of the window, where they put those type of windows that are supposedly to let the hot air out. Hot air, my ass. They doesn't make any different on a hot day. And now on a rainy day, they let the bugs in! Arg!!! There is only ONE bug that I like, that is Bugs Bunny. Imagine six-legged creatures crawling, flying and jumping on your bed, laundry, desk, and laptop monitor. How annoying and gross. Plus, your pails, small and big, are all arranged nicely below the windows to collect the rainwater.

It rained yesterday. It rained today too.

Sigh. The ups and downs of life.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Do you like your name? How important is your name to you? I know everyone don't have a choice when coming to deciding our own name (excluding those who changes it later in life), so some might "have problems" in their name. Among the problems are too common, widely used, absolutely not suitable for one's real personality, difficult to pronounce, weirdly spelled, too unique (See, people just couldn't make up their mind. Too common is a no-no, too unique is also a no-no), etc.

I've just searched for my name in Friendster and it triggers those questions. Why? Because I've just find out there are more than 20 person bearing the same name as me in Frienster (not the surname, of course). And I can bet there are more than that in reality (After all, not everybody is in Friendster, or maybe some didn't put their real name). Am I happy that I actually share my name with so many people? Not really. Call me selfish, but I'm one of those who like their name a little unique. Haha..

PS. I got some problem with the wireless connection, so couldn't blog as often as I want. But still, no excuse. I don't want to become lazy and leave my blog in hiatus again... I will blog!! Pinky promise!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Didn't know my life scores only 60+. Hahaha..

"You have yet to accomplish a lot in life. What are you waiting for? Get going, you're already 21 years old."

"You've been walking the path of the righteous so far. Stay on the path!"

"Good score. You seem to have your shitstuff together. Keep it up!" -.-"

    65.4/100Rate My LifeRateMyLife.net - Find out if you suck at life

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Arrg! Three days couldn't connect to the Net. Felt so disconnected. Haha.. And I was planning to blog on my birthday! Oh well..

There wasn't any party but my course mates cum hostel mates came knocking at my door at 12 am! Boy, was I surprised! Why? Besides the fact that I thought none remembers, I was already asleep!! Rofl.. I was tired and there was anything nothing to do, so I slept at 11pm. Was in the beginning of a dream, when my roommate and I got awaken by the knocking. She went open the door and talked to them, so I thought maybe it's her friends. Well, a few of my course mates knew her since she is a Maths student. (Computer Science faculty is just next to Mathematics faculty) Then, they came in and it's my course mates! Haha..

I got a cute teddy bear key chain and a photo frame from them. But it's the thought that counts I think. I was really happy until I couldn't sleep after that. So I ended up reading the smses I got from other friends who also remembered. Arigatou! Thank you for all your wishes! It's really a special 21st birthday! Well, better than I expected, being far away and all. Hahaha...

So, now I'm officially an adult. Haha.. But what does it really means by being adult? When I was small, I always wish I can grow up faster. Because the adults seems invincible. My big sister is pretty, clever while my big brother knows EVERYTHING (er, I don't know if he counts as handsome, but he looks boyish, so OK la, not bad-looking). As most people do, I look up to my siblings. They are the person I want to be. Sis is confident, Bro entered University. It seems like adults can and able to do all sorts of stuff. They are not scared of dentist visits or injections from doctors. Plus, they can solve problems quickly.

So, since now I'm an adult, I should be all that, right?

PS. But I'm still scared of dentist visits! Haha..

PPS. Unless if SohPoh becomes my dentist ;)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Summer Returns!

I'm soooo tired. Yesterday went up and down looking for my PA. Today up and down carrying my luggages. Heavy luggages. And my new room is on the third floor. >.< Luckily Mom and Dad helped. Thanks Mom! Thanks Dad! Miss you both lots! Then, spent the whole afternoon unpacking.

So, I got a new roommate. My previous one rent a room outside the campus. I chose to stay in. Well, there are a lot reasons why I stay, so I better skip it. Besides, there are pros and cons in both options too. My new roommate is a Johorean, so I have to ahem, speak Mandarin to her. No, actually I have to speak Mandarin to all when I'm here in Penang. Haha.. Not that my Mandarin is any good. More like half pail of water. *Cantonese translation*

Enough of today. I didn't get to watch Transformer before I came back to Penang!! Huhu... And I also want to watch Harry Potter!! There are so many movies I missed. Sigh, what to do... Best hope after a year or two, the local TV stations will air it for Christmas or any celebration. I don't have Astro. Heh..

However, thanks to my ever-lovely friends, I get to have an early birthday celebration! Kitty, Sam, Momo and Cheryl, arigatou! Thanks for the present and cake AND the handmade card!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I had a dream this morning. I don't know if it can be counted as a nightmare, but it sure shook me... And it's er, a bit embarrassing too..

I remember dreaming about something else and then it suddenly changes. Here it comes, brace yourself! I found myself in a matchmaking session. Or should I say being DRAGGED to by my family. OMG!! I was like, 'What the?! Mom, I'm just 21! No, actually not yet. Anyway, I don't need such stuff! Is this some kind of a joke? Very funny, now let me go! I'm not THAT desperate! Oh, floor, can you open up a big hole and swallow me up?'.

* No offence to anybody who goes to matchmaking sessions or is a matchmaker. I know there are cases where true love are found, but it's just not for me. I probably would die from the embarrassment before I found anything. Besides, I er, still have time! Right?*

So, I got dragged into it. The guy wasn't bad-looking, but not good-looking either. I mean just OK. (Yeah, I'm shallow, I know ;P) However, I could feel that he was also feeling squeamish like me. But I'm not going to pity BOTH of us.

After that, the scene changes. And I'm at school. And to my horror, he's sitting next to my desk. Can I wake up already??? I'm already getting goosebumps typing it out. So, I used the ignore technique. I just pretend he's invisible. I know, it's SO evil of me. That's why a few minutes later, I felt so guilty. I mean, both of us probably are forced to do this. It is unfair to unleash my anger on him. I think I was about to apologize and ask him to forget about what happened earlier and start over. Then, I woke up. Sheesh.

Man, it is a nightmare, right? It's JUST a dream, right?? I mean, I dreamt a lot of ridiculous stuff before, I guess it's because I watch too much TV and read too many books and manga, so this is also some kind of a figment of my imagination, right? I hope so. Shudder*

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Early Gift

Gosh... I received an early birthday gift. Er, from my soon-to-be sister-in-law. I'll be leaving this Friday. She only come on weekends. Well, because my brother comes back on weekends. So, she's giving it earlier.

So, I'm still debating whether I should open it. My mind is fighting. Open it! No, wait until next Tuesday! Open it! No, wait! You get the idea. It's like mulling over opening Christmas present before it's Christmas. Your hands are itchy. Your curiosity is overwhelming. But, your reasoning is contradicting. 1. Opening it sooner or later doesn't make any difference. 2. It's more satisfying to open it on the day itself. More meaningful. And at least there is one gift to open. Haha..

Arg... Now you know why Santa only comes when you are already asleep. Because you won't be able to sleep if a situation like mine arises.